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1. 不过需要注意的是,当前网生内容市场的格局与2013年《暴走大事件》刚出来时完全不同。
2.   36. Beams: trumpets; Anglo-Saxon, "bema."
3. 据荔枝方面披露,小米、微博已分别表达参与IPO意向认购,或至多认购3600万美元的ADS。
4. 苹果与英国芯片商恢复GPU芯片供货协议据外媒报道,英国GPU芯片供应商ImaginationTechnologies发布一份简短声明称,它与苹果达成了新的GPU芯片供货协议。
5.   Although the old woman was very pious, she was not at all indifferent to the magnificence of all around her, which she seemed to understand as well as to admire, and when she had seen it all she was led by the servants before the princess, who was seated in a room which surpassed in splendour all the rest.
6.   "'That is very handsome' said I. When should I take over my newduties?'


1. 一旦产品有了他们的信任背书,通过他们传播出去,将很快触达他们社群中的潜在消费者。
2. 自然资源局这位负责人说,他们发现该问题后,多次向上级部门打报告,经过多次协调,终于有了解决方案,目前正在对土地价格进行评估,开发商只要按照评估价补缴土地出让金,就可以给住户办证。
3. 但是快递网点的工作模式完全超过了她的认知。
4. 以下是沙龙上的干货辑,欢迎留下评论。
5. 今年上半年,他从同学群获悉杨某下落后报警。


1. 如果疫情在一季度能够控制住,二季度无疑将会是2020全年最重要的营销节点。
2. 近日,朴朴超市宣布获得1亿美元B2轮融资,目前已到账3000万美元。
3. 这是一种对于不可预期事件的焦虑,焦虑的情绪会引发一系列生活问题。
4. 可正如二八原则,往往最重要的是另外的百分之二十,而那百分之二十便是独立的思考。
5.   `You work hard, madame,' said a man near her.
6. 东汉时期,私学更加繁荣。原因是:第一,统治集团内部斗争日益激化。


1.   The servant carried the pork in his fingers over to Demodocus, whotook it and was very much pleased. They then laid their hands on thegood things that were before them, and as soon as they had had toeat and drink, Ulysses said to Demodocus, "Demodocus, there is noone in the world whom I admire more than I do you. You must havestudied under the Muse, Jove's daughter, and under Apollo, soaccurately do you sing the return of the Achaeans with all theirsufferings and adventures. If you were not there yourself, you musthave heard it all from some one who was. Now, however, change yoursong and tell us of the wooden horse which Epeus made with theassistance of Minerva, and which Ulysses got by stratagem into thefort of Troy after freighting it with the men who afterwards sackedthe city. If you will sing this tale aright I will tell all theworld how magnificently heaven has endowed you."
2. 据了解该名群众已无大碍。
3.   Explain, ere further time we lose, What special faculty you choose?Student
4.   * Ali Pasha, "The Lion," was born at Tepelini, an Albanianvillage at the foot of the Klissoura Mountains, in 1741. Bydiplomacy and success in arms he became almost supreme rulerof Albania, Epirus, and adjacent territory. Having arousedthe enmity of the Sultan, he was proscribed and put to deathby treachery in 1822, at the age of eighty. -- Ed.
5.   we may without violent effort believe that Chaucer speaks in his own person, though dramatically the words are on the Clerk's lips. And the belief is not impaired by the sorrowful way in which the Clerk lingers on Petrarch's death -- which would be less intelligible if the fictitious narrator had only read the story in the Latin translation, than if we suppose the news of Petrarch's death at Arqua in July 1374 to have closely followed Chaucer to England, and to have cruelly and irresistibly mingled itself with our poet's personal recollections of his great Italian contemporary. Nor must we regard as without significance the manner in which the Clerk is made to distinguish between the "body" of Petrarch's tale, and the fashion in which it was set forth in writing, with a proem that seemed "a thing impertinent", save that the poet had chosen in that way to "convey his matter" -- told, or "taught," so much more directly and simply by word of mouth. It is impossible to pronounce positively on the subject; the question whether Chaucer saw Petrarch in 1373 must remain a moot-point, so long as we have only our present information; but fancy loves to dwell on the thought of the two poets conversing under the vines at Arqua; and we find in the history and the writings of Chaucer nothing to contradict, a good deal to countenance, the belief that such a meeting occurred.
6.   "Stranger," replied Alcinous, "I am not the kind of man to get angryabout nothing; it is always better to be reasonable; but by FatherJove, Minerva, and Apollo, now that I see what kind of person you are,and how much you think as I do, I wish you would stay here, marry mydaughter, and become my son-in-law. If you will stay I will give you ahouse and an estate, but no one (heaven forbid) shall keep you hereagainst your own wish, and that you may be sure of this I willattend to-morrow to the matter of your escort. You can sleep duringthe whole voyage if you like, and the men shall sail you over smoothwaters either to your own home, or wherever you please, even though itbe a long way further off than Euboea, which those of my people whosaw it when they took yellow-haired Rhadamanthus to see Tityus the sonof Gaia, tell me is the furthest of any place- and yet they did thewhole voyage in a single day without distressing themselves, andcame back again afterwards. You will thus see how much my shipsexcel all others, and what magnificent oarsmen my sailors are."


1. 随后,李云被送至双流区中医院进行治疗。
2. 而此时,蔡利萍所在的武汉市第三医院也接到通知,作为武昌医院的定点支持医院,接收转运患者。
3.   Extinction

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