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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Milady remained thoughtful and undecided for a moment; then,as if appearing to have formed a resolution, she said, "Ihave an enemy."
2.  "Do not lie, my angel," said D'Artagnan, smiling; "thatwould be useless."
3.  With these words he held out to the queen the two studs thecardinal had given him.
4.  The Englishman, quite triumphant, did not even give himself thetrouble to shake the dice. He threw them on the table withoutlooking at them, so sure was he of victory; D'Artagnan turnedaside to conceal his ill humor.
5.  "A fine pleasure, indeed, monsieur! Upon my soul, everythingdegenerates; and I don't know whether it is the game which leavesno scent, or the dogs that have no noses. We started a stag often branches. We chased him for six hours, and when he was nearbeing taken--when St.-Simon was already putting his horn to hismouth to sound the HALALI--crack, all the pack takes the wrongscent and sets off after a two-year-older. I shall be obliged togive up hunting, as I have given up hawking. Ah, I am anunfortunate king, Monsieur de Treville! I had but one gerfalcon,and he died day before yesterday."
6.  "Our conditions said, 'No revenge,' you will please torecollect."


1.  "I! Not at all. I am dead drunk, that's all, and never did aman more strongly set about getting so. By the Lord, my goodhost! I must at least have drunk for my part a hundred and fiftybottles."
2.  The handkerchief was indeed richly embroidered, and had a coronetand arms at one of its corners. Aramis blushed excessively, andsnatched rather than took the handkerchief from the hand of theGascon.
3.  "But who, who? In whom can I trust?"
4.  "I must have," said the duke, "a proof of his connectionwith Buckingham."
5.  What was most clear in the matter was that D'Artagnan lovedMilady like a madman, and that she did not love him at all.In an instant D'Artagnan perceived that the best way inwhich he could act would be to go home and write Milady along letter, in which he would confess to her that he and DeWardes were, up to the present moment absolutely the same,and that consequently he could not undertake, withoutcommitting suicide, to kill the Comte de Wardes. But bealso was spurred on by a ferocious desire of vengeance. Hewished to subdue this woman in his own name; and as thisvengeance appeared to him to have a certain sweetness in it,he could not make up his mind to renounce it.
6.  "She was married?" asked Aramis.


1.  60 IN FRANCE
2.  "Ready money is needful for the present time, and we mustlearn how to make sacrifices. Go, D'Artagnan, go; Grimaudwill accompany you with his musketoon."
3.  D'Artagnan ran after her. It was not difficult for him toovertake a woman embarrassed with her cloak. He came up with herbefore she had traversed a third of the street. The unfortunatewoman was exhausted, not by fatigue, but by terror, and whenD'Artagnan placed his hand upon her shoulder, she sank upon oneknee, crying in a choking voice, "Kill me, if you please, youshall know nothing!"
4.  "'Well,' said he to me, 'have you made your mind up to take theoath I requested of you?'
5.   "We are lost," said D'Artagnan, in the ear of Athos."You mean to say we have lost," said Athos, quietly, drawingfour pistoles from his pocket and throwing them upon thetable. "Come, gentlemen," said he, "they are beating thetattoo. Let us to bed!"
6.  "Ah, ah!" said Lord de Winter, "after having played comedy, afterhaving played tragedy, we are now playing melancholy?"The prisoner made no reply.


1.  "Alas, monseigneur!" replied the young man, "very easily, nodoubt, for they are strong and well supported, while I amalone."
2.  "I should do her justice by sending her to Tyburn," said Buckingham."This lady is infamous."
3.  "I hope at the same time to procure you amusement and glory,gentlemen," said Athos. "I have induced you to take acharming promenade; here is a delicious breakfast; andyonder are five hundred persons, as you may see through theloopholes, taking us for heroes or madmen--two classes ofimbeciles greatly resembling each other."
4、  "Duke, you already know that it is not I who caused you to bewritten to."
5、  "Stop a bit," said the dragoon, placing his saber like aspit upon the two large iron dogs which held the firebrandsin the chimney, "stop a bit, I am in it. You cursed host! adripping pan immediately, that I may not lose a drop of thefat of this estimable bird."




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      D'Artagnan owned nothing. Provincial diffidence, that slightvarnish, the ephemeral flower, that down of the peach, hadevaporated to the winds through the little orthodox counselswhich the three Musketeers gave their friend. D'Artagnan,following the strange custom of the times, considered himself atParis as on a campaign, neither more nor less than if he had beenin Flanders--Spain yonder, woman here, In each there was anenemy to contend with, and contributions to be levied.But, we must say, at the present moment D'Artagnan was ruled byas feeling much more noble and disinterested. The mercer hadsaid that he was rich; the young man might easily guess thatwith so weak a man as M. Bonacieux; and interest was almostforeign to this commencement of love, which had been theconsequence of it. We say ALMOST, for the idea that a young,handsome, kind, and witty woman is at the same time rich takesnothing from the beginning of love, but on the contrarystrengthens it.

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      "This horse is decidedly, or rather has been in his youth, abuttercup," resumed the stranger, continuing the remarks he hadbegun, and addressing himself to his auditors at the window,without paying the least attention to the exasperation ofD'Artagnan, who, however placed himself between him and them."It is a color very well known in botany, but till the presenttime very rare among horses."

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       This verse, into which the terrible enchantress threw her wholesoul, completed the trouble which had seized the heart of theyoung officer. He opened the door quickly; and Milady saw himappear, pale as usual, but with his eye inflamed and almost wild."Why do you sing thus, and with such a voice?" said he."Your pardon, sir," said Milady, with mildness. "I forgot thatmy songs are out of place in this castle. I have perhapsoffended you in your creed; but it was without wishing to do so,I swear. Pardon me, then, a fault which is perhaps great, butwhich certainly was involuntary."

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      It was thus with Milady. She escaped the cruisers of both nations, andarrived at Boulogne without accident.

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    {  "Some wine!" cried the stupefied host, "some wine? Why you havedrunk more than a hundred pistoles' worth! I am a ruined man,lost, destroyed!"

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      He was not the less intoxicated with joy, electrified bylove. He almost believed in the tenderness of Milady; healmost believed in the crime of De Wardes. If De Wardes hadat that moment been under his hand, he would have killedhim.}

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      "And now," said Athos, "while they bring the wine, tell me,D'Artagnan, what has become of the others, come!"D'Artagnan related how he had found Porthos in bed with astrained knee, and Aramis at a table between two theologians. Ashe finished, the host entered with the wine ordered and a hamwhich, fortunately for him, had been left out of the cellar."That's well!" said Athos, filling his glass and that of hisfriend; "here's to Porthos and Aramis! But you, D'Artagnan, whatis the matter with you, and what has happened to you personally?You have a sad air."

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       "Alas, dear friend!" said Aramis, "our late adventures have disgustedme with military life. This time my determination is irrevocably taken.After the siege I shall enter the house of the Lazarists. Keep thecommission, D'Artagnan; the profession of arms suits you. You will be abrave and adventurous captain."

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    {  "Bless me!" cried Porthos, making strong efforts to disembarrasshimself of D'Artagnan, who was wriggling about his back; "youmust be mad to run against people in this manner.""Excuse me," said D'Artagnan, reappearing under the shoulder ofthe giant, "but I am in such haste--I was running after someoneand--"

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      "How much is it worth?"