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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I thought no more of the matter until the vicar's telegramreached me at Plymouth. This villain had thought that I would be atsea before the news could reach me, and that I should be lost foryears in Africa. But I returned at once. Of course, I could not listento the details without feeling assured that my poison had been used. Icame round to see you on the chance that some other explanation hadsuggested itself to you. But there could be none. I was convinced thatMortimer Tregennis was the murderer; that for the sake of money, andwith the idea, perhaps, that if the other members of his family wereall insane he would be the sole guardian of their joint property, hehad used the devil's-foot powder upon them, driven two of them outof their senses, and killed his sister Brenda, the one human beingwhom I have ever loved or who has ever loved me. There was hiscrime; what was to be his punishment?
2.  "How very absurd! I never noticed that before."
3.  I am sure that you will respect my confidence, Mr. Holmes, when Itell you that my place here has become difficult, owing to the factthat my employer has proposed marriage to me. I am convinced thathis feelings are most deep and most honourable. At the same time, mypromise is of course given. He took my refusal very seriously, butalso very gently. You can understand, however, that the situation is alittle strained.
4.  "Could you start at once?"
5.  "For heaven's sake, tell me, then, what is this extraordinarymystery!"
6.  "What do you suggest?"


1.  "I do think," said Holmes with emphasis, and so we were launchedupon our journey. Holmes took me aside before we left the room andgave me one word of counsel, which showed that he considered thematter to be of importance. "Whatever you do, see that he reallydoes go," said he. "Should he break away or return, get to the nearesttelephone exchange and send the single word 'Bolted.' I will arrangehere that it shall reach me wherever I am."
2.  "You never were in it?"
3.  Well, the scandal has been pretty clear for a long time.""But she may not have seen it before. Let us suppose that she hassuddenly found it out. She waits to get rid of the woman. Herbrother will not permit it. The invalid, with her weak heart andinability to get about, has no means of enforcing her will. Thehated maid is still tied to her. The lady refuses to speak, sulks,takes to drink. Sir Robert in his anger takes her pet spaniel awayfrom her. Does not all this hang together?"
4.  "What do you propose now, Mr. Holmes?" asked our client."Well, in investigating this minor affair we must not lose sightof our main inquiry. It would be a very great help to me if youwould come up to London with us."
5.  "Yes, he bought a considerable estate in Hampshire some five yearsago. Possibly you have already heard of the tragic end of his wife?""Of course. I remember it now. That is why the name is familiar. ButI really know nothing of the details."
6.  "But at least it covers all the facts. After new facts come to ourknowledge which cannot be covered by it, it will be time enough toreconsider it. We can do nothing more until we have a message from ourfriend at Norbury."


1.  "Have you no alternative, Mr. Holmes?"
2.  "It depends upon those cigarettes that I smoked," said he. "It ispossible that I am utterly mistaken. The cigarettes will show me.""My dear Holmes," I exclaimed, "how on earth-"
3.  "I called this morning, Dr. Huxtable, too late to prevent you fromstarting for London. I learned that your object was to invite Mr.Sherlock Holmes to undertake the conduct of this case. His Grace issurprised, Dr. Huxtable, that you should have taken such a stepwithout consulting him."
4.  I write these few lines through the courtesy of Mr. Moriarty,who awaits my convenience for the final discussion of thosequestions which lie between us. He has been giving me a sketch ofthe methods by which he avoided the English police and kept himselfinformed of our movements. They certainly confirm the very highopinion which I had formed of his abilities. I am pleased to thinkthat I shall be able to free society from any further effects of hispresence, though I fear that it is at a cost which will give pain tomy friends, and especially, my dear Watson, to you. I have alreadyexplained to you, however, that my career had in any case reachedits crisis, and that no possible conclusion to it could be morecongenial to me than this. Indeed, if I may make a full confessionto you, I was quite convinced that the letter from Meiringen was ahoax, and I allowed you to depart on that errand under thepersuasion that some development of this sort would follow. TellInspector Patterson that the papers which he needs to convict the gangare in pigeonhole M., done up in a blue envelope and inscribed"Moriarty." I made every disposition of my property before leavingEngland and handed it to my brother Mycroft. Pray give my greetings toMrs. Watson, and believe me to be, my dear fellow,
5.   "Miss Sarah Cushing is extremely ill," said he. "She has beensuffering since yesterday from brain symptoms of great severity. Asher medical adviser, I cannot possibly take the responsibility ofallowing anyone to see her. I should recommend you to call again inten days." He drew on his gloves, closed the door, and marched offdown the street.
6.  "It is certainly rather a curious production," said Holmes. "Atfirst sight it would appear to be some childish prank. It consistsof a number of absurd little figures dancing across the paper uponwhich they are drawn. Why should you attribute any importance to sogrotesque an object?"


1.  "So I see," the other answered with the utmost coolness. "Ifancy that my pal is all right, though I see you have got hiscoat-tails."
2.  "Does it not strike you as a strange occupation in the
3.  Sherlock Holmes shrugged his shoulders.
4、  "It's been out three hours," said Holmes; "started at half-past six,and here it is back again. That gives a radius of ten or twelve miles,and he does it once, or sometimes twice, a day."
5、  "If I am to have a doctor whether I will or not, let me at leasthave someone in whom I have confidence," said he.




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      "Have you anything positive to tell him?"

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      "And yet, Watson- and yet! This bridge- a single broad span of stonewith balustraded sides- carries the drive over the narrowest part of along, deep, reedgirt sheet of water. Thor Mere it is called. In themouth of the bridge lay the dead woman. Such are the main facts. Buthere, if I mistake not, is our client, considerably before his time."Billy had opened the door, but the name which he announced was anunexpected one. Mr. Marlow Bates was a stranger to both of us. Hewas a thin, nervous wisp of a man with frightened eyes and atwitching, hesitating manner- a man whom my own professional eye wouldjudge to be on the brink of an absolute nervous breakdown."You seem agitated, Mr. Bates," said Holmes. "Pray sit down. Ifear I can only give you a short time, for I have an appointment ateleven."

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       "Tell me," said Holmes- and I could see by his eyes that he was muchexcited- "was this a mere addition to the first or did it appear to beentirely separate?"

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      "Well, then, ask Mrs. Oakshott for it."

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    {  "'Pretty fair,' I answered modestly.

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      We sat in silence for some time after the unhappy woman had told herstory. Then Holmes stretched out his long arm and patted her hand withsuch a show of sympathy as I had seldom known him to exhibit."Poor girl!" he said. "Poor girl! The ways of fate are indeed hardto understand. If there is not some compensation hereafter, then theworld is a cruel jest. But what of this man Leonardo?"

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      "Here was one of my fixed points secured.

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       "Indeed, I have nothing more to tell. Once or twice it seemed tome that he was on the point of telling me something. He spoke oneevening of the importance of the secret, and I have somerecollection that he said that no doubt foreign spies would pay agreat deal to have it."

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    {  "And the boy, having so affectionate a nature, was devoted, nodoubt, to the memory of his mother?"

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      "You said you had a clue?"