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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Did you really?" asked Carrie.
2.  "All right; I'm down here doing a little buying. Are you locatedhere now?"
3.  "We'll see about it," she said. "I'll find out what my rightsare. Perhaps you'll talk to a lawyer, if you won't to me."
4.  "Oh, I don't know," she answered, growing wary.
5.  "Oh, then he called twice?" said Drouet, the first shade ofmisunderstanding showing in his face.
6.  Carrie recognised the glance and the girl. She was one of thosewho worked at the machines in the shoe factory. The latterlooked, not quite sure, and then turned her head and looked.Carrie felt as if some great tide had rolled between them. Theold dress and the old machine came back. She actually started.Drouet didn't notice until Carrie bumped into a pedestrian.


1.  "I won't apply as a motorman," he answered. "I can ring up faresall right."
2.  She had secured her hat and jacket and slipped the latter on overher little evening dress. Some wisps of wavy hair had loosenedfrom the bands at the side of her head and were straggling overher hot, red cheeks. She was angry, mortified, grief-stricken.Her large eyes were full of the anguish of tears, but her lidswere not yet wet. She was distracted and uncertain, deciding anddoing things without an aim or conclusion, and she had not theslightest conception of how the whole difficulty would end.
3.  Now, because Carrie was pretty, the gentlemen who made up theadvance illustrations of shows about to appear for the Sundaypapers selected Carrie's photo along with others to illustratethe announcement. Because she was very pretty, they gave itexcellent space and drew scrolls about it. Carrie was delighted.Still, the management did not seem to have seen anything of it.At least, no more attention was paid to her than before. At thesame time there seemed very little in her part. It consisted ofstanding around in all sorts of scenes, a silent littleQuakeress. The author of the skit had fancied that a great dealcould be made of such a part, given to the right actress, butnow, since it had been doled out to Carrie, he would as leavehave had it cut out.
4.  "You know," he said, putting his hand on her arm, and keeping astrange silence while he formulated words, "that I love you?"Carrie did not stir at the words. She was bound up completely inthe man's atmosphere. He would have churchlike silence in orderto express his feelings, and she kept it. She did not move hereyes from the flat, open scene before her. Hurstwood waited fora few moments, and then repeated the words.
5.  "Well, then, what makes you look so?"
6.  "You want to send her her part?" asked the drummer.


1.  "No," she answered.
2.  "No," answered Carrie, her voice assuming for the first time apenetrating quality which it had never known. "Stay with him!"
3.  "You mustn't," she exclaimed, jumping up.
4.  Now the crier called the train ready and they got on. Hurstwoodbreathed a sigh of relief as it started. There was a short runto the river, and there they were ferried over. They had barelypulled the train off the ferry-boat when he settled back with asigh.
5.   The next day it was still snowing, and the next, bitter cold.Hurstwood took the alarm of the paper and sat still. Now hevolunteered to do a few other little things. One was to go tothe butcher, another to the grocery. He really thought nothingof these little services in connection with their truesignificance. He felt as if he were not wholly useless--indeed,in such a stress of weather, quite worth while about the house.
6.  "No," she said coyly, "but what can I do?"


1.  The motormen and conductors and other employees of this companyhaving abruptly left its service, an opportunity is now given toall loyal men who have struck against their will to bereinstated, providing they will make their applications by twelveo'clock noon on Wednesday, January 16th. Such men will be givenemployment (with guaranteed protection) in the order in whichsuch applications are received, and runs and positions assignedthem accordingly. Otherwise, they will be considered discharged,and every vacancy will be filled by a new man as soon as hisservices can be secured.(Signed)Benjamin Norton,President
2.  The offer was genuine enough, but it was a question withHurstwood whether a third interest in that locality could be madeto yield one hundred and fifty dollars a month, which he figuredhe must have in order to meet the ordinary family expenses and becomfortable. It was not the time, however, after many failuresto find what he wanted, to hesitate. It looked as though a thirdwould pay a hundred a month now. By judicious management andimprovement, it might be made to pay more. Accordingly he agreedto enter into partnership, and made over his thousand dollars,preparing to enter the next day.
3.  At that time the department store was in its earliest form ofsuccessful operation, and there were not many. The first three inthe United States, established about 1884, were in Chicago.Carrie was familiar with the names of several through theadvertisements in the "Daily News," and now proceeded to seekthem. The words of Mr. McManus had somehow managed to restoreher courage, which had fallen low, and she dared to hope thatthis new line would offer her something. Some time she spent inwandering up and down, thinking to encounter the buildings bychance, so readily is the mind, bent upon prosecuting a hard butneedful errand, eased by that self-deception which the semblanceof search, without the reality, gives. At last she inquired of apolice officer, and was directed to proceed "two blocks up,"where she would find "The Fair."
4、  "It's mighty cold," he said. "Awful cold."
5、  But she was alone. That was the greater thought just at present.How about that? Would she go out to work again? Would she beginto look around in the business district? The stage! Oh, yes.Drouet had spoken about that. Was there any hope there? Shemoved to and fro, in deep and varied thoughts, while the minutesslipped away and night fell completely. She had had nothing toeat, and yet there she sat, thinking it over.




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      "Well," said Carrie, hesitating how to begin, "do you get placesfor persons upon the stage?"

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      Carrie heard all this in a very ruffled state. It soundedsincere enough, however, despite all he had done. There was atenseness in Hurstwood's voice and manner which could but havesome effect. She did not want anything to do with him. He wasmarried, he had deceived her once, and now again, and she thoughthim terrible. Still there is something in such daring and powerwhich is fascinating to a woman, especially if she can be made tofeel that it is all prompted by love of her.

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       "What's that?" said Carrie.

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      Once these things were in her hand, on her person, she mightdream of giving them up; the method by which they came mightintrude itself so forcibly that she would ache to be rid of thethought of it, but she would not give them up. "Put on the oldclothes--that torn pair of shoes," was called to her by herconscience in vain. She could possibly have conquered the fearof hunger and gone back; the thought of hard work and a narrowround of suffering would, under the last pressure of conscience,have yielded, but spoil her appearance?--be old-clothed and poor-appearing?--never!

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    {  "Say, Kitty," called one to a girl who was doing a waltz step ina few feet of space near one of the windows, "are you going tothe ball with me?"

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      "I want to know if I can get a position," she inquired.}

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      Minnie worked with less elation than she had just before Carriearrived. The sizzle of the meat frying did not sound quite sopleasing now that Carrie had reported her discontent. To Carrie,the one relief of the whole day would have been a jolly home, asympathetic reception, a bright supper table, and some one tosay: "Oh, well, stand it a little while. You will get somethingbetter," but now this was ashes. She began to see that theylooked upon her complaint as unwarranted, and that she wassupposed to work on and say nothing. She knew that she was topay four dollars for her board and room, and now she felt that itwould be an exceedingly gloomy round, living with these people.

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      Chapter XXIX

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       "He never asked for my number," thought Hurstwood; "he wouldn'tthink of coming." He wiped his forehead, which had grown damp,and hoped sincerely he would meet no one else.

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    {  Then came a week in which the first fruits of success wereoffered to her lips--bowl after bowl. It did not matter that hersplendid salary had not begun. The world seemed satisfied withthe promise. She began to get letters and cards. A Mr. Withers--whom she did not know from Adam--having learned by some hook orcrook where she resided, bowed himself politely in.

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      The next day she asked him about his venture.