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1. 他想,自己或许可以发明一种胶带,能很好地挡住不需要喷漆的位置。
2. 潘亚楠说:一年将近跑4000公里,西安到沈阳是1700公里,可以从沈阳到西安跑个来回。
3. 我们经常说产品会说话,其实很多时候就是指产品的各个细节。
4. I、简单再生产
5. 交易员们纷纷退出:“不可持续趋势苟延残喘的时间可以远超多数人的预期,但时候一到,在周期的顶点,它们还是会结束。”他们分析了20多种周期,“差不多无一意外地预示未来数月、数年将发生地壳运动”。
6.   The Greek king was naturally very weak, and did not perceive the wicked intention of his vizir, nor was he firm enough to keep to his first resolution.


1. 规模又决定同生产过程并列执行职能的商品资本和货币资本的量。但是,决定生产连续性的并列存在之所以可能,只是由于资本的各部分依次经过各个不同阶段的运动。并列存在本身只是相继进行的结果。例如,如果对资本的一部分来说W'—G'停滞了,商品卖不出去,那末,这一部分的循环就会中断,它的生产资料的补偿就不能进行;作为W'继续从生产过程中出来的各部分,在职能变换中就会被它们的先行部分所阻止。如果这种情况持续一段时间,生产就会受到限制,整个过程就会停止。相继进行一停滞,就使并列存在陷于混乱。在一个阶段上的任何停滞,不仅会使这个停滞的资本部分的总循环,而且会使整个单个资本的总循环发生或大或小的停滞。
2.   Ay, out of sight is out of mind! Politeness easy is to you; Friends everywhere,and not a few, Wiser than I am, you will find.Faust
3. 1992年,张兰租下了北京东四大街一间102平方米的粮店,开起了“阿兰酒店”,为了能让酒店更具特色,她一个人跑到四川郫县,带了一帮当地的竹工上山砍竹子,用火车把13米长碗口粗的竹子运到了北京。
4. 展开全文其实,这句话放到医美行业或许可以这样解读:传统医美行业主要是靠渠道代理和打广告的方式获客,成本越来越高、效益越来越弱。
5. v. 戴面具,掩饰,遮
6. 所以,原子创投的创始人冯一名,他成功投资了途虎养车网等众多独角兽巨头。


1.   Pyrrhus, who had often considered on Lescaes first message,concluded with himselfe; that if any more she moved the same matter:hee would returne her another kinde of answere, wholly yeelding tocontent his Lady; provided, that he might remaine assured,concerning the intyre truth of the motion, and that it was not urgedonely to trie him, wherefore, thus he replyed. Lesca, do not imaginemee so ignorant, as not to know the certaintie of all thy formerallegations, confessing them as freely as thou doest, or canst. Butyet let mee tell thee withall, that I knowe my Lord to be wise andjudicious, and having committed all his affaires to my care and trust:never blame mee to misdoubt, least my Ladie (by his counsell andadvice) make thee the messenger of this motion, therby to call myFidelitie in question.
2. 不过,多个大城市新建住宅价格增速似乎已显著放缓。
3.   'In what way is he peculiar?'
4.   "What, do you think he is paying his addresses?"
5.   "Alas!" he replied, "what is the good of saying that when I have but an hour left to live!"
6. 据滁州市卫健委1月25日通报称,截至24日24时,滁州市报告新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎新增确诊病例1例,患者为全椒县人。


1. 对于决定做第一个吃螃蟹的人,不得不面对产业化初期的高风险、高成本,消费者不接受、不放心的市场真空失灵状态。
2.   The Sultan asked everybody concerned in the hunchback's affair to tell him their stories. Among others was a prating barber, whose tale of one of his brothers follows.
3.   Porthos made a most significant grimace; Mme. Coquenardunderstood it.
4. Nobody will ever believe how they looked. Descriptions aren't any good when it comes to women, and I never was good at descriptions anyhow. But it's got to be done somehow; the rest of the world needs to know about that country.
5. 强森说,这使我压力很大,因为我很关心我的妹妹,如果能为她做些什么我会很开心。
6. 郝某认为是自己朋友打的还款,已经还了信用卡,没有能力立即返还,涉及银行规定,李某无奈之下只好自己垫付48700元。


1. 尽管父母以太过危险为由反对他从事这份工作,但还是背着父母继续做
2. 支持:该片在多伦多国际电影节上获得人民选择奖,这个奖项通常是一个重要的风向标。
3.   28. Jesus, the son of Sirach, to whom is ascribed one of the books of the Apochrypha -- that called the "Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach, or Ecclesiasticus;" in which, especially in the ninth and twenty-fifth chapters, severe cautions are given against women.

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      Their horses' harness was all white also. And after them next, in one company, Came kinges at armes and no mo', In cloakes of white cloth with gold richly; Chaplets of green upon their heads on high; The crownes that they on their scutcheons bare Were set with pearl, and ruby, and sapphire,

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      With heartly will they sworen and assent To all this thing, there said not one wight nay: Beseeching him of grace, ere that they went, That he would grante them a certain day Of his espousal, soon as e'er he rnay, For yet always the people somewhat dread* *were in fear or doubt Lest that the marquis woulde no wife wed.

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      Avoiding the larger rooms, which were dark and made fast for the night, Monsieur the Marquis, with his flambeau-bearer going on before, went up the staircase to a door in a corridor. This thrown open, admitted him to his own private apartment of three rooms: his bed-chamber and two others. High vaulted rooms with cool uncarpeted floors, great dogs upon the hearths for the burning of wood in winter time, and all luxuries befitting the state of a marquis in a luxurious age and country. The fashion of the last Louis but one, of tile line that was never to break--the fourteenth Louis--was conspicuous in their rich furniture; but, it was diversified by many objects that were illustrations of old pages in the history of France.

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    Ram Dass thanked Sara profoundly. She had seen that his quick native eyes had taken in at a glance all the bare shabbiness of the room, but he spoke to her as if he were speaking to the little daughter of a rajah, and pretended that he observed nothing. He did not presume to remain more than a few moments after he had caught the monkey, and those moments were given to further deep and grateful obeisance to her in return for her indulgence. This little evil one, he said, stroking the monkey, was, in truth, not so evil as he seemed, and his master, who was ill, was sometimes amused by him. He would have been made sad if his favorite had run away and been lost. Then he salaamed once more and got through the skylight and across the slates again with as much agility as the monkey himself had displayed.