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1. 为了彻查幕后真相,李彬与段琳琳分步倒查,进一步锁定涉事人员名单,发现有参与斗殴者却未被移送审查起诉,遂要求公安机关对相关人员移送审查起诉。
2.   Inasmuch as peculiarities often appear under domestication in one sex and become hereditarily attached to that sex, the same fact probably occurs under nature, and if so, natural selection will be able to modify one sex in its functional relations to the other sex, or in relation to wholly different habits of life in the two sexes, as is sometimes the case with insects. And this leads me to say a few words on what I call Sexual Selection. This depends, not on a struggle for existence, but on a struggle between the males for possession of the females; the result is not death to the unsuccessful competitor, but few or no offspring. Sexual selection is, therefore, less rigorous than natural selection. Generally, the most vigorous males, those which are best fitted for their places in nature, will leave most progeny. But in many cases, victory will depend not on general vigour, but on having special weapons, confined to the male sex. A hornless stag or spurless cock would have a poor chance of leaving offspring. Sexual selection by always allowing the victor to breed might surely give indomitable courage, length to the spur, and strength to the wing to strike in the spurred leg, as well as the brutal cock-fighter, who knows well that he can improve his breed by careful selection of the best cocks. How low in the scale of nature this law of battle descends, I know not; male alligators have been described as fighting, bellowing, and whirling round, like Indians in a war-dance, for the possession of the females; male salmons have been seen fighting all day long; male stag-beetles often bear wounds from the huge mandibles of other males. The war is, perhaps, severest between the males of polygamous animals, and these seem oftenest provided with special weapons. The males of carnivorous animals are already well armed; though to them and to others, special means of defence may be given through means of sexual selection, as the mane to the lion, the shoulder-pad to the boar, and the hooked jaw to the male salmon; for the shield may be as important for victory, as the sword or spear.Amongst birds, the contest is often of a more peaceful character. All those who have attended to the subject, believe that there is the severest rivalry between the males of many species to attract by singing the females. The rock-thrush of Guiana, birds of paradise, and some others, congregate; and successive males display their gorgeous plumage and perform strange antics before the females, which standing by as spectators, at last choose the most attractive partner. Those who have closely attended to birds in confinement well know that they often take individual preferences and dislikes: thus Sir R. Heron has described how one pied peacock was eminently attractive to all his hen birds. It may appear childish to attribute any effect to such apparently weak means: I cannot here enter on the details necessary to support this view; but if man can in a short time give elegant carriage and beauty to his bantams, according to his standard of beauty, I can see no good reason to doubt that female birds, by selecting, during thousands of generations, the most melodious or beautiful males, according to their standard of beauty, might produce a marked effect. I strongly suspect that some well-known laws with respect to the plumage of male and female birds, in comparison with the plumage of the young, can be explained on the view of plumage having been chiefly modified by sexual selection, acting when the birds have come to the breeding age or during the breeding season; the modifications thus produced being inherited at corresponding ages or seasons, either by the males alone, or by the males and females; but I have not space here to enter on this subject.Thus it is, as I believe, that when the males and females of any animal have the same general habits of life, but differ in structure, colour, or ornament, such differences have been mainly caused by sexual selection; that is, individual males have had, in successive generations, some slight advantage over other males, in their weapons, means of defence, or charms; and have transmitted these advantages to their male offspring. Yet, I would not wish to attribute all such sexual differences to this agency: for we see peculiarities arising and becoming attached to the male sex in our domestic animals (as the wattle in male carriers, horn-like protuberances in the cocks of certain fowls, &c.), which we cannot believe to be either useful to the males in battle, or attractive to the females. We see analogous cases under nature, for instance, the tuft of hair on the breast of the turkey-cock, which can hardly be either useful or ornamental to this bird; indeed, had the tuft appeared under domestication, it would have been called a monstrosity.
3.   My head still ached and bled with the blow and fall I had received:no one had reproved John for wantonly striking me; and because I hadturned against him to avert farther irrational violence, I wasloaded with general opprobrium.
4. 《汉书?齐悼王传》云:齐有市租千金,师古注曰:收一市之租,值千金也。可知当时汉政权向从事商品交易者征收营业税。至于市租额是多少,无明确记载。《管子?幼官篇》说:市赋百取二,关赋百取一。既然西汉前期开关梁,不征收关税,那么市租也不应超过2%,因为当时封建政权征收的赋税普遍较轻,同时,商品交换的繁荣与轻市租也是相互联系的。
5. 阿里集团副总裁浅雪:下一代新消费将聚焦家庭场景阿里巴巴集团副总裁、人工智能实验室负责人浅雪表示,下一代新消费将会发生在家庭场景,中国家庭消费正在加速增长,走进全新时代。
6. 汤姆生这里所说的马可尼,指的是意大利的威廉姆斯·马可尼,当时他和卢瑟福一样,正进行无线电通讯的开创性研究。


1.   Sir, -- The man whom you are receiving at your house, and towhom you intend to marry your daughter, is a felon whoescaped with me from confinement at Toulon. He was No. 59,and I No. 58. He was called Benedetto, but he is ignorant ofhis real name, having never known his parents.
2. 作为创业者,杨蓉了解创业早期需要哪些支持,她会花很多精力观察创业项目的落地细节。
3. 成都商报-红星新闻记者钟美兰。
4.   "And how do you know her?"
5. 一旦其中一两个机房出现问题,支付宝的底层数据库会将流量自动切换到正常的机房,在保证系统稳定运行的情况下,不丢失任何数据
6. 472


1. "Ye--es," Jeff agreed. "Of course--and yet--"
2. 你争取高中文凭是为了上大学,是为了拿到学士学位,为了进医学院,为了拿到硕士学位,为了实习,为了学习外科,为了动手术,为了过你在高中时梦想的生活,但你那时年纪已经很大,工作太忙,以致不能享受它了。
3. 这也是开篇的问题,腾讯为什么?这个问题我最开始一直都没想明白,但直到发现,这个朋友的主要负责人又是张小龙的时候,瞬间就明白了。
4. 但好的问题又来了,今天的生鲜赛道,你想把供应链做得好太难了。
5. 通过,JaiKisan金融机构较好的对风险进行控制,收获预期回报,而对于借贷人,则可以提供尽可能少的文件,获取较低成本的资本资金和更快速的周转时间。
6. 昆明市公安局盘龙分局对罗某乾等人过失致人死亡一案进行立案侦查。


1. 在北大和清华大学之后,中国内地入选该榜单前20名的院校还有中国科学技术大学,该校位居第15位;复旦大学排名第16位,上海交通大学排名第18位,而浙江大学排名第19。
2. "Oh, miss! Oh, miss!" she stuttered. "I arst yer pardon, miss! Oh, I do, miss!"
3. 蒙恬讨乱于外,李斯治法于内。事逾烦,天下逾乱;法逾滋,而奸逾炽,……
4.   O LEWD book! with thy foul rudeness, Since thou hast neither beauty nor eloquence, Who hath thee caus'd or giv'n the hardiness For to appear in my lady's presence? I am full sicker* thou know'st her benevolence, *certain Full agreeable to all her abying,* *merit For of all good she is the best living.
5. │II.10-18│10-15│600│16-18│
6. 那么,到底该如何给家长们减减负呢?储朝晖指出,其实家长减负和学生减负、教师减负背后的深层次原因是一样的,是我们的教育评价的权力过于集中,教育评价的标准过于单一,学生都要依据分数这个单一的标准去比个高低。


1. 北京东兴楼饭庄(东直门店)的几十个包间几乎全部订满,预订已经排到大年初七左右。
2. 联想记忆
3.   Her husband, Ted Bolton, had been killed in the pit, twenty-two years ago, twenty-two years last Christmas, just at Christmas time, leaving her with two children, one a baby in arms. Oh, the baby was married now, Edith, to a young man in Boots Cash Chemists in Sheffield. The other one was a schoolteacher in Chesterfield; she came home weekends, when she wasn't asked out somewhere. Young folks enjoyed themselves nowadays, not like when she, Ivy Bolton, was young.

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