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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I thought no more of the matter until the vicar's telegramreached me at Plymouth. This villain had thought that I would be atsea before the news could reach me, and that I should be lost foryears in Africa. But I returned at once. Of course, I could not listento the details without feeling assured that my poison had been used. Icame round to see you on the chance that some other explanation hadsuggested itself to you. But there could be none. I was convinced thatMortimer Tregennis was the murderer; that for the sake of money, andwith the idea, perhaps, that if the other members of his family wereall insane he would be the sole guardian of their joint property, hehad used the devil's-foot powder upon them, driven two of them outof their senses, and killed his sister Brenda, the one human beingwhom I have ever loved or who has ever loved me. There was hiscrime; what was to be his punishment?
2.  "It is certainly delicate," said my friend with an amused smile,"but I have not been struck up to now with its complexity. It has beena case for intellectual deduction, but when this original intellectualdeduction is confirmed point by point by quite a number of independentincidents, then the subjective becomes objective and we can sayconfidently that we have reached our goal. I had, in fact, reachedit before we left Baker Street, and the rest has merely beenobservation and confirmation."
3.  "'Can I get a train into town?'
4.  "We went upstairs together, the colonel first with the lamp, the fatmanager and I behind him. It was a labyrinth of an old house, withcorridors, passages, narrow winding staircases, and little lowdoors, the thresholds of which were hollowed out by the generationswho had crossed them. There were no carpets and no signs of anyfurniture above the ground floor, while the plaster was peeling offthe walls, and the damp was breaking through in green, unhealthyblotches. I tried to put on as unconcerned an air as possible, but Ihad not forgotten the warnings of the lady, even though Idisregarded them, and I kept a keen eye upon my two companions.Ferguson appeared to be a morose and silent man, but I could seefrom the little that he said that he was at least a fellow-countryman."Colonel Lysander Stark stopped at last before a low door, whichhe unlocked. Within was a small, square room, in which the three of uscould hardly get at one time. Ferguson remained outside, and thecolonel ushered me in.
5.  "They're married?" I gasped.
6.  "She was as bright as possible-at least until after the ceremony.""And did you observe any change in her then?"


1.  "Well, on the road itself?"
2.  "No, sir," Bennett answered with a flush.
3.  He walked past the couch to the open window and held up the droopingstalk of a moss-rose, looking down at the dainty blend of crimsonand green. It was a new phase of his character to me, for I hadnever before seen him show any keen interest in natural objects."There is nothing in which deduction is so necessary as inreligion," said he, leaning with his back against the shutters. "Itcan be built up as an exact science by the reasoner. Our highestassurance of the goodness of Providence seems to me to rest in theflowers. All other things, our powers, our desires, our food, areall really necessary for our existence in the first instance. But thisrose is an extra. Its smell and its colour are an embellishment oflife, not a condition of it. It is only goodness which gives extras,and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers."Percy Phelps and his nurse looked at Holmes during thisdemonstration with surprise and a good deal of disappointmentwritten upon their faces. He had fallen into a reverie, with themoss-rose between his fingers. It had lasted some minutes before theyoung lady broke in upon it.
4.  "I fear I am none the wiser."
5.  "Excuse me," said Holmes. "When was this interview?"
6.  "'Where to?'


1.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2.  "This sounds serious," said I.
3.  quavering voice.
4.  There had been a furtive step past the door. Now it returned. Weheard a shuffling sound outside, and then two sharp taps with theknocker. Holmes rose, motioning to us to remain seated. The gas in thehall was a mere point of light. He opened the outer door, and thenas a dark figure slipped past him he closed and fastened it. "Thisway!" we heard him say, and a moment later our man stood before us.Holmes had followed him closely, and as the man turned with a cry ofsurprise and alarm he caught him by the collar and threw him back intothe room. Before our prisoner had recovered his balance the door wasshut and Holmes standing with his back against it. The man glaredround him, staggered, and fell senseless upon the floor. With theshock, his broad-brimmed hat flew from his head, his cravat slippeddown from his lips, and there were the long light beard and thesoft, handsome delicate features of Colonel Valentine Walter.Holmes gave a whistle of surprise.
5.   "If I am Mr. Neville St. Clair, then it is obvious that no crime hasbeen committed, and that, therefore, I am illegally detained.""No crime, but a very great error has been committed," saidHolmes. "You would have done better to have trusted your wife.""It was not the wife; it was the children," groaned the prisoner."God help me, I would not have them ashamed of their father. My God!What an exposure! What can I do?"
6.  "What, then?"


1.  "Then I'll keep my eye on the parties, Mr. Holmes. If anything comesalong, I will surely let you know."
2.  "You are certainly an admirable witness," said Holmes. "I may needsome of these dates which you have noted."
3.  "My defence against what?"
4、  "At what?"
5、  "Well, his position is unique. He has made it for himself. There hasnever been anything like it before, nor will be again. He has thetidiest and most orderly brain, with the greatest capacity for storingfacts, of any man living. The same great powers which I have turned tothe detection of crime he has used for this particular business. Theconclusions of every department are passed to him, and he is thecentral exchange, the clearing-house, which makes out the balance. Allother men are specialists, but his specialism is omniscience. Wewill suppose that a minister needs information as to a point whichinvolves the Navy, India, Canada and the bimetallic question; he couldget his separate advices from various departments upon each, butonly Mycroft can focus them all, and say offhand how each factor wouldaffect the other. They began by using him as a short-cut, aconvenience; now he has made himself an essential. In that great brainof his everything is pigeon-holed and can be handed out in an instant.Again and again his word has decided the national policy. He livesin it. He thinks of nothing else save when, as an intellectualexercise, he unbends if I call upon him and ask him to advise me onone of my little problems. But Jupiter is descending to-day. What onearth can it mean? Who is Cadogan West, and what is he to Mycroft?""I have it," I cried, and plunged among the litter of papers uponthe sofa. "Yes, yes, here he is, sure enough! Cadogan West was theyoung man who was found dead on the Underground on Tuesday morning."Holmes sat up at attention, his pipe halfway to his lips."This must be serious, Watson. A death which has caused my brotherto alter his habits can be no ordinary one. What in the world can hehave to do with it? The case was featureless as I remember it. Theyoung man had apparently fallen out of the train and killed himself.He had not been robbed, and there was no particular reason tosuspect violence. Is that not so?"




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      "And over here is what appears to be the fragment of a hotel bill,which interests me deeply."

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      I saw no more of Holmes during the day, but I could well imagine howhe spent it, for Langdale Pike was his human book of reference uponall matters of social scandal. This strange, languid creature spenthis waking hours in the bow window of a St. James's Street club andwas the receiving-station as well as the transmitter for all thegossip of the metropolis. He made, it was said, a four-figure incomeby the paragraphs which he contributed every week to the garbagepapers which cater to an inquisitive public. If ever, far down inthe turbid depths of London life, there was some strange swirl oreddy, it was marked with automatic exactness by this human dial uponthe surface. Holmes discreetly helped Langdale to knowledge, and onoccasion was helped in turn.

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       "Very good. I shall look into the matter between this and then.Good-bye; it is just possible that I may have to come over hereagain before evening."

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    {  "It is I," she said, "the woman whose life you have ruined."Milverton laughed, but fear vibrated in his voice. "You were so veryobstinate," said he. "Why did you drive me to such extremities? Iassure you I wouldn't hurt a fly of my own accord, but every man hashis business, and what was I to do? I put the price well within yourmeans. You would not pay."

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      He took her aside and spoke earnestly for a few minutes. I onlyheard the last words, which were: "Your anxiety will soon, I hope,be set at rest." The woman, who seemed to be a sour, silent kind ofcreature, withdrew with the child.}

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      My case was practically complete, and there was only one smallincident needed to round it off. When, after considerable drive, wearrived at the strange old rambling house which my client haddescribed, it was Ralph, the elderly butler, who opened the door. Ihad requisitioned the carriage for the day and had asked my elderlyfriend to remain within it unless we should summon him. Ralph, alittle wrinkled old fellow, was in the conventional costume of blackcoat and pepper-and-salt trousers, with only one curious variant. Hewore brown leather gloves, which at sight of us he instantlyshuffled off, laying them down on the hall-table as we passed in. Ihave, as my friend Watson may have remarked, an abnormally acute setof senses, and a faint but incisive scent was apparent. It seemed tocentre on the hall-table. I turned, placed my hat there, knocked itoff, stooped to pick it up, and contrived to bring my nose within afoot of the gloves. Yes, it was undoubtedly from them that the curioustarry odour was oozing. I passed on into the study with my casecomplete. Alas, that I should have to show my hand so when I tell myown story! It was by concealing such links in the chain that Watsonwas enabled to produce his meretricious finales.

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      All that day and the next and the next Holmes was in a mood whichhis friends would can taciturn, and others morose. He ran out andran in, smoked incessantly, played snatches on his violin, sank intoreveries, devoured sandwiches at irregular hours, and hardlyanswered the casual questions which I put to him. It was evident to methat things were not going well with him or his quest. He would saynothing of the case, and it was from the papers that I learned theparticulars of the inquest, and the arrest with the subsequent releaseof John Mitton, the valet of the deceased. The coroner's jurybrought in the obvious Wilful Murder, but the,parties remained asunknown as ever. No motive was suggested. The room was full ofarticles of value, but none had been taken. The dead man's papershad not been tampered with. They were carefully examined, and showedthat he was a keen student of international politics, an indefatigablegossip, a remarkable linguist, and an untiring letter writer. He hadbeen on intimate terms with the leading politicians of severalcountries. But nothing sensational was discovered among thedocuments which filled his drawers. As to his relations with women,they appeared to have been promiscuous but superficial. He had manyacquaintances among them, but few friends, and no one whom he loved.His habits were regular, his conduct inoffensive. His death was anabsolute mystery and likely to remain so.

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       "You have made no progress?"

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    {  "He said that you could solve anything."

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      Written in pencil upon the fly-leaf of a book, octavo size, nowater-mark. Hum! Posted to-day in Gravesend by a man with a dirtythumb. Ha! And the flap has been gummed, if I am not very much inerror, by a person who had been chewing tobacco. And you have no doubtthat it is your husband's hand, madam?"