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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "There is surely some mistake here, gentlemen," he said in anunctuous, make-everything-easy voice. "I fancy that you have beenmisdirected. Possibly if you tried farther down the street-""That will do; we have no time to waste," said my companionfirmly. "You are Henry Peters, of Adelaide, late the Rev. Dr.Shlessinger, of Baden and South America. I am as sure of that asthat my own name is Sherlock Holmes."
2.  "But the money, Mr. Holmes, the money!"
3.  "The remainder of the sheet!" cried the inspector.
4.  "Why," said my wife, pulling up her veil, "it is Kate Whitney. Howyou startled me, Kate! I had not an idea who you were when you camein."
5.  "And to whom would this document be sent if it fell into the handsof an enemy?"
6.  "Three days later a message was left scrawled upon paper, and placedunder a pebble upon the sundial. Here it is. The characters are, asyou see, exactly the same as the last one. After that I determinedto lie in wait, so I got out my revolver and I sat up in my study,which overlooks the lawn and garden. About two in the morning I wasseated by the window, all being dark save for the moonlight outside,when I heard steps behind me, and there was my wife in herdressinggown. She implored me to come to bed. I told her franklythat I wished to see who it was who played such absurd tricks upon us.She answered that it was some senseless practical joke, and that Ishould not take any notice of it.


1.  "I did not say so," said Holmes imperturbably. "And now, LordHoldhurst, we have already taken up too much of your valuable time,and we shall wish you good-day."
2.  "Mr. Holmes, this is the young lady I spoke of. This is my fiancee.""We were gradually coming to that conclusion, were we not,Watson?" Holmes answered with a smile. "I take it, Miss Presbury, thatthere is some fresh development in the case, and that you thought weshould know?"
3.  "There is nothing at all, sir."
4.  The fierce old man said nothing, but still glared at my companion.With his savage eyes and bristling moustache he was wonderfully like atiger himself.
6.  "Remember also the curious earnestness with which she assured usthat it was best for her husband that she should know all. What didshe mean by that? And you must have observed, Watson, how shemanoeuvred to have the light at her back. She did not wish us toread her expression."


1.  "I thought no more of the matter until the vicar's telegramreached me at Plymouth. This villain had thought that I would be atsea before the news could reach me, and that I should be lost foryears in Africa. But I returned at once. Of course, I could not listento the details without feeling assured that my poison had been used. Icame round to see you on the chance that some other explanation hadsuggested itself to you. But there could be none. I was convinced thatMortimer Tregennis was the murderer; that for the sake of money, andwith the idea, perhaps, that if the other members of his family wereall insane he would be the sole guardian of their joint property, hehad used the devil's-foot powder upon them, driven two of them outof their senses, and killed his sister Brenda, the one human beingwhom I have ever loved or who has ever loved me. There was hiscrime; what was to be his punishment?
2.  "I am a very busy man. I am a doctor in practice."
3.  "The old fellow looked diabolical, and I really thought he was aboutto attack me. I have said that he was a gaunt, fierce old giant, andthough I am no weakling I might have been hard put to it to hold myown against him. However, after a long glare of rage he turned uponhis heel and walked out of the room. For my part, I took the appointedtrain in the morning, with the full intention of coming straight toyou and asking for your advice and assistance at the appointment forwhich I had already written."
4.  "Well, Mr. Holmes, you would hardly say it was a face at all. That'show it looked. Our milkman got a glimpse of her once peeping out ofthe upper window, and he dropped his tin and the milk all over thefront garden. that is the kind of face it is. When I saw her- Ihappened on her unawares- she covered up quick, and then she said,'Now, Mrs. Merrilow, you know at last why it is that I never raisemy veil.'"
5.   "They've gone, Mr. Holmes. They went by the last train. The ladybroke away, and I've got her in a cab downstairs."
6.  "Run away, little Jacky," said he, and he watched his son withloving eyes until he disappeared. "Now, Mr. Holmes," he continued whenthe boy was gone, "I really feel that I have brought you on a fool'serrand, for what can you possibly do save give me your sympathy? Itmust be an exceedingly delicate and complex affair from your pointof view."


1.  "How blind I have been!"
2.  The stonework was gray, But at this one point it showed white fora space not larger than a sixpence. When examined closely one couldsee that the surface was chipped as by a sharp blow.
3.  "I am an early riser and generally take a walk before breakfast.This morning I had hardly started when the doctor in his carriageovertook me. He told me that old Mrs. Porter had sent a boy downwith an urgent message. I sprang in beside him and we drove on. Whenwe got there we looked into that dreadful room. The candles and thefire must have burned out hours before, and they had been sittingthere in the dark until dawn had broken. The doctor said Brenda musthave been dead at least six hours. There were no signs of violence.She just lay across the arm of the chair with that look on her face.George and Owen were singing snatches of songs and gibbering liketwo great apes. Oh, it was awful to see! I couldn't stand it, andthe doctor was as white as a sheet. Indeed, he fell into a chair ina sort of faint, and we nearly had him on our hands as well.""Remarkable- most remarkable!" said Holmes, rising and taking hishat. "I think, perhaps, we had better go down to Tredannick Warthawithout further delay. I confess that I have seldom known a case whichat first sight presented a more singular problem."
4、  "You may well look surprised, Dr. Watson, but it is this way," saidhe: "When I was speaking to the other chap in London, at the time thathe laughed at my not going to Mawson's. I happened to notice thathis tooth was stuffed in this very identical fashion. The glint of thegold in each case caught my eye, you see. When I put that with thevoice and figure being the same, and only those things altered whichmight be changed by a razor or a wig, I could not doubt that it wasthe same man. Of course you expect two brothers to be alike, but notthat they should have the same tooth staffed in the same way. He bowedme out, and I found myself in the street, hardly knowing whether I wason my head or my heels. Back I went to my hotel, put my head in abasin of cold water, and tried to think it out. Why had he sent mefrom London to Birmingham? Why had he got there before me? And why hadhe written a letter from himself to himself? It was altogether toomuch for me, and I could make no sense of it. And then suddenly itstruck me that what was dark to me might be very light to Mr. SherlockHolmes. I had just time to get up to town by the night train to seehim this morning, and to bring you both back with me to Birmingham."There was a pause after the stock-broker's clerk had concluded hissurprising experience. Then Sherlock Holmes cocked his eye at me,leaning back on the cushions with a pleased and yet critical face,like a connoisseur who has just taken his first sip of a cometvintage.
5、  "And so do I. It is precisely for that reason that we are going toStoke Moran this day. I want to see whether the objections arefatal, or if they may be explained away. But what in the name of thedevil!"




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      "Now, sir, I must ask you more particularly what this document is,and why its disappearance should have such momentous consequences?"The two statesmen exchanged a quick glance and the Premier'sshaggy eyebrows gathered in a frown.

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      She stood grandly defiant, a queenly figure, her eyes fixed upon hisas if she would read his very soul. Her hand was on the bell, butshe had forborne to ring it.

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       "Excellent! But I assure you you are mistaken about my allegedagents."

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      "`The sundial in the garden. There is no other,' said I; `butthe papers must be those that are destroyed.'

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    {  "Then we had a look at this poor fellow's mother. We could get noinformation from her, however, as she is very old and feeble.""And what is the result of your investigations?"

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      Franco-Midland Hardware Company, Limited, at a minimum salary ofL500."'}

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      Percy Phelps sank back in his chair. "My head whirls," said he."Your words have dazed me."

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      "Surely there is another alternative, Mr. Holmes. I don't knowwhether you observed my bedroom window?"

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       "Yes, sir."

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    {  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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      "Well, you are in the right place for that. There is a deal of itlying about. But mind what I have told you about Sir Robert. He'sthe sort that strikes first and speaks afterwards. Keep clear of thepark."