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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Just attending to a little private matter," he answered, hismind working like a key-board of a telephone station. This manevidently did not know--he had not read the papers.
2.  "Yes," he said guiltily; "Mrs. Vance."
3.  "Oh, no, it won't," said Carrie seriously.
4.  Once there, Hurstwood breathed easier. He felt as if the worldwere not quite so bad with such a good man in it. Others seemedto feel like himself about this.
5.  Finally, a distinct impression escaped from her.
6.  "Twenty-nine Ogden Place."


1.  "Oh, let up," he answered. "What difference does it make? Youcouldn't associate with her, anyway. They've got too much money.
2.  "You'll stay with me, won't you?" he asked.
3.  "You wait here," he said to Carrie, when they reached thewaiting-room, "while I get the tickets."
4.  "Chicago!" called the brakeman, drawing the word out long. Theywere under a great shadowy train shed, where the lamps werealready beginning to shine out, with passenger cars all about andthe train moving at a snail's pace. The people in the car wereall up and crowding about the door.
5.  "Where were you last night?" she answered. The words were hot asthey came. "Who were you driving with on Washington Boulevard?Who were you with at the theatre when George saw you? Do youthink I'm a fool to be duped by you? Do you think I'll sit athome here and take your 'too busys' and 'can't come,' while youparade around and make out that I'm unable to come? I want you toknow that lordly airs have come to an end so far as I amconcerned. You can't dictate to me nor my children. I'm throughwith you entirely."
6.  "I came out here to-day," he went on, solemnly, "to tell you justhow I feel--to see if you wouldn't listen to me."


1.  "He's all we've got," said Quincel, rolling up his eyes."Harrison went back on me at the last minute. Who else can weget?"
2.  After the first rush of fright, however, the players got over thedanger of collapse. They rambled weakly forward, losing nearlyall the expression which was intended, and making the thing dullin the extreme, when Carrie came in.
3.  "It's you, is it?" she said, and went back.
4.  The flare of the gas-jets, the open trunks, suggestive of traveland display, the scattered contents of the make-up box--rouge,pearl powder, whiting, burnt cork, India ink, pencils for theeye-lids, wigs, scissors, looking-glasses, drapery--in short, allthe nameless paraphernalia of disguise, have a remarkableatmosphere of their own. Since her arrival in the city manythings had influenced her, but always in a far-removed manner.This new atmosphere was more friendly. It was wholly unlike thegreat brilliant mansions which waved her coldly away, permittingher only awe and distant wonder. This took her by the handkindly, as one who says, "My dear, come in." It opened for her asif for its own. She had wondered at the greatness of the namesupon the bill-boards, the marvel of the long notices in thepapers, the beauty of the dresses upon the stage, the atmosphereof carriages, flowers, refinement. Here was no illusion. Herewas an open door to see all of that. She had come upon it as onewho stumbles upon a secret passage and, behold, she was in thechamber of diamonds and delight!
5.   "Hell!" he muttered, as he put on his hat.
6.  "Say, Maggie," he called, "if you wait, I'll walk with you."


1.  Standing tells. Hurstwood became more weary waiting. He thoughthe should drop soon and shifted restlessly from one foot to theother. At last his turn came. The man ahead had been paid forand gone to the blessed line of success. He was now first, andalready the captain was talking for him.
2.  "It isn't as much as you ought to get," said the latter,"especially when you've got to buy clothes."
3.  He could not have introduced a more incongruous proposition. Itmade clear to Carrie that he could not sympathise with her. Shecould not have framed thoughts which would have expressed hisdefect or made clear the difference between them, but she feltit. It was his first great mistake.
4、  "I'd be delighted, but I can't to-night," said Mrs. Vancestudying Carrie's fine appearance. The latter's good fortunemade her seem more than ever worthy and delightful in the otherseyes. "I promised faithfully to be home at six." Glancing at thesmall gold watch pinned to her bosom, she added: "I must begoing, too. Tell me when you're coming up, if at all."
5、  "What's the matter?" said Carrie.




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      He only grinned broadly in return.

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      "I cannot have you call on me here. You will have to wait untilyou hear from me again. My sister's place is so small."

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       "I won't," said Carrie, feeling no refuge but in anger."Whatever has happened is your own fault."

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      He thought of the hotels, but instantly he remembered that he hadhad no experience as a clerk, and, what was more important, noacquaintances or friends in that line to whom he could go. Hedid know some hotel owners in several cities, including New York,but they knew of his dealings with Fitzgerald and Moy. He couldnot apply to them. He thought of other lines suggested by largebuildings or businesses which he knew of--wholesale groceries,hardware, insurance concerns, and the like--but he had had noexperience.

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    {  Just then Hurstwood came in. Instinctively he felt the change inDrouet. He saw that the drummer was near to Carrie, and jealousyleaped alight in his bosom. In a flash of thought, he reproachedhimself for having sent him back. Also, he hated him as anintruder. He could scarcely pull himself down to the level wherehe would have to congratulate Carrie as a friend. Nevertheless,the man mastered himself, and it was a triumph. He almost jerkedthe old subtle light to his eyes.

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      Now the crier called the train ready and they got on. Hurstwoodbreathed a sigh of relief as it started. There was a short runto the river, and there they were ferried over. They had barelypulled the train off the ferry-boat when he settled back with asigh.}

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      "Not until afterwards," said the ex-manager. "I'll see youlater. Are you stopping here?"

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      Carrie took it and found that one was Mrs. Bermudez, anotherMarcus Jenks, a third Percy Weil. She paused only a moment, andthen moved toward the door.

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       "Never studied for the stage?" he said, putting on an airintended as much to impress his friends with his discretion asCarrie.

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    {  "Ten again."

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      Carrie came in after he did.