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1.   Ulysses answered, "Telemachus, you ought not to be so immeasurablyastonished at my being really here. There is no other Ulysses who willcome hereafter. Such as I am, it is I, who after long wandering andmuch hardship have got home in the twentieth year to my own country.What you wonder at is the work of the redoubtable goddess Minerva, whodoes with me whatever she will, for she can do what she pleases. Atone moment she makes me like a beggar, and the next I am a young manwith good clothes on my back; it is an easy matter for the gods wholive in heaven to make any man look either rich or poor."
2.   Lord de Winter arrived at the appointed time; but Athos,being warned of his coming, went into the other chamber. Hetherefore found D'Artagnan alone, and as it was nearly eighto'clock he took the young man with him.
3. 第二十三章
4. 都说时代会给一些人更多的眷顾,90后们真是幸运地踩上了每一个节点。
5.   "We don't seem to have got any real facts yet, Mr. Holmes. You saythat the prisoner, in the presence of three witnesses, practicallyconfessed by trying to commit suicide, that he had murdered his wifeand her lover. What other facts have you?"
6. 未能见到父亲最后一面,夏女士不知道父亲是否做了核酸检测。


1.   On this they hurried off on their several errands. The heifer wasbrought in from the plain, and Telemachus's crew came from the ship;the goldsmith brought the anvil, hammer, and tongs, with which heworked his gold, and Minerva herself came to the sacrifice. Nestorgave out the gold, and the smith gilded the horns of the heifer thatthe goddess might have pleasure in their beauty. Then Stratius andEchephron brought her in by the horns; Aretus fetched water from thehouse in a ewer that had a flower pattern on it, and in his other handhe held a basket of barley meal; sturdy Thrasymedes stood by with asharp axe, ready to strike the heifer, while Perseus held a bucket.Then Nestor began with washing his hands and sprinkling the barleymeal, and he offered many a prayer to Minerva as he threw a lockfrom the heifer's head upon the fire.
2. 直到今年10月初,到了交房时候,张先生却找不到韩某,他意识到被骗。
3.   'Where the dickens is she!' he continued. 'Lizzy! Georgy!(calling to his sisters) Joan is not here: tell mama she is run outinto the rain- bad animal!'
4. 在此背景下,红星新闻记者翻阅美团点评财报发现,虽未披露具体数值,但其经营亏损持续显著收窄。
5. 这样的用户有多少?毕胜说,一年卖了100万双鞋,有10万人这么干。
6. 截至2019年年初,全球最大的6家肉类公司的总市值达到了600亿美元,其中最大的一家——荷美尔(Hormel),估值已达到230亿美元。


1. 她拿钥匙是怕自己回不去。
2.   'You said Mr. Rochester was not strikingly peculiar, Mrs. Fairfax,'I observed, when I rejoined her in her room, after putting Adele tobed.
3. awkward
4. 王利刚以前负责对外经贸大学(以下简称贸大)的快递收发,整日泡在校园,吃饭去食堂,生病了去校医院,熟悉每栋教学楼和每间办公室,知道哪里有沙发、哪里有热水、哪里夏天凉快。
5. 凤冈经开区具体工作中,她尽力柔性化处理,努力化解征地矛盾,迅速打开了工作局面。
6. 一次次的自杀干预,李勇生拯救了一条条人命,正如他自己的名字一样。


1. 看到有陌生记者的镜头,他们本能地转到另一边,没有了之前的气势汹汹,但也看不出紧张害怕的样子。
2. 当我们都在感叹资本寒冬经济萧条时,这一轮新国货崛起背后的逻辑是什么?我总结为了以下4点:相对于传统的企业,新兴国货品牌似乎都有着一种我命由我不由天的果敢与冒险勇气。
3. 因为我不希望这些天才之光被埋没了。
4. 湖北省内,5日大部分地区将由多云转为小雨,南部地区则有小到中雨,到了夜间,西部高海拔地区还有雨夹雪或小到中雪。
5. 一个好的使命愿景应该时刻处于企业增长曲线的上方,太容易达成反而会降低组织的行动力。
6. 抵达武汉的第二天,唐光明没有迅速投入患者的看护工作中,而是去解决更为棘手的一个问题。


1.   He put her hand to his lips, and moved towards the door. `Be under no apprehension, Miss Manette, of my ever resuming this conversation by so much as a passing word. I will never refer to it again. If I were dead, that could not be surer than it is henceforth. In the hour of my death, I shall hold sacred the one good remembrance--and shall thank and bless you for it--that my last avowal of myself was made to you, and that my name, and faults, and miseries were gently carried in your heart. May it otherwise be light and happy!'
2. 无论是在产品的布局方面,还是在战略部署方面,可以说现在互联网的前进速度太快,也许走错一步就是落后十步,小米成功在2019年打入世界500强,接下来的布局更是要小心谨慎。
3. 春节假期期间,国际商品市场均出现较大幅度调整。

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