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1. 该自习室的联合创始人武子蛟打了个比方,学习就像在操场跑步一样,需要有人在前面领跑。
2.   But stint* I will of Theseus a lite**, *cease speaking **little And speak of Palamon and of Arcite. The day approacheth of their returning, That evereach an hundred knights should bring, The battle to darraine* as I you told; *contest And to Athens, their covenant to hold, Hath ev'reach of them brought an hundred knights, Well-armed for the war at alle rights. And sickerly* there trowed** many a man, *surely <56> **believed That never, sithen* that the world began, *since For to speaken of knighthood of their hand, As far as God hath maked sea and land, Was, of so few, so noble a company. For every wight that loved chivalry, And would, *his thankes, have a passant name*, *thanks to his own Had prayed, that he might be of that game, efforts, have a And well was him, that thereto chosen was. surpassing name* For if there fell to-morrow such a case, Ye knowe well, that every lusty knight, That loveth par amour, and hath his might Were it in Engleland, or elleswhere, They would, their thankes, willen to be there, T' fight for a lady; Benedicite, It were a lusty* sighte for to see. *pleasing And right so fared they with Palamon; With him there wente knightes many one. Some will be armed in an habergeon, And in a breast-plate, and in a gipon*; *short doublet. And some will have *a pair of plates* large; *back and front armour* And some will have a Prusse* shield, or targe; *Prussian Some will be armed on their legges weel; Some have an axe, and some a mace of steel. There is no newe guise*, but it was old. *fashion Armed they weren, as I have you told, Evereach after his opinion. There may'st thou see coming with Palamon Licurgus himself, the great king of Thrace: Black was his beard, and manly was his face. The circles of his eyen in his head They glowed betwixte yellow and red, And like a griffin looked he about, With kemped* haires on his browes stout; *combed<57> His limbs were great, his brawns were hard and strong, His shoulders broad, his armes round and long. And as the guise* was in his country, *fashion Full high upon a car of gold stood he, With foure white bulles in the trace. Instead of coat-armour on his harness, With yellow nails, and bright as any gold, He had a beare's skin, coal-black for old*. *age His long hair was y-kempt behind his back, As any raven's feather it shone for black. A wreath of gold *arm-great*, of huge weight, *thick as a man's arm* Upon his head sate, full of stones bright, Of fine rubies and clear diamants. About his car there wente white alauns*, *greyhounds <58> Twenty and more, as great as any steer, To hunt the lion or the wilde bear, And follow'd him, with muzzle fast y-bound, Collars of gold, and torettes* filed round. *rings An hundred lordes had he in his rout* *retinue Armed full well, with heartes stern and stout.
3.   Faust
4. 目前加强了对一些可疑病例的甄别和筛选,对一些可疑病例人员的密切接触人员,也采取了相应的防治措施,将会进一步加强对公共卫生的重视,一旦上海发生确诊的此类病例,将依法依规及时向社会公布。
5.   `So soon?'
6. 可是如果警察是无罪的,谁又该为此负责呢?在审判的过程中,穆雷的顾问米歇尔·哈里森辩解说是当时的形势导致球迷们被困看台,发生了悲剧,这并不是警察的过错。如果人们同意这一看法,那么当然就应该追究谁该对看台负责。一方面我们可以怪罪当时的足球流氓,但同时我们也应该责怪那些以这种方式对待他们的人。我们可以看看当时的执政党—保守党及其领袖玛格里特·撒切尔的行为,撒切尔不喜欢足球,当时的足球爱好者都是劳动人民,他们为此抱成一团,而保守党十分不愿看到这种情况。不论球迷们做什么,他们都把他们当成动物或流氓,这是导致悲剧发生的一个原因,应该向当时的国家统治者们问罪。托尼·布莱尔一直称自己是个球迷,支持选民的球队,然而,当向布莱尔的政府起诉寻求公正的时候,人们会有一种感觉,向一个只会和媒体套近乎的政府提出这个话题太不严肃,感情色彩太重。球星们可能会在唐宁街10号受到热情款待,布莱尔可能会出席世界杯总决赛,但是当他的政府有机会为足球作一些有意义的事情的时候,他们却什么也没有做,96个家庭因此在充满光荣希望的土地上永远失去了获得正义的机会。冷酷的英国人。


1.   "I didn't know what to do, so I came straight to you." That wasalways the way. Folk who were in grief came to my wife like birds to alight-house.
2. 后车司机在腾冲加了水之后上路,到事故路段时,已经有2个淋水箱水管不出水了,他频繁踩刹车,淋水不够,轮毂温度太高,就开始冒烟了,刹车制动效果也不行了。
3.   'Therefore, I mentioned to them,' said Mr. Omer, in a comfortable, easy-going tone, 'this. I said, "Now, don't consider Em'ly nailed down in point of time, at all. Make it your own time. Her services have been more valuable than was supposed; her learning has been quicker than was supposed; Omer and Joram can run their pen through what remains; and she's free when you wish. If she likes to make any little arrangement, afterwards, in the way of doing any little thing for us at home, very well. If she don't, very well still. We're no losers, anyhow." For - don't you see,' said Mr. Omer, touching me with his pipe, 'it ain't likely that a man so short of breath as myself, and a grandfather too, would go and strain points with a little bit of a blue-eyed blossom, like her?'
4. 在线文档:文档协作,幻灯片,表格。
5. 马桶MT这个产品单看的话愿景不够大,我们还太弱。
6. 对涉性的商品广告,因其内容的私密性,以及与国情民俗的冲突性,容易造成市民和社会的反感,也可能导致未成年人在无专业指导的情形下过度接触此类信息,继续列入禁止发布范围。


1. 同时,钉钉29日正式对1000万家企业组织发布了支持在家办公的全套免费解决方案。
2. The Great Recession had devastating effects across the U.S. and few places were as hard hit as Arizona. The state was booming on the strength of its tourism and real estate markets during the 2000s. Median home prices jumped 70% between 2003 and 2006—only Nevada had bigger gains—fueling more building and construction jobs. Monthly unemployment was at 3.5% through much of 2007. But then the bottom fell out. Home prices plummeted more than 50% from their peak and 6% Arizona properties received foreclosure filings in 2009. Unemployment stubbornly remained in double-figures for most of 2009 and 2010 and only Nevada lost a higher percentage of jobs over the last five years. Household incomes declined at the fastest rate in the country since 2008.
3. 要澄清负面质疑,就得坦诚回应。
4.   'I should indeed like to go to school,' was the audibleconclusion of my musings.
5. 三个月后,双方感情破裂,分手了。
6. 当科最终醒悟过来的时候为时已晚,他现在距离奥维特6个步长。虽然科最后疯狂爆发,金牌最终还是落入奥维特囊中,他的成绩仅为1分45.40秒,同样的成绩在蒙特利尔奥运会上只能排第5名。


1.   I was so shocked by the contents of this heart-rending letter, that I ran off directly towards the little hotel with the intention of taking it on my way to Doctor Strong's, and trying to soothe Mr. Micawber with a word of comfort. But, half-way there, I met the London coach with Mr. and Mrs. Micawber up behind; Mr. Micawber, the very picture of tranquil enjoyment, smiling at Mrs. Micawber's conversation, eating walnuts out of a paper bag, with a bottle sticking out of his breast pocket. As they did not see me, I thought it best, all things considered, not to see them. So, with a great weight taken off my mind, I turned into a by-street that was the nearest way to school, and felt, upon the whole, relieved that they were gone; though I still liked them very much, nevertheless.
2.   "It has been in the family a very long while," returnedMonte Cristo, "a sort of treasure expressly forbidden to betouched for a certain period of years, during which theaccumulated interest has doubled the capital. The periodappointed by the testator for the disposal of these richesoccurred only a short time ago, and they have only beenemployed by me within the last few years. Your ignorance onthe subject, therefore, is easily accounted for. However,you will be better informed as to me and my possessions erelong." And the count, while pronouncing these latter words,accompanied them with one of those ghastly smiles that usedto strike terror into poor Franz d'Epinay.
3. 约公元前500年,罗马驱逐了它的最后一个埃特鲁斯坎国王,开始了独立城邦的生涯。在短短几年里,它征服了周围请民族,控制了从亚平宁山脉到海岸的整个拉丁平原;罗马城邦形成时期的制度与早期希腊城市的制度相似。最初,国王拥有帝权即最高权力,只有由贵族组成的咨询委员会和仅能对立法表示赞成或反对的民众大会对国王具有一定约束力。后来,如同在希腊那样,君主政体被废除,贵族成为社会的统治者。从前由国王掌握的帝权这时转到两名执政官手中;执政官由选举产生,任期一年,总是由贵族担任。元老院是主要立法机关,也是贵族团体,甚至在接纳若干平民后其性质仍然不变。
4.   'Miss Eyre, have you ever lived in a town?'
5. 最重要的是,库克同时还持有价值1.135亿美元的苹果股票。
6. 通过链路聚合,不同维度地推荐给精准用户,在整个曝光量上都有大的提升。


1. 据了解,该女模接外拍才三个月,因招牌甜美笑容有八千多名粉丝,此次指控摄影师性骚扰,双方各说各话,目前此案将交由民警调查。
2. [k?m'plein]
3. 从杨包工到杨董,他一步一个脚印把梦想变成现实。

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      Many notable courses whee.ed about his conceit, every onepromising fairely, and ministring meanes of formall apparance, yet one(above the rest) wonne his absolute allowance, which he intended toprosecute as best he might. In which resolution, he kept still veryclose, so long as Spinelloccio was with his Wife; but hee beinggone, he went into the Chamber, where he found his wife, amendingthe forme of her head attyre, which Spinelloccio had put into adisordred fashion. Wife (quoth be) what art thou doing? Why? Do younot see Husband? answered she. Yes that I do wife, replied Zeppa,and something else happened to my sight, which I could wish that I hadnot seene. Rougher Language growing betweene them, of his avouching,and her as stout denying, with defending her cause over-weakely,against the manifest proofes both of eye and eare: at last she fell onher knees before him, weeping incessantly, and no excuses nowavailing, she confest her long acquaintance with Spinelloccio, andmost humbly entreated him to forgive her. Uppon the which penitentconfession and submission, Zeppa thus answered.

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      Then he told them what had passed between him and the genius, and how he had given his word to return at the end of a year to be killed. When they heard this sad news they were in despair, and wept much.

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