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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The thief!" exclaimed Mr. Bamberger.
2.  "Do you know," he said, turning back to Carrie, after hisreflection, "I sometimes think it is a shame for people to spendso much money this way."
3.  "I'm not keeping anybody waiting," returned Jessica, sharply,stirred out of a cynical indifference to a sharp defence. "Isaid I wasn't hungry. I don't want any breakfast."
4.  Then he would decide to make the best of it, and would begin todo so by starting the whole inquiry over again. It was afruitless, harassing round, and left him in a queer mood to dealwith the proposition he had in the presence of Carrie.
5.  The hotel physician looked at him.
6.  Hurstwood was interestedly remarking to Carrie.


1.  "What will you have if you go back?" asked Drouet. There was nosubtle undercurrent to the question. He imagined that she wouldhave nothing at all of the things he thought worth while.
2.  When Carrie had gone, he felicitated himself upon her goodopinion. By George, it was a shame young girls had to be knockedaround like that. Cold weather coming on and no clothes. Tough.He would go around to Fitzgerald and Moy's and get a cigar. Itmade him feel light of foot as he thought about her.
3.  "Carrie," he said, using her first name with sympatheticfamiliarity, "I want you to love me. You don't know how much Ineed some one to waste a little affection on me. I ampractically alone. There is nothing in my life that is pleasantor delightful. It's all work and worry with people who arenothing to me."
4.  "Maybe you can," went on Drouet, "if you stay here. You can't ifyou go away. They won't let you stay out there. Now, why notlet me get you a nice room? I won't bother you--you needn't beafraid. Then, when you get fixed up, maybe you could getsomething."
5.  During all this time--a period rapidly approaching three years--Hurstwood had been moving along in an even path. There was noapparent slope downward, and distinctly none upward, so far asthe casual observer might have seen. But psychologically therewas a change, which was marked enough to suggest the future verydistinctly indeed. This was in the mere matter of the halt hiscareer had received when he departed from Chicago. A man'sfortune or material progress is very much the same as his bodilygrowth. Either he is growing stronger, healthier, wiser, as theyouth approaching manhood, or he is growing weaker, older, lessincisive mentally, as the man approaching old age. There are noother states. Frequently there is a period between the cessationof youthful accretion and the setting in, in the case of themiddle-aged man, of the tendency toward decay when the twoprocesses are almost perfectly balanced and there is little doingin either direction. Given time enough, however, the balancebecomes a sagging to the grave side. Slowly at first, then witha modest momentum, and at last the graveward process is in thefull swing. So it is frequently with man's fortune. If itsprocess of accretion is never halted, if the balancing stage isnever reached, there will be no toppling. Rich men are,frequently, in these days, saved from this dissolution of theirfortune by their ability to hire younger brains. These youngerbrains look upon the interests of the fortune as their own, andso steady and direct its progress. If each individual were leftabsolutely to the care of his own interests, and were given timeenough in which to grow exceedingly old, his fortune would passas his strength and will. He and his would be utterly dissolvedand scattered unto the four winds of the heavens.
6.  "Yes; do you think you'll go?"


1.  "Was it really better?"
2.  Carrie dropped the subject, feeling unable to say more.
3.  Then he called Harry, the boy of all work around the place.
4.  Carrie set the table and brought in the meal.
5.   "Doing well, I suppose?"
6.  "Well, do you intend to try and keep the money?"


1.  "Oh, isn't that too bad?" said Carrie.
2.  "Didn't he come here a dozen times while I was away?"
3.  "That's it," he said; "that's a fine play. It will go all right.You ought to make a lot of money out of that."
4、  "Nothing," said Miss Elvers, while some smiled and stoodnervously by.
5、  "I guess we had better go, if you can break that engagementupstairs," said Drouet.




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      One experienced youth volunteered, anyhow.

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      He was straining to lift it, but now he quit.

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       "Say," he said, rising, putting a note of determination in hisvoice which caused her to delay her departure, "what's the matterwith you of late? Can't I talk with you any more?"

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      Carrie looked about her, after she had drunk a tinful of waterfrom a bucket in one corner, for a place to sit and eat. Theother girls had ranged themselves about the windows or the work-benches of those of the men who had gone out. She saw no placewhich did not hold a couple or a group of girls, and being tootimid to think of intruding herself, she sought out her machineand, seated upon her stool, opened her lunch on her lap. Thereshe sat listening to the chatter and comment about her. It was,for the most part, silly and graced by the current slang.Several of the men in the room exchanged compliments with thegirls at long range.

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    {  It was thus that the little theatre resounded to a babble ofsuccessful voices, the creak of fine clothes, the commonplace ofgood-nature, and all largely because of this man's bidding. Lookat him any time within the half hour before the curtain was up,he was a member of an eminent group--a rounded company of five ormore whose stout figures, large white bosoms, and shining pinsbespoke the character of their success. The gentlemen whobrought their wives called him out to shake hands. Seatsclicked, ushers bowed while he looked blandly on. He wasevidently a light among them, reflecting in his personality theambitions of those who greeted him. He was acknowledged, fawnedupon, in a way lionised. Through it all one could see thestanding of the man. It was greatness in a way, small as it was.

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      He felt that the time was up. An explanation might as well comenow as later. Therefore, he shook his head in the most gentlenegative.}

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      On an incoming vestibuled Pullman, speeding at forty miles anhour through the snow of the evening, were three others, allrelated.

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      Of course, as his own self-respect vanished, it perished for himin Carrie. She could not understand what had gotten into theman. He had some money, he had a decent suit remaining, he wasnot bad looking when dressed up. She did not forget her owndifficult struggle in Chicago, but she did not forget either thatshe had never ceased trying. He never tried. He did not evenconsult the ads in the papers any more.

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       "Be sure you're there promptly," the manager said roughly."You'll be dropped if you're not."

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    {  "Let's go up here and have something to eat. George! but I'mglad to see you again."

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      There was a time when he had been considerably enamoured of hisJessica, especially when he was younger and more confined in hissuccess. Now, however, in her seventeenth year, Jessica haddeveloped a certain amount of reserve and independence which wasnot inviting to the richest form of parental devotion. She was inthe high school, and had notions of life which were decidedlythose of a patrician. She liked nice clothes and urged for themconstantly. Thoughts of love and elegant individualestablishments were running in her head. She met girls at thehigh school whose parents were truly rich and whose fathers hadstanding locally as partners or owners of solid businesses.These girls gave themselves the airs befitting the thrivingdomestic establishments from whence they issued. They were theonly ones of the school about whom Jessica concerned herself.