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1. 若是撕掉两个瓶子上的标签,让客户只品尝只凭味道来判断哪个是可口可乐,哪个是非常可乐,我想没有几个人可以百分百确认。
2. 隔天,他的体温完全恢复正常。
3.   Wonderful civility this! It emboldened me to ask a question.
4.   The sely* widow, and her daughters two, *simple, honest Hearde these hennes cry and make woe, And at the doors out started they anon, And saw the fox toward the wood is gone, And bare upon his back the cock away: They cried, "Out! harow! and well-away! Aha! the fox!" and after him they ran, And eke with staves many another man Ran Coll our dog, and Talbot, and Garland; And Malkin, with her distaff in her hand Ran cow and calf, and eke the very hogges So fear'd they were for barking of the dogges, And shouting of the men and women eke. They ranne so, them thought their hearts would break. They yelled as the fiendes do in hell; The duckes cried as men would them quell;* *kill, destroy The geese for feare flewen o'er the trees, Out of the hive came the swarm of bees, So hideous was the noise, ben'dicite! Certes he, Jacke Straw,<35> and his meinie,* *followers Ne made never shoutes half so shrill When that they woulden any Fleming kill, As thilke day was made upon the fox. Of brass they broughte beames* and of box, *trumpets <36> Of horn and bone, in which they blew and pooped,* **tooted And therewithal they shrieked and they hooped; It seemed as the heaven shoulde fall
5.   `Good morning, Sir.'
6.   "I am afraid there are no signs here," said he. "One could hardlyhope for any upon so dry a day. Your servant seems to have quiterecovered. You left him in a chair, you say. Which chair?""By the window there."


1. 想一想再看
2. ——程宇,合伙人,晨兴资本相比美国和中国,印度的资产价格很高。
3.   36. The authors mentioned here were the chief medical text- books of the middle ages. The names of Galen and Hippocrates were then usually spelt "Gallien" and "Hypocras" or "Ypocras".
4. 据李某某反映,陈丽丹说她很爱大海、很爱她的父母,很爱她的妹妹。
5.   32. A pike with ass's feet etc.: this is merely another version of the well-known example of incongruity that opens the "Ars Poetica" of Horace.
6.   Then we the witch must summon after all.


1.   "As soon as possible."
2. 12月13日,男童的母亲由西安市公安局太华路派出所的两名民警陪同来到西安市未成年人保护中心。
3. 不知道现在盒马客单价是否有明显提升,如果还是按75元这个数据算,然后按照上述快递员的口径,假设时时刻刻都是高峰时段(实际上是不可能的),50个快递员每天送70单算,上述店铺(已开业超1.5年)日销离80万元还相差甚远。
4. 5月7日,该女员工被确诊为浙江省的第四例非典病例。
5. 战争临近结束时,这种由共同的危险促成的合作开始动摇。合作者们为了各自心目中的战后的国家利益宁愿牺牲团结。因此,随着和平的到来,大同盟因内部不和而分裂了,两、三年内便为时常象要变成热战的冷战所取代。
6.   This entity's a dreadful bore, And cannot choose but vex me; The groundbeneath me ne'er before Thus totter'd to perplex me.Supernaturalist


1. 1921年2月,他从道德文化学校毕业了,并代表毕业生致了告别词。4月,他得了盲肠炎,做了手术,恢复以后他和全家到欧洲旅行,并单独去了约阿希姆斯塔尔。
2. 安装钢护筒向地下形成救援通道参与现场救援的消防中队指导员介绍,事发后,消防人员于9点46分赶到现场,发现塌陷处水泥板下有一辆车和一人被困,准备救援时,水泥板再次发生坍塌。
3. 重症医学科主任彭志勇表示理解,外卖都停了。
4. But the sudden thought which had flashed upon her had made her over-sensitive.
5. 今日,周晓波生前的一位好友对新京报记者说,生活中,周晓波怎么吃都吃不胖,不知道是工作强度大,还是体质就是如此,但是他对工作一丝不苟的态度,尤其是指导新警时特别认真。
6. jar


1.   'Yes, yes, you have, I'm sure,' said Ham.
2. II、(1500c+83m)c+(299v+17m)v=1583c+316v=1899
3.   "Got an appointment with him?"

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      For nearly a quarter of a century, in another section of thecity, Fleischmann, the baker, had given a loaf of bread to anyone who would come for it to the side door of his restaurant atthe corner of Broadway and Tenth Street, at midnight. Everynight during twenty years about three hundred men had formed inline and at the appointed time marched past the doorway, pickedtheir loaf from a great box placed just outside, and vanishedagain into the night. From the beginning to the present timethere had been little change in the character or number of thesemen. There were two or three figures that had grown familiar tothose who had seen this little procession pass year after year.Two of them had missed scarcely a night in fifteen years. Therewere about forty, more or less, regular callers. The remainderof the line was formed of strangers. In times of panic andunusual hardships there were seldom more than three hundred. Intimes of prosperity, when little is heard of the unemployed,there were seldom less. The same number, winter and summer, instorm or calm, in good times and bad, held this melancholymidnight rendezvous at Fleischmann's bread box.

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