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1. 总务处工作人员姚本英(已故)和被害人邓世平二人代表校方监督工程质量和安全。
2.   When they were alone, the two sisters began a somewhat freerconversation, Carrie interrupting it to hum a little, as theyworked at the dishes.
3.   "Be reasonable now," he said. "I don't want to hold you. Youcan go if you want to, but why don't you think it over? Lordknows, I don't want to stop you."
4. 产品形态的业务逻辑,主要关注用户、平台和渠道,以及三者之间的流转关系。
5. 今天,这些公司都已经成功上市。
6. @搜狗输入法微博截图1月13日,搜狗输入法宣布,搜狗输入法上线了10.3新版本,推出地震预警功能,成为全球首个接入地震预警系统的输入法产品。


1. 248
2. 飞驰镁物总部位于北京,并在上海、南昌和成都设有办公室,该公司拥有汽车联网和移动出行服务能力,涵盖汽车云平台及软件服务、车载智能网联终端、数字化运营、移动出行服务运营等,广泛服务于中国市场的本地及跨国企业客户。
3.   "It is a thing of the highest interest, and upon which our futurefortune perhaps depends."
4.   She continuing in these wofull lamentations, and the Marinerslabouring all in vaine, because the violence of the tempestencreased more and more, so that every moment they expectedwracking: they were carried (contrary to their owne knowledge) veryneere unto the Isle of Rhodes, which they being no way able toavoyd, and utterly ignorant of the Coast; for safety of their lives,they laboured to land there if possibly they might. Wherein Fortunewas somewhat furtherous to them, driving them into a small gulfe ofthe Sea, whereinto (but a little while before) the Rhodians, from whomChynon had taken Iphigenia, were newly entred with their ship. Nor hadthey any knowledge each of other, till the breake of day (which madethe heavens to looke more clearly) gave them discovery of being withina flight shoote together. Chynon looking forth, and espying the sameship which he had left the day before, hee grew exceedingsorrowfull, as fearing that which after followed, and therefore heewilled the Mariners, to get away from her by all their best endeavour,and let fortune afterward dispose of them as she pleased; for into aworse place they could not come, nor fall into the like danger.
5. 但很多情况下,研究生发表论文的要求往往会在这重重累加下被加码,毕业要求1篇变2篇,小论文变大论文。
6.   `They aren't, of course,' chimed in Berry, a brown, shy young man, who had called to see Dukes, and was staying the night.


1. 新京报讯(记者张建斌潘闻博)1月3日,有消息称山西省大同市一地下车库发生爆炸,现场腾起黑烟。
2. 创新是2019年的最大亮点。
3. If successful, the funding would underline the rapid growth of the sector this year. In April, Lufax raised $500m at a $10bn valuation.
4.   Voice
5. 同时,主管部门决定,自即日起暂停德佑品牌二手房网签系统使用权限。
6. 尽管目前来看,欢喜首映对欢喜传媒的业绩贡献并不明显,但这也是多元内容付费模式的一个发展方向。


1. So Sara was led grandly in and felt shy when, on her entry, the big girls stared at her and touched each other's elbows, and the little ones began to squirm joyously in their seats.
2.   Faust
3. 他于今年创建了一家非开源软件公司,目的只是不给亚马逊机会利用自己的产品。
4. 后来我一步一步的努力,最开始我花掉了所有自己身上的现金,做出来一些原型,让很多人看到,让人慢慢相信。
5.   But before any further noyse was made in the house, shee went to herFather, to whom, as also to her Mother, shee declared the wholetrecherie, how much both they and their other friends were wrongedby Gisippus, avouching her selfe to be the wife of Titus, and not ofGisippus, as they supposed. These newes were highly displeasing to theFather of Sophronia, who with hir kinred, as also those of Gisippus,made great complaints to the Senate, very dangerous troubles andcommotions arising daily betweene them, drawing both Gisippus andSophronia into harsh reports; he being generally reputed, not onelyworthy of all bitter reproofe, but also the severest punishment.Neverthelesse, hee maintained publikely what he had done, avouching itfor an act both of honour and honestie, wherewith Sophronia'sfriends had no reason to bee offended, but rather to take it in verythankfull part, having married a man of farre greater worth andrespect, than himselfe was, or could be.
6. 现查明,该大酒店当天举办婚宴属实,共计18桌。


1.   "What do you suppose Hennessy will do now?"
2. 科技日报曾援引银丰研究院一位工作人员的话,披露了人体冷冻手术的费用构成:液氮罐,40万。
3. 常常有订单上写着,天冷注意保暖、雨大慢点骑等关心的话,很感动。

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