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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, I believe noblemen marry amongst themselves, do theynot?" asked Danglars carelessly; they like to unite theirfortunes."
2.  "Sir, unless you force me" --
3.  The apartment on the second floor of the house in the RueSaint-Germain-des-Pres, where Albert de Morcerf had selecteda home for his mother, was let to a very mysterious person.This was a man whose face the concierge himself had neverseen, for in the winter his chin was buried in one of thelarge red handkerchiefs worn by gentlemen's coachmen on acold night, and in the summer he made a point of alwaysblowing his nose just as he approached the door. Contrary tocustom, this gentleman had not been watched, for as thereport ran that he was a person of high rank, and one whowould allow no impertinent interference, his incognito wasstrictly respected.
4.  "Mademoiselle Eugenie," said the maid, "retired to herapartment with Mademoiselle d'Armilly; they then took teatogether, after which they desired me to leave, saying thatthey needed me no longer." Since then the maid had beenbelow, and like every one else she thought the young ladieswere in their own room; Madame Danglars, therefore, went tobed without a shadow of suspicion, and began to muse overthe recent events. In proportion as her memory becameclearer, the occurrences of the evening were revealed intheir true light; what she had taken for confusion was atumult; what she had regarded as something distressing, wasin reality a disgrace. And then the baroness remembered thatshe had felt no pity for poor Mercedes, who had beenafflicted with as severe a blow through her husband and son.
5.  Monte Cristo shuddered; Antoine had been his jailer. He hadalmost forgotten his name and face, but at the mention ofthe name he recalled his person as he used to see it, theface encircled by a beard, wearing the brown jacket, thebunch of keys, the jingling of which he still seemed tohear. The count turned around, and fancied he saw him in thecorridor, rendered still darker by the torch carried by theconcierge. "Would you like to hear the story, sir?"
6.  "May I have the use of your skiff?"


1.  "And where is this man?"
2.  "What proofs do you require?"
3.  "What is his name?"
4.  "They are all the same price."
5.  "Ah, yes" returned the count, "I know who he is, gentlemen;will you return to the salon? you will find good cigars onthe centre table. I will be with you directly." The youngmen rose and returned into the salon, while the count, againapologizing, left by another door. Albert, who was a greatsmoker, and who had considered it no small sacrifice to bedeprived of the cigars of the Cafe de Paris, approached thetable, and uttered a cry of joy at perceiving some veritablepuros.
6.  "By whom are you charged?"


1.  "Oh, yes, yes!"
2.  "Everywhere."
3.  "A thousand thanks," said the count, "your invitation ismost gracious, and I regret exceedingly that it is not in mypower to accept it. I am not so much at liberty as yousuppose; on the contrary, I have a most importantengagement."
4.  "`And who is this witness, or rather this enemy?' asked thecount, in a tone in which there was a visible alteration.`We shall know, sir,' replied the president. `Is thecommittee willing to hear this witness?' -- `Yes, yes,' theyall said at once. The door-keeper was called. `Is there anyone in the lobby?' said the president.
5.   "Oh, I can well believe that, for neither of them was wortha penny."
6.  "No, the coachman, Ali, and Baptistin will go." The countdescended to the door of his mansion, and beheld hiscarriage drawn by the very pair of horses he had so muchadmired in the morning as the property of Danglars. As hepassed them he said -- "They are extremely handsomecertainly, and you have done well to purchase them, althoughyou were somewhat remiss not to have procured them sooner."


1.  "Very probably," answered the count. "But do not be alarmedon her account. Haidee's nervous system is delicatelyorganized, and she is peculiarly susceptible to the odorseven of flowers -- nay, there are some which cause her tofaint if brought into her presence. However," continuedMonte Cristo, drawing a small phial from his pocket, "I havean infallible remedy." So saying, he bowed to the baronessand her daughter, exchanged a parting shake of the hand withDebray and the count, and left Madame Danglars' box. Uponhis return to Haidee he found her still very pale. As soonas she saw him she seized his hand; her own hands were moistand icy cold. "Who was it you were talking with over there?"she asked.
2.  "To close the door against visitors as soon as the clockstruck five," replied the valet.
3.  "By whom?"
4、  "Ah, ha, you are acquainted with the young viscount, areyou?"
5、  "Ah, yes -- true, mademoiselle," exclaimed Monte Cristo asif this simple explanation was sufficient to revive therecollection he sought. "It was at Perugia on Corpus ChristiDay, in the garden of the Hotel des Postes, when chancebrought us together; you, Madame de Villefort, and her son;I now remember having had the honor of meeting you."




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      "You are my own darling child, Valentine! I alone can saveyou, and I will." Valentine in the extremity of her terrorjoined her hands, -- for she felt that the moment hadarrived to ask for courage, -- and began to pray, and whileuttering little more than incoherent words, she forgot thather white shoulders had no other covering than her longhair, and that the pulsations of her heart could he seenthrough the lace of her nightdress. Monte Cristo gently laidhis hand on the young girl's arm, drew the velvet coverletclose to her throat, and said with a paternal smile, -- "Mychild, believe in my devotion to you as you believe in thegoodness of providence and the love of Maximilian."

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      "By all means, be as wise as Nestor and as prudent asUlysses; I do more than permit, I exhort you."

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       "Emmanuel accompanied me, father. He was to have waited forme at the corner of the Rue de Musee, but, strange to say,he was not there when I returned."

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      "I watched you during the whole scene of that challengeyesterday; I have been thinking of your firmness all night,and I said to myself that justice must be on your side, orman's countenance is no longer to be relied on."

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    {  "Ask the Vicomte de Morcerf."

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      "Yes, since you have such a good memory."}

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      "My dear fellow," replied Albert, with perfect ease of mind,"remember, for the future, Napoleon's maxim, `Never awakenme but for bad news;' if you had let me sleep on, I shouldhave finished my galop, and have been grateful to you all mylife. So, then, they have paid my ransom?"

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      "Then you advise me to go alone to Beauchamp?"

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       At first sight the exterior of the house at Auteuil gave noindications of splendor, nothing one would expect from thedestined residence of the magnificent Count of Monte Cristo;but this simplicity was according to the will of its master,who positively ordered nothing to be altered outside. Thesplendor was within. Indeed, almost before the door opened,the scene changed. M. Bertuccio had outdone himself in thetaste displayed in furnishing, and in the rapidity withwhich it was executed. It is told that the Duc d'Antinremoved in a single night a whole avenue of trees thatannoyed Louis XIV.; in three days M. Bertuccio planted anentirely bare court with poplars, large spreading sycamoresto shade the different parts of the house, and in theforeground, instead of the usual paving-stones, half hiddenby the grass, there extended a lawn but that morning laiddown, and upon which the water was yet glistening. For therest, the orders had been issued by the count; he himselfhad given a plan to Bertuccio, marking the spot where eachtree was to be planted, and the shape and extent of the lawnwhich was to take the place of the paving-stones. Thus thehouse had become unrecognizable, and Bertuccio himselfdeclared that he scarcely knew it, encircled as it was by aframework of trees. The overseer would not have objected,while he was about it, to have made some improvements in thegarden, but the count had positively forbidden it to betouched. Bertuccio made amends, however, by loading theante-chambers, staircases, and mantle-pieces with flowers.

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    {  "No, my dear Vampa," replied the count; "besides, youcompensate for your mistakes in so gentlemanly a way, thatone almost feels obliged to you for having committed them."

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      "But first tell me all the particulars of this shamefulplot." Beauchamp proceeded to relate to the young man, whowas overwhelmed with shame and grief, the following facts.Two days previously, the article had appeared in anotherpaper besides the Impartial, and, what was more serious, onethat was well known as a government paper. Beauchamp wasbreakfasting when he read the paragraph. He sent immediatelyfor a cabriolet, and hastened to the publisher's office.Although professing diametrically opposite principles fromthose of the editor of the other paper, Beauchamp -- as itsometimes, we may say often, happens -- was his intimatefriend. The editor was reading, with apparent delight, aleading article in the same paper on beet-sugar, probably acomposition of his own.