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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, don't be alarmed if I return at one, two or three o'clockin the morning; indeed, do not be alarmed if I do not come atall."
2.  Richelieu
3.  "She has the most beautiful light hair imaginable!""Ah, my poor D'Artagnan!" said Athos.
4.  "I? I know nothing about it."
5.  Nevertheless, when the name of the king was now and then utteredunthinkingly amid all these cardinal jests, a sort of gag seemedto close for a moment on all these jeering mouths. They lookedhesitatingly around them, and appeared to doubt the thickness ofthe partition between them and the office of M. de Treville; buta fresh allusion soon brought back the conversation to hisEminence, and then the laughter recovered its loudness and thelight was not withheld from any of his actions.
6.  And bowing to all the astonished persons present, the youngmen took the road to the bastion St. Gervais, followed byGrimaud, who carried the basket, ignorant of where he wasgoing but in the passive obedience which Athos had taughthim not even thinking of asking.


1.  On the morrow, nothing was talked of in Paris but the ball whichthe aldermen of the city were to give to the king and queen, andin which their Majesties were to dance the famous La Merlaison--the favorite ballet of the king.
2.  "You see the address," said the queen, speaking so low that Mme.Bonacieux could hardly hear what she said, "To my Lord Duke ofBuckingham, London."
3.  "What do you think of the story Chalais's esquire relates?" askedanother Musketeer, without addressing anyone in particular, buton the contrary speaking to everybody.
4.  "Were you condemned, were you innocent, were you a martyr,"replied Felton, "the greater would be the necessity for prayer;and I myself would aid you with my prayers."
5.  The vessel was quite ready to sail, and the captain was waitingon the wharf. "Well?" said he, on perceiving D'Artagnan."Here is my pass countersigned," said the latter."And that other gentleman?
6.  "Remember that his name is all my secret."


1.  Presently it sounded one o'clock. It was necessary toseparate. D'Artagnan at the moment of quitting Milady feltonly the liveliest regret at the parting; and as theyaddressed each other in a reciprocally passionate adieu,another interview was arranged for the following week.Poor Kitty hoped to speak a few words to D'Artagnan when hepassed through her chamber; but Milady herself reconductedhim through the darkness, and only quit him at thestaircase.
2.  "Oh, from some heartbroken waiting woman, some despondingGRISETTE; from Madame de Chevreuse's chambermaid, perhaps, whowas obliged to return to Tours with her mistress, and who, inorder to appear smart and attractive, stole some perfumed paper,and sealed her letter with a duchess's coronet."
3.  "Yes, monsieur," replied the mercer, in a tremble, feeling thatit was at this point affairs were likely to become perplexing;"that is to say, I HAD one."
4.  Milady uttered a cry of joy; this man was the Comte de Rochefort--thedemoniacal tool of his Eminence.
5.   "And above all others," cried D'Artagnan, as if carried away byhis enthusiasm, "to that of the king and the cardinal."The leader of the posse would perhaps have doubted the sincerityof D'Artagnan if the wine had been bad; but the wine was good,and he was convinced.
6.  "And do you comprehend, Grimaud?" said Aramis.


1.  "I have just placed an embargo on all vessels at present in hisMajesty's ports, and without particular permission, not one darelife an anchor."
2.  The latter--a pretty girl of about twenty or twenty-twoyears, active and lively, the true SOUBRETTE of a greatlady--jumped from the step upon which, according to thecustom of the time, she was seated, and took her way towardthe terrace upon which D'Artagnan had perceived Lubin.D'Artagnan followed the soubrette with his eyes, and saw hergo toward the terrace; but it happened that someone in thehouse called Lubin, so that Planchet remained alone, lookingin all directions for the road where D'Artagnan had disappeared.The maid approached Planchet, whom she took for Lubin, andholding out a little billet to him said, "For your master.""For my master?" replied Planchet, astonished.
3.  On arriving at the king's private antechamber, M. de Trevillefound La Chesnaye, who informed him that they had not been ableto find M. de la Tremouille on the preceding evening at hishotel, that he returned too late to present himself at theLouvre, that he had only that moment arrived and that he was atthat very hour with the king.
4、  This immediately recalled to D'Artagnan's mind the handkerchiefwhich he had found at the feet of Mme. Bonacieux, which hadreminded him of that which he had dragged from under the feet ofAramis.
5、  "The FINGERS," resumed the Jesuit, "St. Peter blessed with theFINGERS. The Pope, therefore blesses with the fingers. And withhow many fingers does he bless? With THREE fingers, to be sure-one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost."All crossed themselves. D'Artagnan thought it was proper tofollow this example.




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      "Ah, monsieur," said Planchet, "I saw one fall at each of his twoshots, and he appeared to me, through the glass door, to befighting with his sword with the others."

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      "Yes, that is true as the Gospel," said Porthos; "I heardher with my own ears."

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       The officer desired to have Milady's packages pointed out to him,and ordered them to be placed in the boat. When this operationwas complete, he invited her to descend by offering her his hand.Milady looked at this man, and hesitated. "Who are you, sir,"asked she, "who has the kindness to trouble yourself soparticularly on my account?"

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    {  "How, madame," said she, "I have scarcely seen you, and you alreadywish to deprive me of your company, upon which I had counted a little, Imust confess, for the time I have to pass here?"

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      Felton remained standing, motionless and undecided."He still doubts," thought Milady; "I have not been earnestenough."}

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      Quand a Dieu seul vous offrirez vos larmes,

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      "I will give you three thousand pistoles apiece if I can havethem by the day after tomorrow."

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       "You will go to Buckingham in my behalf, and you will tellhim I am acquainted with all the preparations he has made;but that they give me no uneasiness, since at the first stephe takes I will ruin the queen."

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    {  "I disturb you, perhaps, my dear Aramis," continued D'Artagnan,"for by what I see, I am led to believe that you are confessingto these gentlemen."

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      "My faith," said Athos, "I have nothing to say against aretreat. We bet upon one hour, and we have stayed an hourand a half. Nothing can be said; let us be off, gentlemen,let us be off!"