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1.   "Meanwhile Eurylochus had been giving evil counsel to the men,'Listen to me,' said he, 'my poor comrades. All deaths are badenough but there is none so bad as famine. Why should not we drivein the best of these cows and offer them in sacrifice to theimmortal Rods? If we ever get back to Ithaca, we can build a finetemple to the sun-god and enrich it with every kind of ornament; if,however, he is determined to sink our ship out of revenge for thesehomed cattle, and the other gods are of the same mind, I for one wouldrather drink salt water once for all and have done with it, than bestarved to death by inches in such a desert island as this is.'
2. 而在30岁左右成为首富,没有进去,还坐拥千亿身家的企业家,只有丁磊一人。
3. The passion for sport utility vehicles continues and the category contributed the most to the entire market, with about 784,900 units sold, a surge of 60.5 percent year-on-year. About 261,400 multi-purpose vehicles were sold in January, a jump of 15.9 percent from the same period last year.
4. 从5G商用牌照发布到现在不过半年,5G手机已经从近万元迅速下降至3000元,甚至2000元,手机品牌也日益丰富。
5. “一个茶杯,在地摊上卖两元,两元就是两元,成交就是成交,而这茶杯的成本究竟是多少,成交价离‘原价’有多远,你即使花一万年也找不到答案,而这就是价格的本性。”这是我本科毕业后不久,探望我的大学经济学教授时说的话。我之所以对那一幕记忆犹新,是因为那位教授非常敏锐,马上听出了话中的分量:“你是看了什么书?”我答:“是哈耶克文集《个人主义与经济秩序》,其中一篇叫‘知识在社会中的运用’的文章。”
6.   "Go to, go to! I must have been mad to allow myself to becarried away so," says she, gazing into the glass, which reflectsback to her eyes the burning glance by which she appears tointerrogate herself. "No violence; violence is the proof ofweakness. In the first place, I have never succeeded by thatmeans. Perhaps if I employed my strength against women I mightperchance find them weaker than myself, and consequently conquerthem; but it is with men that I struggle, and I am but a woman tothem. Let me fight like a woman, then; my strength is in myweakness."


1. 3. 经济已经在崩溃,2014年到2016年的GDP将会更加难看
2. We were free to study as much as we wished, and were not left merely to wander in the garden for recreation but introduced to a great gymnasium, partly on the roof and partly in the story below. Here we learned real respect for our tall guards. No change of costume was needed for this work, save to lay off outer clothing. The first one was as perfect a garment for exercise as need be devised, absolutely free to move in, and, I had to admit, much better-looking than our usual one.
3.   The next day her trunks left for the new abode.
4.   "Father, let me bring you a shield, two spears, and a brass helmetfor your temples. I will arm myself as well, and will bring otherarmour for the swineherd and the stockman, for we had better bearmed."
5. 4.做一个好的退款保证,一定要明确不含糊客户面对虚拟的电子商务网站,总会担心买来的鞋子不适合自己脚的大小怎么办?您可以参考Zappos.com网站,提供365天免费退货的服务。
6.   This priest, at this cursed canon's biddIng, Upon the fire anon he set this thing, And blew the fire, and busied him full fast. And this canon into the croslet cast A powder, I know not whereof it was Y-made, either of chalk, either of glass, Or somewhat elles, was not worth a fly, To blinden* with this priest; and bade him hie** *deceive **make haste The coales for to couchen* all above lay in order The croslet; "for, in token I thee love," Quoth this canon, "thine owen handes two Shall work all thing that here shall be do'." *"Grand mercy,"* quoth the priest, and was full glad, *great thanks* And couch'd the coales as the canon bade. And while he busy was, this fiendly wretch, This false canon (the foule fiend him fetch), Out of his bosom took a beechen coal, In which full subtifly was made a hole, And therein put was of silver limaile* *filings An ounce, and stopped was withoute fail The hole with wax, to keep the limaile in. And understande, that this false gin* *contrivance Was not made there, but it was made before; And other thinges I shall tell you more, Hereafterward, which that he with him brought; Ere he came there, him to beguile he thought, And so he did, ere that they *went atwin;* *separated* Till he had turned him, could he not blin.* *cease <14> It doleth* me, when that I of him speak; *paineth On his falsehood fain would I me awreak,* *revenge myself If I wist how, but he is here and there; He is so variant,* he abides nowhere. *changeable


1. 这些人群所具备的专业知识背景为知乎平台用户提供了有价值的内容,而非其他平台泛滥成灾的广告、微商、假货与色情。
2. 拥有3300万会员以及超过100万的黑金PLUS会员。
3. 西宁公安局网络安全保卫支队26日消息,该市湟中县多巴镇康川一小区居民海某因散布出租车停运谣言被行拘10日。
4. 我们一家在乡亲们的眼中,怕是和瘟神差不多了。
5.   Delight not thus in cruelty to dwell.
6.   Thus writen olde clerkes in their lives. But now to purpose, as I first began. This worthy Phoebus did all that he can To please her, weening, through such pleasance, And for his manhood and his governance, That no man should have put him from her grace; But, God it wot, there may no man embrace As to distrain* a thing, which that nature *succeed in constraining Hath naturally set in a creature. Take any bird, and put it in a cage, And do all thine intent, and thy corage,* *what thy heart prompts To foster it tenderly with meat and drink Of alle dainties that thou canst bethink, And keep it all so cleanly as thou may; Although the cage of gold be never so gay, Yet had this bird, by twenty thousand fold, Lever* in a forest, both wild and cold, *rather Go eate wormes, and such wretchedness. For ever this bird will do his business T'escape out of his cage when that he may: His liberty the bird desireth aye. <2> Let take a cat, and foster her with milk And tender flesh, and make her couch of silk, And let her see a mouse go by the wall, Anon she weiveth* milk, and flesh, and all, *forsaketh And every dainty that is in that house, Such appetite hath she to eat the mouse. Lo, here hath kind* her domination, *nature And appetite flemeth* discretion. *drives out A she-wolf hath also a villain's kind The lewedeste wolf that she may find, Or least of reputation, will she take In time when *her lust* to have a make.* *she desires *mate All these examples speak I by* these men *with reference to That be untrue, and nothing by women. For men have ever a lik'rous appetite On lower things to perform their delight Than on their wives, be they never so fair, Never so true, nor so debonair.* *gentle, mild Flesh is so newefangled, *with mischance,* *ill luck to it* That we can in no thinge have pleasance That *souneth unto* virtue any while. *accords with


1.   "Fear not, nurse," answered Telemachus, "my scheme is not withoutheaven's sanction; but swear that you will say nothing about allthis to my mother, till I have been away some ten or twelve days,unless she hears of my having gone, and asks you; for I do not wanther to spoil her beauty by crying."
2. “房地产是不是实体经济,它解决了住这一基本需求,当然是实体经济。
3.   So I can thinke none true, none sure,
4.   "You are not my father, but some god is flattering me with vainhopes that I may grieve the more hereafter; no mortal man could ofhimself contrive to do as you have been doing, and make yourself oldand young at a moment's notice, unless a god were with him. A secondago you were old and all in rags, and now you are like some god comedown from heaven."
5.   "Lord Backwater tells me that I may place implicit reliance uponyour judgment and discretion. I have determined, therefore, to canupon you and to consult you in reference to the very painful eventwhich has occurred in connection with my wedding. Mr. Lestrade, ofScotland Yard, is acting already in the matter, but he assures me thathe sees no objection to your cooperation, and that he even thinks thatit might be of some assistance. I will call at four o'clock in theafternoon, and, should you have any other engagement at that time, Ihope that you will postpone it, as this matter is of paramountimportance."
6. 医生提醒:遇雨雪天气,中老年朋友应尽量减少外出。


1.   Then let me live content, to be thus painde.
2. 路标几乎都是中英双语。
3. 直播间下方聊天区域不断提示有嘉宾进入,这时红娘开始喊话:有喜欢我们女嘉宾的赶紧上麦,不方便上麦,加女嘉宾好友私聊也行。

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