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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  No one had the slightest suspicion; and when next day,taking a fowling-piece, powder, and shot, Dantes declaredhis intention to go and kill some of the wild goats thatwere seen springing from rock to rock, his wish wasconstrued into a love of sport, or a desire for solitude.However, Jacopo insisted on following him, and Dantes didnot oppose this, fearing if he did so that he might incurdistrust. Scarcely, however, had they gone a quarter of aleague when, having killed a kid, he begged Jacopo to takeit to his comrades, and request them to cook it, and whenready to let him know by firing a gun. This and some driedfruits and a flask of Monte Pulciano, was the bill of fare.Dantes went on, looking from time to time behind and aroundabout him. Having reached the summit of a rock, he saw, athousand feet beneath him, his companions, whom Jacopo hadrejoined, and who were all busy preparing the repast whichEdmond's skill as a marksman had augmented with a capitaldish.
2.  In the court showing his merchandise, was a tradesman whohad been admitted with the same precautions. The baronessascended the steps; she felt herself strongly infected withthe sadness which seemed to magnify her own, and stillguided by the valet de chambre, who never lost sight of herfor an instant, she was introduced to the magistrate'sstudy. Preoccupied as Madame Danglars had been with theobject of her visit, the treatment she had received fromthese underlings appeared to her so insulting, that shebegan by complaining of it. But Villefort, raising his head,bowed down by grief, looked up at her with so sad a smilethat her complaints died upon her lips. "Forgive myservants," he said, "for a terror I cannot blame them for;from being suspected they have become suspicious."
3.  "Yes, Morrel," said Monte Cristo, with a calmness whichcontrasted strangely with the young man's excitement; "yes,I would do so."
4.  "My dear Albert," said Franz, "leave all to our host; he hasalready proved himself full of resources; let us dinequietly, and afterwards go and see `The Algerian Captive.'"
5.  "Exactly so. Imagine a man who has transacted business withme for I don't know how long, to the amount of 800,000 or900,000 francs during the year. Never a mistake or delay --a fellow who paid like a prince. Well, I was a million inadvance with him, and now my fine Jacopo Manfredi suspendspayment!"
6.  "Because yesterday, or the day before, they lost sight ofhim at the corner of the Rue Coq-Heron."


1.  "Indeed I do not know what he is; he has three unlimitedcredits -- one on me, one on Rothschild, one on Lafitte;and, you see," he added carelessly, "he has given me thepreference, by leaving a balance of 100,000 francs." M. deBoville manifested signs of extraordinary admiration. "Imust visit him," he said, "and obtain some pious grant fromhim."
2.  "I will think of Maximilian!"
3.  "Well, and if he were to lose them?" said Monte Cristo.
4.  "The young man is better," said Danglars.
5.  "No, no," said Noirtier's look.
6.  "Then you do not speculate?"


1.  "Have you any objection to meet any persons who may be withmadame, or do you desire to preserve a strict incognito?"
2.  "How would you set about it?"
3.  Bertuccio bowed respectfully, and turned away, sighingheavily. Monte Cristo, left alone, took three or four stepsonwards, and murmured, "Here, beneath this plane-tree, musthave been where the infant's grave was dug. There is thelittle door opening into the garden. At this corner is theprivate staircase communicating with the sleeping apartment.There will be no necessity for me to make a note of theseparticulars, for there, before my eyes, beneath my feet, allaround me, I have the plan sketched with all the livingreality of truth." After making the tour of the garden asecond time, the count re-entered his carriage, whileBertuccio, who perceived the thoughtful expression of hismaster's features, took his seat beside the driver withoututtering a word. The carriage proceeded rapidly towardsParis.
4.  ...content with making me pay for my hat,
5.   "To-morrow."
6.  "Thousands of wild goats."


1.  "Mother, I must go," said Albert in a firm, calm voice; "youlove me too well to wish me to remain useless and idle withyou; besides, I have signed."
2.  "I do not know."
3.  "Yes, you wished to speak to me; but was it indeed remorse,tell me?"
4、  "`The president went up the steps, after pushing his swordinto his cane; a track of blood on the snow marked hiscourse. He had scarcely arrived at the top when he heard aheavy splash in the water -- it was the general's body,which the witnesses had just thrown into the river afterascertaining that he was dead. The general fell, then, in aloyal duel, and not in ambush as it might have beenreported. In proof of this we have signed this paper toestablish the truth of the facts, lest the moment shouldarrive when either of the actors in this terrible sceneshould be accused of premeditated murder or of infringementof the laws of honor.
5、  "He is a charming young man," said Monte Cristo "and I felta lively interest in him the very first evening of myintroduction, when I met him in search of a supper, andprevailed upon him to accept a portion of mine. He is, Ithink, the son of General d'Epinay?"




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      "No one had entered the house since I had left it. It wasfive o'clock in the afternoon; I ascended into the red room,and waited for night. There all the thoughts which haddisturbed me during my year of constant agony came back withdouble force. The Corsican, who had declared the vendettaagainst me, who had followed me from Nimes to Paris, who hadhid himself in the garden, who had struck me, had seen medig the grave, had seen me inter the child, -- he mightbecome acquainted with your person, -- nay, he might eventhen have known it. Would he not one day make you pay forkeeping this terrible secret? Would it not be a sweetrevenge for him when he found that I had not died from theblow of his dagger? It was therefore necessary, beforeeverything else, and at all risks, that I should cause alltraces of the past to disappear -- that I should destroyevery material vestige; too much reality would always remainin my recollection. It was for this I had annulled the lease-- it was for this I had come -- it was for this I waswaiting. Night arrived; I allowed it to become quite dark. Iwas without a light in that room; when the wind shook allthe doors, behind which I continually expected to see somespy concealed, I trembled. I seemed everywhere to hear yourmoans behind me in the bed, and I dared not turn around. Myheart beat so violently that I feared my wound would open.At length, one by one, all the noises in the neighborhoodceased. I understood that I had nothing to fear, that Ishould neither be seen nor heard, so I decided upondescending to the garden.

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      "Ah, indeed?" said Monte Cristo, looking earnestly at theyoung man, and by an imperceptible movement turning hischair, so that he remained in the shade while the light fellfull on Maximilian's face. "Yes," continued Morrel, "deathhad entered that house twice within one month."

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       "Oh. nothing! I only say they cost a load of money to hang,and what is the use of them, I should like to know?"

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      "No," said Monte Cristo folding the five notes, "mostdecidedly not; the thing is so curious, I will make theexperiment myself. I am credited on you for six millions. Ihave drawn nine hundred thousand francs, you therefore stillowe me five millions and a hundred thousand francs. I willtake the five scraps of paper that I now hold as bonds, withyour signature alone, and here is a receipt in full for thesix millions between us. I had prepared it beforehand, for Iam much in want of money to-day." And Monte Cristo placedthe bonds in his pocket with one hand, while with the otherhe held out the receipt to Danglars. If a thunderbolt hadfallen at the banker's feet, he could not have experiencedgreater terror.

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    {  "Why, if to-day before eleven o'clock your father has notfound someone who will come to his aid, he will be compelledat twelve o'clock to declare himself a bankrupt."

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      "Yes, that is true; but I should not have recollected it ifyou had not reminded me."}

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      "But, grandmamma" --

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      "She belonged to one of the first families in Italy, Ithink, did she not?"

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       Monte Cristo remembered that on that very spot, on the samerock, he had been violently dragged by the guards, whoforced him to ascend the slope at the points of theirbayonets. The journey had seemed very long to Dantes, butMonte Cristo found it equally short. Each stroke of the oarseemed to awaken a new throng of ideas, which sprang up withthe flying spray of the sea.

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    {  "Listen," said the abbe, extending his hand over the woundedman, as if to command him to believe; "this is what the Godin whom, on your death-bed, you refuse to believe, has donefor you -- he gave you health, strength, regular employment,even friends -- a life, in fact, which a man might enjoywith a calm conscience. Instead of improving these gifts,rarely granted so abundantly, this has been your course --you have given yourself up to sloth and drunkenness, and ina fit of intoxication have ruined your best friend."

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      "Ah, yes, it was just after this that you spoiledeverything."