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mg银河集团娱乐app下载【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<"I wish our grandfatherly minds had managed as well," said Jeff. "Do you really think it's to our credit that we have muddled along with all our poverty and disease and the like? They have peace and plenty, wealth and beauty, goodness and intellect. Pretty good people, I think!" "Don't be so literal," Terry begged lazily. "Why aren't you willing to be worshipped and waited on? We like to do it."

  When I got this far in my reading I went to Somel for more light. We were as friendly by that time as I had ever been in my life with any woman. A mighty comfortable soul she was, giving one the nice smooth mother-feeling a man likes in a woman, and yet giving also the clear intelligence and dependableness I used to assume to be masculine qualities. We had talked volumes already.

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 Never, anywhere before, had I seen women of precisely this quality. Fishwives and market women might show similar strength, but it was coarse and heavy. These were merely athletic--light and powerful. College professors, teachers, writers--many women showed similar intelligence but often wore a strained nervous look, while these were as calm as cows, for all their evident intellect.

 This she laughingly disclaimed. "By no means. We are, as you soon found out, extremely limited in knowledge. I wish you could realize what a ferment the country is in over the new things you have told us; the passionate eagerness among thousands of us to go to your country and learn--learn--learn! But what we do know is readily divisible into common knowledge and special knowledge. The common knowledge we have long since learned to feed into the minds of our little ones with no waste of time or strength; the special knowledge is open to all, as they desire it. Some of us specialize in one line only. But most take up several --some for their regular work, some to grow with."


  "That last suggestion of yours is a nice one, Van," Terry protested. "Same as they've got us subdued and shut up! you make me shiver."

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 Hangings, rugs, robes, towels, as well as bed-furniture--even the mattress covers--we left not one stitch upon another, as Jeff put it.

  "What are you going to do with it when you do find it--if you do?" Jeff asked mildly.

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 And this is what happened, according to their records.

  I sat aghast. "Devising games?" I protested. "Making up new ones, you mean?"

<"Inhabitants evidently arboreal," I grimly suggested. "Civilized and still arboreal--peculiar people." I liked her that day she balanced on the branch before me and named the trio. I thought of her most. Afterward I turned to her like a friend when we met for the third time, and continued the acquaintance. While Jeff's ultra-devotion rather puzzled Celis, really put off their day of happiness, while Terry and Alima quarreled and parted, re-met and re-parted, Ellador and I grew to be close friends.

  "I vote to go in," Jeff urged. But we were two to one against him and he loyally stood by us. We made one more effort to be let go, urgent, but not imploring. In vain.


<"Ladies," Terry began, out of a clear sky, as it were, "are there no men in this country?" "If you can't boost, don't knock," he protested. "I never said 'twould be a picnic. But I'd run away in the Antarctic ice fields rather than be a prisoner."

  They had no enemies; they themselves were all sisters and friends. The land was fair before them, and a great future began to form itself in their minds.





mg银河集团娱乐app下载顾涌称世卫组织总干事发表声明:中国政府非常措施值得点赞 We were eager to see it, and deeply impressed. To us, at first, these women, unavoidably ignorant of what to us was the basic commonplace of knowledge, had seemed on the plane of children, or of savages. What we had been forced to admit, with growing acquaintance, was that they were ignorant as Plato and Aristotle were, but with a highly developed mentality quite comparable to that of Ancient Greece. 【详细】

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