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1. 图片来自央行网站1。
2.   'Why are you come here, Jane? It is past eleven o'clock: I heard itstrike some minutes since.'
3.   According to the ancient Annales of the Cypriots, there sometimelived in Cyprus, a Noble Gentleman, who was commonly calledAristippus, and exceeded all other of the Country in the goods ofFortune. Divers children he had, but (amongst the rest) a Sonne, inwhose birth he was more infortunate then any of the rest; andcontinually greeved, in regard, that having all the compleateperfections of beauty, good forme, and manly parts, surpassing allother youths of his age or stature, yet hee wanted the reallornament of the soule, reason and judgement; being (indeed a meereIdeot or Foole,) and no better hope to be expected of him. His truename, according as he received it by Baptisme, was Galesus, butbecause neyther by the laborious paines of his Tutors indulgence,and faire endevour of his parents, or ingenuity of any other, he couldnot be brought to civility of life, understanding of Letters, orcommon carriage of a reasonable creature: by his grosse and deformedkinde of speech, his qualities also savouring rather of brutishbreeding, then any way derived from manly education; as an Epithite ofscorne and derision, generally, they gave him the name of Chynon,which in their native Countrey language, and divers other beside,signifieth a very Sot or Foole, and so was he termed by every one.
4. 151
5. 首先,假设整个过程总共只有一步。桌子上放了一个冰淇淋蛋糕;一个孩子(Ali,阿里)向另一个孩子(Baba,巴巴)提议应该如此这般分配。假如巴巴同意,他们就会按照提议分享这个蛋糕;假如巴巴不同意,蛋糕融化,谁也吃不到。
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1.   The name of Porthos produced its effect upon the clerks, whobegan to laugh; but Porthos turned sharply round, and everycountenance quickly recovered its gravity.
2. 反过来,当市场出现短暂的调整时,较短期的平均线就会发出平仓了结的信号,或者甚至发出逆着当前主流趋势的买卖信号。前面我们曾说过,关键在于选择时间跨度恰当的平均值。到这里,事情就很清楚了,没有哪种平均线能够在所有的场合下都最合适。正确的选择是,当市场处于无趋势阶段时,采用较短期的平均线;而当市场处于趋势良好的阶段时,则采用较长期的平均线。
3.   The Origin of Species
4. Among the 772 movies made in China in 2016, 43 of them reached a box office of over 100 million yuan. Chinese movies harvested an overseas box office of 3.8 billion yuan in 2016 with a yearly increase of over 38%.
5. 在整合融媒体传播、财经大数据工具化等方向上发力,力争在已经到来的新话题主义时代中占据一席之地。
6.   But Love, from whose bright discerning eies, nothing can be soclosely concealed, but at the length it commeth to light, had madethis amorous Lady mindefull thereof, and because she would not bediscovered in her intention, many dayes together, her soule becameperplexed; by what meanes that strong doore might best be opened,before she could compasse to performe it. But after that she had foundout the way, and gone downe her selfe alone into the cave; observingthe loope-light and had made it commodious for her purpose, she gaveknowledge thereof to Guiscardo, to have him devise an apt course forhis descent, acquainting him truly with the height, and how farre itwas distant from the ground within. After he had found thesouspirall in the hils side, and given it a larger entrance for hissafer passage; he provided a Ladder of cords, with steppessufficient for his descending and ascending, as also a wearing sutemade of leather, to keepe his skinne unscrached of the thornes, and toavoyde all suspition of his resorting thither. In this manner wenthe to the saide loope-hole the night following, and having fastenedthe one end of his corded ladder, to the strong stumpe of a tree beingby it; by meanes of the saide ladder, descended downe into the cave,and there attended the comming of his Lady.


1. To Japanese creators Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada for developing the SpeechJammer, a device that uses delayed auditory feedback to shut up participants in a discussion. This kind of system has been used in speech therapy to reduce stuttering among those with that particular speech disturbance.
2.   Mr. Jarvis Lorry and Miss Manette, emerging from the wine-shop thus, joined Monsieur Defarge in the doorway to which he had directed his other company just before. It opened from a stinking little black court-yard, and was the general public entrance to a great pile of houses, inhabited by a great number of people. In the gloomy tile-paved entry to the gloomy tile-paved staircase, Monsieur Defarge bent down on one knee to the child of his old master, and put her hand to his lips. It was a gentle action, but not at all gently done; a very remarkable transformation had come over him in a few seconds. He had no good-humour in his face, nor any openness of aspect left, but had become a secret, angry, dangerous man.
3. 彭连新表示,他不会受到举报的影响,将脚踏实地、坚守岗位、恪尽职守,一如既往地以饱满的热情投身到工作中去。
4. 成功既可以来自朴素的愿望,也可以来自高远的理想。
5. 很显然,和“依附型”知识分子一样,反对权力的知识分子也具有如下特点。第一就是上面所强调过的,两者都是为了权力,非常类似于执政党和反对党一样。反对权力的目标就是为了有朝一日自己拥有权力。第二,反对者也同样不是解释事物的知识体系。他们对解释世界并不感兴趣,他们的兴趣在改造世界。从这个意义上说,他们不是知识产生者和拥有者,而是知识的使用者和应用者。第三,公平地说,和“依附型”知识分子一样,反对者也是理想主义者,他们的目标也是建设一个他们想象中的国家。不过,他们的知识想象并不是基于他们对客观现实的认知和理解,而是借用业已存在的知识想象。不同的主义就是他们从各种借用来的知识体系中所作的想象。第四,也和“依附型”知识分子一样,反对者同样是各种说教。他们用各种西方的价值或者道德来评判人、制度、文化。他们没有能力来解释世界,但有巨大的动机来批判现实。
6. 假定对谷物的需求不断增加,并且供给只能通过提供地租的土地上生产率不足的连续投资,或者通过A级土地上生产率也不断降低的追加投资,或者通过比A更坏的新地上的投资来满足。


1. 12月1日受补充冷空气影响,北风逐步加大至4、5级,出行需注意防风防寒。
2.   'No,- I have no family.'
3.   The Moone having past the heaven, lost her bright splendor, by thearising of a more powerfull light, and every part of our world beganto looke cleare: when the Queene (being risen) caused all theCompany to be called, walking forth afterward upon the pearled dewe(so farre as was supposed convenient) in faire and familiar conferencetogether, according as severally they were disposed, and repetition ofdivers the passed Novels, especially those which were most pleasing,and seemed so by their present commendations. But the Sunne beeingsomewhat higher mounted, gave such a sensible warmth to the ayre, ascaused their returne backe to the Pallace, where the Tables werereadily covered against their comming, strewed with sweete hearbes andodoriferous flowers, seating themselves at the Tables (before the heatgrew more violent) according as the Queene commanded.
4. 一致认为,涉枪贩枪走私犯罪分子大都和社会上黑恶暴恐势力有着千丝万缕的联系。
5. 一年后,Madrona领投了后续的1200万美元A轮融资,而AutotechVentures,NGPCapital和CatapultVentures有份参投。
6. X


1. 双11期间,近200万个容器支撑着电商的核心系统,在商家侧阿里巴巴的技术团队为商家快速的扩容了5.4万核,峰值每秒帮助商家处理87万笔订单,向商家提供了410亿次的调用。
2.   `What was that?' Lucie asked.
3.   "It is likely."

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