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1.   "I do not know," answered Medon, "whether some god set him on to it,or whether he went on his own impulse to see if he could find out ifhis father was dead, or alive and on his way home."
2.   "The devil take me, if I remember," returned Chateau-Renaud."But I recollect perfectly one thing, that, being unwillingto let such talents as mine sleep, I wished to try upon theArabs the new pistols that had been given to me. Inconsequence I embarked for Oran, and went from thence toConstantine, where I arrived just in time to witness theraising of the siege. I retreated with the rest, for eightand forty hours. I endured the rain during the day, and thecold during the night tolerably well, but the third morningmy horse died of cold. Poor brute -- accustomed to becovered up and to have a stove in the stable, the Arabianfinds himself unable to bear ten degrees of cold in Arabia."
3.   Minerva answered, "Do not try to keep me, for I would be on my wayat once. As for any present you may be disposed to make me, keep ittill I come again, and I will take it home with me. You shall giveme a very good one, and I will give you one of no less value inreturn."
4. 20年前的淘宝,刚出来时候也是如此,让一件普通的衣服,去除各种传统的房租和水电装修后,比实体店甚至低了一半。
5.   "A correspondent at Yanina informs us of a fact of whichuntil now we had remained in ignorance. The castle whichformed the protection of the town was given up to the Turksby a French officer named Fernand, in whom the grand vizier,Ali Tepelini, had reposed the greatest confidence."
6. 8、2019年,创投圈的7532亿都投哪儿了?事件:根据CVSource投中数据统计,2019年前11个月仅有5387家企业拿到了融资,不足去年的1/2。


1. 小赵表示:事情已经发生了,我应该负这个责任。
2. 用户的持续增长和良好的业绩表现,也为淘集集赢得了众多资本的青睐,不少投资者和机构都为淘集集砸了钱。
3. 我们将在这里停顿下来,分析作为反身性过程的国际贷款的勃兴。前面的描述包含了构成一个繁荣/萧条序列所必须的所有要素。具体来说有哪些内容呢?首先,在整个趋势与参与者的认知之间应当存在着一种反身性的关联。其次,这种认知借助反身性的关联能够影响整体趋势,但是它必定含有某种内在的缺陷。整体的趋势进而又强化了认知的偏向性,直至双方都落到难以为继的地步。通常的情况是这样的,当趋势刚刚露头时,形势非常之好,而缺陷却要待这种趋势获得了充分的发展之后才暴露出来。在盛极而衰的过渡期,参与者们愈益警觉和抵触,于是趋势丧失了劲头。最后,大家终于明白过来了,这种趋势既不合理且又无法维持。预言实现了它自身的内容,形势急转直下,常常伴随着灾难性的结局。
4. "You put psychology with history--not with personal life?"
5.   My friend, learn this to understand, I pray! To deal with witches this is still theway.
6. 出现相对比较差的标准,与其说是技术上的问题,不如说是行为上的问题。有关的例子都有一个均衡,在那一点上,大家一致在税单上做手脚或超速驾驶,甚至在事先约定的时间之后1小时才赶到晚会现场。若要从一个均衡转向一个更好的均衡,最有效的办法可能是借助一场短期而严厉的运动。诀窍在于促使达到临界点数目的人发生转变,然后,随大流效应就能达成一个可以自动维持下去的均衡。相反,长期施加一点点压力的做法不可能达到相同的效果。


1. 王充还对人的生死变化作了唯物主义的解释。他认为阴阳之气,凝而为人,年终寿尽,死还为气,人之所以生者,精气也,死而精气灭。能为精气者,血脉也,人死血脉竭,竭而精气灭,形体朽,朽而成灰,何用为鬼(《论死》),对于那些道术之士,企求轻身益气,延年度世的荒诞思想,王充也予以批驳,提出了有始者必有终,有终者必有死。
2. 并且永安行认为,现在的共享单车市场存在着太多的问题急需解决,目前在无桩共享单车模式下,普遍对于自行车较为缺少和难以进行保养、维护及管理,自行车损耗率、遗失率及折旧较快,加之在一些城市出现过度、无序投放现象,会造成一定程度的资源浪费。
3. "Mainly on yourselves," she replied.
4. 一、实现改革重点从经济体制改革到政治行政体制改革的转变。经过30年的改革开放,我国经济改革已经实现由“计划体制”向“市场体制”转变,社会主义市场经济体制已基本建立,经济改革的重点已经由“体制性改革”向“技术性改革”转变。但与市场经济体制相适应的政治行政体制改革滞后的矛盾显现,一个主要后果是造成社会管理体制滞后及随之带来的社会结构性矛盾突出。
5. (来源:上证报)03嘉兴发布科技领域双百双千计划:将建立1000亿元以上产业引导基金嘉兴市发布了2.0版科技新政——双百双千计划,未来3年将统筹100亿元以上财政和国资资金,1000亿元以上产业引导基金,引育100个以上高端人才团队,推动1000项以上高层次科创项目落地。
6. 至尊VIP会员需每个月缴纳500元会员费,一年共6000元,无论是否购物,会员费都要缴纳。


1.   With our black silk face-coverings, which turned us into two ofthe most truculent figures in London, we stole up to the silent,gloomy house. A sort of tiled veranda extended along one side of it,lined by several windows and two doors.
2.   "Don't you think it rather fine to be an actor?" she asked once.
3.   The count was dressed in black and with his habitualsimplicity; his white waistcoat displayed his expansivenoble chest and his black stock was singularly noticeablebecause of its contrast with the deadly paleness of hisface. His only jewellery was a chain, so fine that theslender gold thread was scarcely perceptible on his whitewaistcoat. A circle was immediately formed around the door.The count perceived at one glance Madame Danglars at one endof the drawing-room, M. Danglars at the other, and Eugeniein front of him. He first advanced towards the baroness, whowas chatting with Madame de Villefort, who had come alone,Valentine being still an invalid; and without turning aside,so clear was the road left for him, he passed from thebaroness to Eugenie, whom he complimented in such rapid andmeasured terms, that the proud artist was quite struck. Nearher was Mademoiselle Louise d'Armilly, who thanked the countfor the letters of introduction he had so kindly given herfor Italy, which she intended immediately to make use of. Onleaving these ladies he found himself with Danglars, who hadadvanced to meet him.
4.   'Traddles!' I replied, triumphantly.
5.   The grand-vizir himself was the father of two daughters, of whom the elder was called Scheherazade, and the younger Dinarzade. Dinarzade had no particular gifts to distinguish her from other girls, but her sister was clever and courageous in the highest degree. Her father had given her the best masters in philosophy, medicine, history and the fine arts, and besides all this, her beauty excelled that of any girl in the kingdom of Persia.
6. 三、明宗的被害


1.   "Keep your secret, young man, and tell me what you wish.""I wish you to obtain for me, from Monsieur Dessessart, leave ofabsence for fifteen days."
2. As to anthropology, they had those same remnants of information about other peoples, and the knowledge of the savagery of the occupants of those dim forests below. Nevertheless, they had inferred (marvelously keen on inference and deduction their minds were!) the existence and development of civilization in other places, much as we infer it on other planets.
3. "Oh--useful! Why, the hunting dogs and watchdogs and sheepdogs are useful--and sleddogs of course!--and ratters, I suppose, but we don't keep dogs for their USEFULNESS. The dog is `the friend of man,' we say--we love them."

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