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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have solved it."
2.  "To the best of my belief, they were rolled up."
3.  1923
4.  "I see. Near this little table. You can come in now. I have finishedwith the carpet. Let us take the little table first. Of course, whathas happened is very clear. The man entered and took the papers, sheetby sheet, from the central table. He carried them over to the windowtable, because from there he could see if you came across thecourtyard, and so could effect an escape."
5.  "Then I shall call upon you in a day, or in two days, withnews as to the box and the papers. I shall take your advice inevery particular." He shook hands with us and took his leave.Outside the wind still screamed and the rain splashed and patteredagainst the windows. This strange, wild story seemed to have cometo us from amid the mad elements--blown in upon us like a sheet ofsea-weed in a gale--and now to have been reabsorbed by them oncemore.
6.  "Did he not advertise?"


1.  "How can you possibly tell?"
2.  "But surely you or the girl enter his room of a morning?""No, sir; he looks after himself entirely."
3.  "Then I'll come with you at once."
4.  "Yes, my correspondence has certainly the charm of variety," heanswered, smiling, "and the humbler are usually the moreinteresting. This looks like one of those unwelcome social summonseswhich call upon a man either to be bored or to lie."
5.  "Well, sir, as you put it, perhaps it does."
6.  "Well, take my advice. Examine him carefully. Don't do it before us.Well wait here. You take him into the back room. You'll be more likelyto get a confession out of him alone. Ask him how he dared to admitpeople and leave them alone in this room. Don't ask him if he has doneit. Take it for granted. Tell him you know someone has been here.Press him. Tell him that a full confession is his only chance offorgiveness. Do exactly what I tell you!"


1.  "We shall endeavour to clear up these points for you. And,first, one or two questions, Mr. Wilson. This assistant of yourswho first called your attention to the advertisement--how long hadhe been with you?"
2.  He hammered loudly at the knocker and pulled at the bell, butwithout any success. Holmes had slipped away, but he came back in afew minutes.
3.  "What steps will you take?" I asked.
4.  "Tired-looking or fresh?"
5.   "They shuffled and lied- said that they found it on the moor onTuesday morning. They know where he is, the rascals! Thank goodness,they are all safe under lock and key. Either the fear of the law orthe Duke's purse will certainly get out of them all that they know.""So far, so good," said Holmes, when the doctor had at last left theroom. "It at least bears out the theory that it is on the side ofthe Lower Gill Moor that we must hope for results. The police havereally done nothing locally, save the arrest of these gipsies. Lookhere, Watson! There is a watercourse across the moor. You see itmarked here in the map. In some parts it widens into a morass. This isparticularly so in the region between Holdernesse Hall and the school.It is vain to look elsewhere for tracks in this dry weather, but atthat point there is certainly a chance of some record being left. Iwill call you early to-morrow morning, and you and I will try if wecan throw some little light upon the mystery."
6.  We passed across Holborn, down Endell Street, and so through azigzag of slums to Covent Garden Market. One of the largeststalls bore the name of Breckinridge upon it, and the proprietor,a horsy-looking man, with a sharp face and trim side-whiskers, washelping a boy to put up the shutters.


1.  "When I joined up in January, 1901- just two years ago- youngGodfrey Emsworth had joined the same squadron. He was ColonelEmsworth's only son- Emsworth, the Crimean V.C.- and he had thefighting blood in him, so it is no wonder he volunteered. There wasnot a finer lad in the regiment. We formed a friendship- the sort offriendship which can only be made when one lives the same life andshares the same joys and sorrows. He was my mate- and that means agood deal in the Army. We took the rough and the smooth together for ayear of hard fighting. Then he was hit with a bullet from anelephant gun in the action near Diamond Hill outside Pretoria. I gotone letter from the hospital at Cape Town and one from SouthHampton. Since then not a word- not one word, Mr. Holmes, for sixmonths and more, and he my closest pal.
2.  "This is a serious proposition," said he. "It is certainly bolted aswell as locked. We would do better in the area. There is anexcellent archway down yonder in case a too zealous policeman shouldintrude. Give me a hand, Watson, and I'll do the same for you."A minute later we were both in the area. Hardly had we reached thedark shadows before the step of the policeman was heard in the fogabove. As its soft rhythm died away, Holmes set to work upon the lowerdoor. I saw him stoop and strain until with a sharp crash it flewopen. We sprang through into the dark passage, closing the area doorbehind us. Holmes led the way up the curving, uncarpeted stair. Hislittle fan of yellow light shone upon a low window.
3.  She had risen, but she fell back again with a little cry of pain."I must finish," she said. "When my term was over I set myself toget the diary and letters which, if sent to the Russian government,would procure my friend's release. I knew that my husband had cometo England. After months of searching I discovered where he was. Iknew that he still had the diary, for when I was in Siberia I had aletter from him once, reproaching me and quoting some passages fromits pages. Yet I was sure that, with his revengeful nature, he wouldnever give it to me of his own free-will. I must get it for myself.With this object I engaged an agent from a private detective firm, whoentered my husband's house as a secretary- it was your secondsecretary, Sergius, the one who left you so hurriedly. He found thatpapers were kept in the cupboard, and he got an impression of the key.He would not go farther. He furnished me with a plan of the house, andhe told me that in the forenoon the study was always empty, as thesecretary was employed up here. So at last I took my courage in bothhands, and I came down to get the papers for myself. I succeeded;but at what a cost!
4、  Monday, morning found us on our way to the famous university town-an easy effort on the part of Holmes, who had no roots to pull up, butone which involved frantic planning and hurrying on my part, as mypractice was by this time not inconsiderable. Holmes made noallusion to the case until after we had deposited our suitcases at theancient hostel of which he had spoken.
5、  "I cannot see how such a message as this could inspire horror. Itseems to me to be rather grotesque than otherwise."




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      "I mean that I have earned the reward. I know where your son is, andI know some, at least, of those who are holding him."

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      "I saw no one."

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       "What is it, then?' I asked, for his manner suggested that it wassome strange creature which he had caged up in my room."It's a new patient," he whispered. "I thought I'd bring him roundmyself; then he couldn't slip away. There he is, all safe and sound. Imust go now, Doctor; I have my duties, just the same as you." Andoff he went, this trusty tout, without even giving me time to thankhim.

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      "I was very much surprised at your letter, for I could not imaginehow you knew that I owned such a thing."

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    {  "What paper?" I asked.

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      "My request seemed both to puzzle and to irritate my host. His greateyebrows came down over his eyes, and he tapped his fingersimpatiently on the table. He looked up at last with the expressionof one who has seen his adversary make a dangerous move at chess,and has decided how to meet it.}

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      "No, I am not."

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      "Well, I don't think that is very hard to explain. A very deep,malicious, vindictive person is the gentleman who is now waiting usdownstairs. You know that he was once refused by McFarlane's mother?You don't! I told you that you should go to Blackheath first andNorwood afterwards. Well, this injury, as he would consider it, hasrankled in his wicked, scheming brain, and all his life he haslonged for vengeance, but never seen his chance. During the lastyear or two, things have gone against him- secret speculation, Ithink- and he finds himself in a bad way. He determines to swindle hiscreditors, and for this purpose he pays large checks to a certainMr. Cornelius, who is, I imagine, himself under another name. I havenot traced these checks yet, but I have no doubt that they were bankedunder that name at some provincial town where Oldacre from time totime led a double existence. He intended to change his namealtogether, draw this money, and vanish, starting life againelsewhere."

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       "Certainly. What is the case?"

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    {  I saw nothing of Holmes all day, but at the hour named hereturned, grave, preoccupied, and aloof. At such times it was wiser toleave him to himself.

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      "Could you start at once?"