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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "In that case," said Athos, "Planchet must receive sevenhundred livres for going, and seven hundred livres forcoming back; and Bazin, three hundred livres for going, andthree hundred livres for returning--that will reduce the sumto five thousand livres. We will each take a thousandlivres to be employed as seems good, and we will leave afund of a thousand livres under the guardianship of MonsieurAbbe here, for extraordinary occasions or common wants.Will that do?"
2.  "In that case, adieu."
3.  "Aramis! Porthos!" cried Athos, and laughed aloud."What is it?" asked D'Artagnan, who did not at all comprehend thehilarity of his friend.
4.  "My faith," said Aramis, "I must confess I feel a greatrepugnance to fire on these poor devils of civilians.""He is a bad priest," said Porthos, "who has pity forheretics."
5.  But D'Artagnan had on the preceding day served hisapprenticeship. Fresh sharpened by his victory, full of hopes offuture favor, he was resolved not to recoil a step. So the twoswords were crossed close to the hilts, and as D'Artagnan stoodfirm, it was his adversary who made the retreating step; butD'Artagnan seized the moment at which, in this movement, thesword of Bernajoux deviated from the line. He freed his weapon,made a lunge, and touched his adversary on the shoulder.D'Artagnan immediately made a step backward and raised his sword;but Bernajoux cried out that it was nothing, and rushing blindlyupon him, absolutely spitted himself upon D'Artagnan's sword.As, however, he did not fall, as he did not declare himselfconquered, but only broke away toward the hotel of M. de laTremouille, in whose service he had a relative, D'Artagnan wasignorant of the seriousness of the last wound his adversary hadreceived, and pressing him warmly, without doubt would soon havecompleted his work with a third blow, when the noise which arosefrom the street being heard in the tennis court, two of thefriends of the Guardsman, who had seen him go out afterexchanging some words with D'Artagnan, rushed, sword in hand,from the court, and fell upon the conqueror. But Athos, Porthos,and Aramis quickly appeared in their turn, and the moment the twoGuardsmen attacked their young companion, drove them back.Bernajoux now fell, and as the Guardsmen were only two againstfour, they began to cry, "To the rescue! The Hotel de laTremouille!" At these cries, all who were in the hotel rushedout and fell upon the four companions, who on their side criedaloud, "To the rescue, Musketeers!"
6.  And Athos went out of the Parpaillot, followed byD'Artagnan. Aramis came behind, giving his arm to Porthos.Aramis mumbled verses to himself, and Porthos from time totime pulled a hair or two from his mustache, in sign ofdespair.


1.  Felton turned his eyes toward the part of the wall of theapartment before which he had found Milady standing in thearmchair in which she was now seated, and over her head heperceived a gilt-headed screw, fixed in the wall for the purposeof hanging up clothes or weapons.
2.  It is by more order and for the good of the state that thebearer of this has done what he has done.
3.  "Perhaps you did not see well."
4.  "What?" asked D'Artagnan.
5.  "They will come for her tomorrow or the day after, with an order fromthe queen."
6.  "But your mission will not be accomplished."


1.  "The devil!" thought D'Artagnan. "The note is changed. Isshe going to fall in love with me, by chance, this fairinconstant; and will she be disposed to give me myselfanother sapphire like that which she gave me for De Wardes?"D'Artagnan rapidly drew his seat nearer to Milady's."Well, now," she said, "let us see what you would do toprove this love of which you speak."
2.  Aramis, blushing in spite of himself, took the letter, whichwas in a large, coarse hand and not particular for itsorthography.
3.  "Ah!" said Bonacieux, "they took good care not to tell me that;and my wife, on her part, has sworn to me by all that's sacredthat she does not know. But you," continued M. Bonacieux, in atine of perfect good fellowship, "what has become of you allthese days? I have not seen you nor your friends, and I don'tthink you could gather all that dust that I saw Planchet brushoff your boots yesterday from the pavement of Paris.""You are right, my dear Monsieur Bonacieux, my friends and I havebeen on a little journey."
4.  "What has become of her, then?" asked Rochefort, eagerly."Return to camp and you shall know."
5.   "Because she flew into a great passion on receiving the letter,saying that Monsieur Porthos was a weathercock, and that she wassure it was for some woman he had received this wound.""Has he been wounded, then?"
6.  Still more must be done. He must be made to speak, in order thathe might be spoken to--for Milady very well knew that hergreatest seduction was in her voice, which so skillfully ran overthe whole gamut of tones from human speech to language celestial.Yet in spite of all this seduction Milady might fail--for Feltonwas forewarned, and that against the least chance. From thatmoment she watched all his actions, all his words, from thesimplest glance of his eyes to his gestures--even to a breaththat could be interpreted as a sigh. In short, she studiedeverything, as a skillful comedian does to whom a new part hasbeen assigned in a line to which he is not accustomed.Face to face with Lord de Winter her plan of conduct was moreeasy. She had laid that down the preceding evening. To remainsilent and dignified in his presence; from time to time toirritate him by affected disdain, by a contemptuous word; toprovoke him to threats and violence which would produce acontrast with her own resignation--such was her plan. Feltonwould see all; perhaps he would say nothing, but he would see.In the morning, Felton came as usual; but Milady allowed him topreside over all the preparations for breakfast withoutaddressing a word to him. At the moment when he was about toretire, she was cheered with a ray of hope, for she thought hewas about to speak; but his lips moved without any sound leavinghis mouth, and making a powerful effort to control himself, hesent back to his heart the words that were about to escape fromhis lips, and went out. Toward midday, Lord de Winter entered.It was a tolerably fine winter's day, and a ray of that paleEnglish sun which lights but does not warm came through the barsof her prison.


1.  "Hey?" said the cardinal, opening the door.
2.  "Ah, if you laugh, if you doubt me," replied Aramis, "you shallknow nothing."
3.  "Ah!" said Porthos, brightening, "that's well as regards myhorse; but I must have the appointments complete, as theyinclude objects which a Musketeer alone can purchase, andwhich will not amount, besides, to more than three hundredlivres."
4、  "You have said, my Lord; for truly, at this moment when there isquestion of war, I confess to you that I see nothing in yourGrace but an Englishman, and consequently an enemy whom I shouldhave much greater pleasure in meeting on the field of battle thanin the park at Windsor of the corridors of the Louvre--all which,however, will not prevent me from executing to the very point mycommission or from laying down my life, if there be need of it,to accomplish it; but I repeat it to your Grace, without yourhaving personally on that account more to thank me for in thissecond interview than for what I did for you in the first.""We say, 'Proud as a Scotsman,'" murmured the Duke of Buckingham."And we say, 'Proud as a Gascon,'" replied D'Artagnan. "TheGascons are the Scots of France."
5、  "Of that which I am ready to feel toward you."




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      That evening Milady gave orders that when M. D'Artagnan cameas usual, he should be immediately admitted; but he did notcome.

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      "This doctor has a niece," continued Aramis.

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       "From him, and from my friend the Comte de Rochefort.""The Comte de Rochefort! Why it was he who carried me off!""That may be, madame!"

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      Now, whenever the king halted, the Musketeers halted. Itfollowed that D'Artagnan, who was as yet purely and simplyin the Guards, found himself, for the time at least,separated from his good friends--Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.This separation, which was no more than an unpleasantcircumstance, would have certainly become a cause of seriousuneasiness if he had been able to guess by what unknowndangers he was surrounded.

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    {  "Perhaps yes, perhaps no."

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      "Ah," said he, dissembling his emotion under a feignedcarelessness, "do not talk of such things, and suffer love pains?VANITAS VANITATUM! According to your idea, then, my brain isturned. And for whom-for some GRISETTE, some chambermaid withwhom I have trifled in some garrison? Fie!"}

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      She allowed the vessel to pass Lorient and Brest withoutrepeating her request to the captain, who, on his part, took carenot to remind her of it. Milady therefore continued her voyage,and on the very day that Planchet embarked at Portsmouth forFrance, the messenger of his Eminence entered the port intriumph.

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      "That woman was once a young girl, as beautiful as she is today. Shewas a nun in the convent of the Benedictines of Templemar. A youngpriest, with a simple and trustful heart, performed the duties of thechurch of that convent. She undertook his seduction, and succeeded; shewould have seduced a saint.

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       "But I am speaking to you!" replied the young man, additionallyexasperated with this mixture of insolence and good manners, ofpoliteness and scorn.

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    {  "No; for another."

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      "You are a capital companion, D'Artagnan," said be; "yournever-failing cheerfulness raises poor souls in affliction.Well, let us pledge the ring, but upon one condition.""What?"