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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The next morning at daybreak, Valentine and Morrel werewalking arm-in-arm on the sea-shore, Valentine relating howMonte Cristo had appeared in her room, explained everything,revealed the crime, and, finally, how he had saved her lifeby enabling her to simulate death. They had found the doorof the grotto opened, and gone forth; on the azure dome ofheaven still glittered a few remaining stars. Morrel soonperceived a man standing among the rocks, apparentlyawaiting a sign from them to advance, and pointed him out toValentine. "Ah, it is Jacopo," she said, "the captain of theyacht; "and she beckoned him towards them.
2.  "Yes, madame."
3.  "`Luigi Vampa.'"
4.  The following morning, with the banker's usual punctuality,the eighty thousand francs were placed in the young man'shands as he was on the point of starting, after having lefttwo hundred francs for Caderousse. He went out chiefly toavoid this dangerous enemy, and returned as late as possiblein the evening. But scarcely had be stepped out of hiscarriage when the porter met him with a parcel in his hand."Sir," said he, "that man has been here."
5.  The delighted builder then offered his services in providinga suitable crew for the little vessel, but this Dantesdeclined with many thanks, saying he was accustomed tocruise about quite alone, and his principal pleasureconsisted in managing his yacht himself; the only thing thebuilder could oblige him in would be to contrive a sort ofsecret closet in the cabin at his bed's head, the closet tocontain three divisions, so constructed as to be concealedfrom all but himself. The builder cheerfully undertook thecommission, and promised to have these secret placescompleted by the next day, Dantes furnishing the dimensionsand plan in accordance with which they were to beconstructed.
6.  "Are you sure of it?" asked Albert.


1.  "Down-stairs in the decanter."
2.  And with these words he disappeared behind one of thetapestried portieres. As the door opened, the sound of aguzla reached the ears of the young men, but was almostimmediately lost, for the rapid closing of the door merelyallowed one rich swell of harmony to enter. Franz and Albertlooked inquiringly at each other, then at the gorgeousfurnishings of the apartment. Everything seemed moremagnificent at a second view than it had done at their firstrapid survey.
3.  "Not in the least; but if I can serve you in any way I shallbe delighted."
4.  "Well," said the Count, astonished at his perseverance,which he could not understand, and looking still moreearnestly at Maximilian, "let it begin again, -- it is likethe house of the Atreidae;* God has condemned them, and theymust submit to their punishment. They will all disappear,like the fabrics children build with cards, and which fall,one by one, under the breath of their builder, even if thereare two hundred of them. Three months since it was M. deSaint-Meran; Madame de Saint-Meran two months since; theother day it was Barrois; to-day, the old Noirtier, or youngValentine."
5.  "Yes."
6.  "Yes," said Villefort, closing the door after him, "it is I,who am come in my turn to ask you if we are quite alone.Doctor, my house is accursed!"


1.  "You, sir? -- you are my adopted father. But it was not you,I presume, who placed at my disposal 100,000 francs, which Ispent in four or five months; it was not you whomanufactured an Italian gentleman for my father; it was notyou who introduced me into the world, and had me invited toa certain dinner at Auteuil, which I fancy I am eating atthis moment, in company with the most distinguished peoplein Paris -- amongst the rest with a certain procureur, whoseacquaintance I did very wrong not to cultivate, for he wouldhave been very useful to me just now; -- it was not you, infact, who bailed me for one or two millions, when the fataldiscovery of my little secret took place. Come, speak, myworthy Corsican, speak!"
2.  "Well?"
3.  "Impossible!"
4.  "And when you know, will you tell me?"
5.   "He is in Paris just now."
6.  "But you should take me there one day with you."


1.  "Ma foi, we live in times when there is much to which wemust submit."
2.  Cocles remained in M. Morrel's service, and a most singularchange had taken place in his position; he had at the sametime risen to the rank of cashier, and sunk to the rank of aservant. He was, however, the same Cocles, good, patient,devoted, but inflexible on the subject of arithmetic, theonly point on which he would have stood firm against theworld, even against M. Morrel; and strong in themultiplication-table, which he had at his fingers' ends, nomatter what scheme or what trap was laid to catch him. Inthe midst of the disasters that befell the house, Cocles wasthe only one unmoved. But this did not arise from a want ofaffection; on the contrary, from a firm conviction. Like therats that one by one forsake the doomed ship even before thevessel weighs anchor, so all the numerous clerks had bydegrees deserted the office and the warehouse. Cocles hadseen them go without thinking of inquiring the cause oftheir departure. Everything was as we have said, a questionof arithmetic to Cocles, and during twenty years he hadalways seen all payments made with such exactitude, that itseemed as impossible to him that the house should stoppayment, as it would to a miller that the river that had solong turned his mill should cease to flow.
3.  "That is the misfortune! You see I have not these necessarypapers."
4、  "Oh, that is different," cried the abbe; "and we shallunderstand each other, I hope."
5、  "Bless me!" exclaimed Caderousse, "fifty thousand francs!Surely the diamond was as large as a nut to be worth allthat."




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      "Well, then, wretches," cried Danglars, "I will defy yourinfamous calculations -- I would rather die at once! You maytorture, torment, kill me, but you shall not have mysignature again!"

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      "It is quite wonderful, Mr. President, how entirely you haveread my thoughts," said Benedetto, in his softest voice andmost polite manner. "This is, indeed, the reason why Ibegged you to alter the order of the questions." The publicastonishment had reached its height. There was no longer anydeceit or bravado in the manner of the accused. The audiencefelt that a startling revelation was to follow this ominousprelude.

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       "It is well for Albert he is not in the army," said Morrel.

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      "I? Nothing -- at least personally," said Monte Cristo.

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    {  "It is a prisoner," said Edmond joyfully. The night passedin perfect silence. Edmond did not close his eyes.

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      "Now, if you will come on board, M. Morrel," said Dantes,observing the owner's impatience, "here is your supercargo,M. Danglars, coming out of his cabin, who will furnish youwith every particular. As for me, I must look after theanchoring, and dress the ship in mourning."}

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      M. de Villefort's communications on the subject were verylimited and concise; he told her, in fact, that anexplanation had taken place between M. Noirtier, M.d'Epinay, and himself, and that the marriage of Valentineand Franz would consequently be broken off. This was anawkward and unpleasant thing to have to report to those whowere awaiting her return in the chamber of herfather-in-law. She therefore contented herself with sayingthat M. Noirtier having at the commencement of thediscussion been attacked by a sort of apoplectic fit, theaffair would necessarily be deferred for some days longer.This news, false as it was following so singularly in thetrain of the two similar misfortunes which had so recentlyoccurred, evidently astonished the auditors, and theyretired without a word. During this time Valentine, at onceterrified and happy, after having embraced and thanked thefeeble old man for thus breaking with a single blow thechain which she had been accustomed to consider asirrefragable, asked leave to retire to her own room, inorder to recover her composure. Noirtier looked thepermission which she solicited. But instead of going to herown room, Valentine, having once gained her liberty, enteredthe gallery, and, opening a small door at the end of it.found herself at once in the garden.

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      The servant, instead of answering, pointed to the garden.Monte Cristo ran down the steps, and advancing towards thespot designated beheld Villefort, encircled by his servants,with a spade in his hand, and digging the earth with fury."It is not here!" he cried. "It is not here!" And then hemoved farther on, and began again to dig.

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       "No, no, my dear Edmond -- my boy -- my son! -- no; but Idid not expect you; and joy, the surprise of seeing you sosuddenly -- Ah, I feel as if I were going to die."

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    {  "Why, I have only had the honor of being in her society andconversing with her three or four times in my life; but youknow that even such an acquaintance as that might warrant mydoing what you ask." At that instant, the countess perceivedFranz, and graciously waved her hand to him, to which hereplied by a respectful inclination of the head. "Upon myword," said Albert, "you seem to be on excellent terms withthe beautiful countess."

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      The door was wide open, a hackney-coach was standing in themiddle of the yard -- a strange sight before so noble amansion; the count looked at it with terror, but withoutdaring to inquire its meaning, he rushed towards hisapartment. Two persons were coming down the stairs; he hadonly time to creep into an alcove to avoid them. It wasMercedes leaning on her son's arm and leaving the house.They passed close by the unhappy being, who, concealedbehind the damask curtain, almost felt Mercedes dress brushpast him, and his son's warm breath, pronouncing thesewords, -- "Courage, mother! Come, this is no longer ourhome!" The words died away, the steps were lost in thedistance. The general drew himself up, clinging to thecurtain; he uttered the most dreadful sob which ever escapedfrom the bosom of a father abandoned at the same time by hiswife and son. He soon heard the clatter of the iron step ofthe hackney-coach, then the coachman's voice, and then therolling of the heavy vehicle shook the windows. He darted tohis bedroom to see once more all he had loved in the world;but the hackney-coach drove on and the head of neitherMercedes nor her son appeared at the window to take a lastlook at the house or the deserted father and husband. And atthe very moment when the wheels of that coach crossed thegateway a report was heard, and a thick smoke escapedthrough one of the panes of the window, which was broken bythe explosion.