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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Tactfully, Mrs. Vance avoided the subject of Hurstwood, of whomshe could not help thinking. No doubt Carrie had left him. Thatmuch she surmised.
2.  He remembered the few times he had seen her in Seventy-eightStreet. She was always a swell-looker, and he had tried to puton the air of being worthy of such as she, in front of her. Now,to think she had caught him looking this way. He wrinkled hisforehead in his distress.
3.  "Aren't you going to shake hands with me? Well, you're a dandy!That's all right, shake hands."
4.  In this atmosphere Hurstwood had moved for a number of years, notthinking deeply concerning it. His was not the order of natureto trouble for something better, unless the better wasimmediately and sharply contrasted. As it was, he received andgave, irritated sometimes by the little displays of selfishindifference, pleased at times by some show of finery whichsupposedly made for dignity and social distinction. The life ofthe resort which he managed was his life. There he spent most ofhis time. When he went home evenings the house looked nice.With rare exceptions the meals were acceptable, being the kindthat an ordinary servant can arrange. In part, he was interestedin the talk of his son and daughter, who always looked well. Thevanity of Mrs. Hurstwood caused her to keep her person rathershowily arrayed, but to Hurstwood this was much better thanplainness. There was no love lost between them. There was nogreat feeling of dissatisfaction. Her opinion on any subject wasnot startling. They did not talk enough together to come to theargument of any one point. In the accepted and popular phrase,she had her ideas and he had his. Once in a while he would meeta woman whose youth, sprightliness, and humour would make hiswife seem rather deficient by contrast, but the temporarydissatisfaction which such an encounter might arouse would becounterbalanced by his social position and a certain matter ofpolicy. He could not complicate his home life, because it mightaffect his relations with his employers. They wanted noscandals. A man, to hold his position, must have a dignifiedmanner, a clean record, a respectable home anchorage. Thereforehe was circumspect in all he did, and whenever he appeared in thepublic ways in the afternoon, or on Sunday, it was with his wife,and sometimes his children. He would visit the local resorts, orthose near by in Wisconsin, and spend a few stiff, polished daysstrolling about conventional places doing conventional things.He knew the need of it.
5.  "So it should," said the knowing manager. "I'm glad to see it."
6.  After a time he gave up waiting and drearily headed for theMadison car. To add to his distress, the bright blue sky becameovercast with little fleecy clouds which shut out the sun. Thewind veered to the east, and by the time he reached his office itwas threatening to drizzle all afternoon.


1.  "I didn't know," he replied.
2.  "Oh, it's as fine as it can be."
3.  "I'm with the company at the Casino now."
4.  She received the answer in silence and backed awkwardly out. Thepleasant nature of her reception rather astonished her. She hadexpected that it would be more difficult, that something cold andharsh would be said--she knew not what. That she had not beenput to shame and made to feel her unfortunate position, seemedremarkable.
5.  At the sound of a gong near the barn door, two bells were givenby the conductor and Hurstwood opened his lever.
6.  "It is comfortable," said Carrie, who was lifting a lace curtainand looking down into crowded Broadway.


1.  "Where do you want to go?" he enquired.
2.  "Before?"
3.  "They'll want motormen, mostly."
4.  Carrie only rocked back and forth in her chair.
5.   "Oh, he is so good!" said Mrs. Vance. "He's just the funniestman."
6.  He ate in a cheap restaurant in the vicinity, and, being cold andlonely, went straight off to seek the loft in question. Thecompany was not attempting to run cars after nightfall. It wasso advised by the police.


1.  "Sorry to hear it--nothing serious, I hope."
2.  "Of course. Every hotel depends upon the repute of its patrons.A well-known actress like yourself," and he bowed politely, whileCarrie flushed, "draws attention to the hotel, and--although youmay not believe it--patrons."
3.  "What makes you always put on those old clothes?" asked Carrie.
4、  "Not much of a place to sleep in, is it?" said the man.
5、  He came over, and was about to begin a conversation with her,when a knock came at their door.




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      The train stopped and Hurstwood led the way out. He lookedwarily around him, pretending to look after Carrie. Seeingnothing that indicated studied observation, he made his way tothe ticket office.

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      "Don't you care for me at all?"

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       Just then a knock came at their door and the maidservant handed aletter in.

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      Carrie smiled in answer to his humour.

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    {  "My dear," he returned, "I haven't time. I'm too busy."

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      "Come again," said the youth, pushing out a small pile of reds.}

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      "I believe we're in for a heavy rain," he said.

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      "I don't know; I guess so, if they'll take me."

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       "You didn't do me right, Cad," he said, as if he were addressingher in the flesh.

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    {  After the occurrence of Wednesday, he could not refuse, thoughthe Phillips were about as uninteresting as vanity and ignorancecould make them. He agreed, but it was with short grace. He wasangry when he left the house.

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      "But you didn't have much to do with him, did you?" went onDrouet, anxious for his own peace of mind to get some directdenial from her.