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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Fifty dollars."
2.  Hurstwood paid some little attention to this. Somehow, he felt alittle superior to these two--a little better off. To him thesewere ignorant and commonplace, poor sheep in a driver's hand.
3.  She, on the contrary, was not at all inclined to accept anythingless than a complete fulfilment of the letter of theirrelationship, though the spirit might be wanting.
4.  "Of course you can," answered the girl. "You come with me when Igo. I'll do the talking."
5.  "Sit still, Carrie," he said. "Sit still. It won't do you anygood to get up here. Listen to me and I'll tell you what I'lldo. Wait a moment."
6.  "Still attracts a little, eh?" returned the other, affecting tojest.


1.  "No," she answered, weakly.
2.  "Say," he said, suddenly; "where is Hurstwood now?"
3.  "Well," said the manager, "I hope they make a success of it.Have another?"
4.  At once he became the man of action.
5.  "Oh," said Carrie, her voice rising into a weak cry. "Let meoff. I don't want to go with you."
6.  He was a large and corpulent individual, surfeited with goodclothes and good eating, who judged women as another wouldhorseflesh. Carrie was pretty and graceful. She might be put ineven if she did not have any experience. One of the proprietorshad suggested that the chorus was a little weak on looks.


1.  "Indeed I won't," said Carrie. "I know what he'd say. I don'twant to meet anybody that way."
2.  "We can get along if we economise. I'll pay you back all right."
3.  The first of next week was some days off yet. The first of themonth was drawing near. Carrie began to worry as she had neverworried before.
4.  Driven to desperation, she asked at dinner:
5.   He was a brotherly sort of creature in his demeanour. When he hadscouted the idea of that kind of toil, he took another tack.Carrie was really very pretty. Even then, in her commonplacegarb, her figure was evidently not bad, and her eyes were largeand gentle. Drouet looked at her and his thoughts reached home.She felt his admiration. It was powerfully backed by hisliberality and good-humour. She felt that she liked him--thatshe could continue to like him ever so much. There was somethingeven richer than that, running as a hidden strain, in her mind.Every little while her eyes would meet his, and by that means theinterchanging current of feeling would be fully connected.
6.  "Um," she thought to herself, "she goes riding with another manwhen her husband is out of the city. He had better keep an eyeon her."


1.  "Get in," said Hurstwood, helping her and jumping after.
3.  When she awoke at eight the next morning, Hanson had gone. Hersister was busy in the dining-room, which was also the sitting-room, sewing. She worked, after dressing, to arrange a littlebreakfast for herself, and then advised with Minnie as to whichway to look. The latter had changed considerably since Carrie hadseen her. She was now a thin, though rugged, woman of twenty-seven, with ideas of life coloured by her husband's, and fasthardening into narrower conceptions of pleasure and duty than hadever been hers in a thoroughly circumscribed youth. She hadinvited Carrie, not because she longed for her presence, butbecause the latter was dissatisfied at home, and could probablyget work and pay her board here. She was pleased to see her in away but reflected her husband's point of view in the matter ofwork. Anything was good enough so long as it paid--say, fivedollars a week to begin with. A shop girl was the destinyprefigured for the newcomer. She would get in one of the greatshops and do well enough until--well, until something happened.Neither of them knew exactly what. They did not figure onpromotion. They did not exactly count on marriage. Things wouldgo on, though, in a dim kind of way until the better thing wouldeventuate, and Carrie would be rewarded for coming and toiling inthe city. It was under such auspicious circumstances that shestarted out this morning to look for work.
4、  "I want the Waukesha money to-morrow morning," she said.
5、  "Be it as you will," said Patton.




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      "George!" exclaimed Drouet, "I forgot that."

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      The life of the streets continued for a long time to interestCarrie. She never wearied of wondering where the people in thecars were going or what their enjoyments were. Her imaginationtrod a very narrow round, always winding up at points whichconcerned money, looks, clothes, or enjoyment. She would have afar-off thought of Columbia City now and then, or an irritatingrush of feeling concerning her experiences of the present day,but, on the whole, the little world about her enlisted her wholeattention.

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       "Lord!" he said, in his own thoughts, "this can't go on."

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      "I couldn't get home last evening," she said.

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    {  Carrie did not go very far, after all. She returned and stood inthe door. The next day they went out to Garfield Park, but itdid not please her. She did not look well enough. In the shopnext day she heard the highly coloured reports which girls giveof their trivial amusements. They had been happy. On severaldays it rained and she used up car fare. One night she gotthoroughly soaked, going to catch the car at Van Buren Street.All that evening she sat alone in the front room looking out uponthe street, where the lights were reflected on the wet pavements,thinking. She had imagination enough to be moody.

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      "Are you satisfied?" he asked, thinking of how well she did thenight before.}

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      Genial egotist that he was, he went at once into a detailedaccount of his own career.

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       "How much are you going to get?" asked Miss Osborne, on hearingthe good news.

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    {  "Did you see that in the 'Herald' this morning about Nat Goodwin,Harris?"

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      Carrie was too much astonished and delighted to think ofmentioning forty. She was nearly beside herself, and almosthugged Lola, who clung to her at the news.