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1. 王先生认为,这一起爆炸事故系李某所为,他现在做出这么令人气愤的事,两个小孩就这样没了,太残忍了。
2. 除百世集团外,还有更多快递公司加入武汉医疗物资紧急运输服务。
3.   From these several considerations I think it inevitably follows, that as new species in the course of time are formed through natural selection, others will become rarer and rarer, and finally extinct. The forms which stand in closest competition with those undergoing modification and improvement, will naturally suffer most. And we have seen in the chapter on the Struggle for Existence that it is the most closely-allied forms, varieties of the same species, and species of the same genus or of related genera, which, from having nearly the same structure, constitution, and habits, generally come into the severest competition with each other. Consequently, each new variety or species, during the progress of its formation, will generally press hardest on its nearest kindred, and tend to exterminate them. We see the same process of extermination amongst our domesticated productions, through the selection of improved forms by man. Many curious instances could be given showing how quickly new breeds of cattle, sheep, and other animals, and varieties of flowers, take the place of older and inferior kinds. In Yorkshire, it is historically known that the ancient black cattle were displaced by the long-horns, and that these 'were swept away by the short-horns' (I quote the words of an agricultural writer) 'as if by some murderous pestilence.'Divergence of Character
4. 不过也有网民表示,乘坐邮轮的都留有身份证等信息,为何还要发布?2月5日,广东省疾控中心相关工作人员通过红星新闻回应称,担心有些人联系不上,多管齐下进行发布,这样更安全。
5. "No man would work unless he had to," Terry declared.
6. 刘先生在群里询问时,原本热热闹闹的群却再也无人讲话。


1. "Sara," she said, "your papa's solicitor, Mr. Barrow, has called to see Miss Minchin, and, as she must talk to him alone and the refreshments are laid in her parlor, you had all better come and have your feast now, so that my sister can have her interview here in the schoolroom."
2. 但是,也要保持体量,注重节目的差异性。
3. 就是在这样的背景下,纽约第一国民城市银行(FNCBNY)安排了一次宴会,招待证券分析家们——对于银行业来讲,这可谓是史无前例了。当时我并不在受邀者之列,不过这一事件还是促使我公布了一份报告,以推荐收购那些因在管理上更富于挑战性而备受称誉的银行的股份。文中阐明了当时的形势,一如我今天在这里的叙述,指出银行股将会趋于活跃,因为经理们将会给出极为理想的业绩报告,事实上他们已经着手这样做了。我在文中写道:“成长”与“银行”的组合似乎是自相矛盾的,然而这一矛盾很快就会在银行股票市盈率的增长中获得解决。
4. “第二,是屠宰业主、畜牧业主、租地农场主……所拥有的食品储备,他们希望通过出售这种食品而得到利润……第四即最后部分,是已经制成但还在商人或工厂主手中的产品。”——“第三,是完全没有加工或多少加过工的服装、家具和建筑物的材料。这些材料尚未加工成服装、家具和建筑物,还留在农场主、工厂主、绸布商、木材商、木匠以及砖瓦制造业主等人的手中。”
5.   The servant girl hurried upstairs, convinced by the man'sstrained and emphatic manner.
6. 秦汉之际,五德终始学说在社会上有着广泛的影响,汉高祖刘邦起兵反秦时,也要借助这类宗教神话来论证自己反秦的合法性。《汉书?高帝纪》记载的刘邦斩蛇的故事,说的是刘邦斩了一条挡道的蛇,有一个老妪哭着说:人杀吾子……吾子,白帝子也;化为蛇,当道,今者赤帝子斩之,故哭①。


1. 目前,亿航已在韶关、连云港交付两座指挥调度中心。
2. 原标题:宁波一患者有新冠肺炎症状还打麻将接触者中多人感染2月6日,宁波市通报一例疫情典型案例,通报称,该患者自述1月20日出现咳嗽、咳痰症状,一直未重视未就诊。
3. 据一家行业报道,中国的网红预计能在2016年创造出高达580亿元(87亿美元)的市场,远超去年的440亿元的票房。
4. 同时,肥城市实验中学立即与被打同学及家长取得联系,对该同学及时进行心理疏导
5. 在加缪的小说《鼠疫》中,坚持在瘟疫一线的里厄医生说道:人并不是一种理念。
6. 本案中,据媒体透露,是在王秀娥赴京信访返村后,村主任主动给予的7000元,并且是分两次给予王秀娥丈夫的。


1. 工资的一般降低和与之相适应的利润率的一般提高,从而平均利润的一般提高,会怎样影响各个按相反方向同社会平均构成
2. 跳房子有许多的版本和规则,可根据自己的玩法修改规则,在家中练习时要注意安全,避免造成的碰伤。
3.   "Take this to your mistress, my friend, and if on reading it and seeing its contents she is not instantly cured, you may call me an impudent impostor."
4. 据介绍,张某准备的是一个单层帐篷,随身还带着洗漱用品、帐篷床垫等。
5. 2020年新春伊始,一场猝不及防的新冠肺炎疫情打击了所有人展开新年希望的畅想,面对病毒,我们脆弱得只剩下无助。
6.   When a species, owing to highly favourable circumstances, increases inordinately in numbers in a small tract, epidemics at least, this seems generally to occur with our game animals often ensue: and here we have a limiting check independent of the struggle for life. But even some of these so-called epidemics appear to be due to parasitic worms, which have from some cause, possibly in part through facility of diffusion amongst the crowded animals, been disproportionably favoured: and here comes in a sort of struggle between the parasite and its prey.


1. We were eager to see it, and deeply impressed. To us, at first, these women, unavoidably ignorant of what to us was the basic commonplace of knowledge, had seemed on the plane of children, or of savages. What we had been forced to admit, with growing acquaintance, was that they were ignorant as Plato and Aristotle were, but with a highly developed mentality quite comparable to that of Ancient Greece.
2. 江布拉克的一年四季都美不胜收,春天草色入帘青,夏日凉风沁心脾,秋日麦浪牛羊吟,冬季高原雪山净。
3.   'No- two miles off, at a large hall.'

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