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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, yes, I assure you, count, they want nothing that canrender them happy; they are young and cheerful, they aretenderly attached to each other, and with twenty-fivethousand francs a year they fancy themselves as rich asRothschild."
2.  "There is another way," said Morrel. The old man'sinterrogative eye said, "What?"
3.  "Pooh, pooh;" said the doctor, with the impiety usual inpersons of his profession; "he is a churchman. God willrespect his profession, and not give the devil the wickeddelight of sending him a priest." A shout of laughterfollowed this brutal jest. Meanwhile the operation ofputting the body in the sack was going on.
4.  This mournful appeal pierced the darkness. The door of theback-staircase opened, then the side-gate of the garden, andAli and his master were on the spot with lights.
5.  "Bah," said Debray; "he scarcely knew Mademoiselle deVillefort; you said so yourself."
6.  "Willingly," said Albert; "but let us walk. I think a littleexertion would do me good." The two friends walked out onthe fortress. When arrived at the Madeleine, -- "Since weare out," said Beauchamp, "let us call on M. de MonteCristo; he is admirably adapted to revive one's spirits,because he never interrogates, and in my opinion those whoask no questions are the best comforters."


1.  "Hush, La Carconte. It is God's pleasure that things shouldbe so."
2.  "My dear M. de Boville, your widows and orphans must obligeme by waiting twenty-four hours, since M. de Monte Cristowhom you just saw leaving here -- you did see him, I think?"
3.  "How can you for an instant entertain so unworthy a thought,dear Valentine? Have I not, from the first blessed hour ofour acquaintance, schooled all my words and actions to yoursentiments and ideas? And you have, I am sure, the fullestconfidence in my honor. When you spoke to me of experiencinga vague and indefinite sense of coming danger, I placedmyself blindly and devotedly at your service, asking noother reward than the pleasure of being useful to you; andhave I ever since, by word or look, given you cause ofregret for having selected me from the numbers that wouldwillingly have sacrificed their lives for you? You told me,my dear Valentine, that you were engaged to M. d'Epinay, andthat your father was resolved upon completing the match, andthat from his will there was no appeal, as M. de Villefortwas never known to change a determination once formed. Ikept in the background, as you wished, and waited, not forthe decision of your heart or my own, but hoping thatprovidence would graciously interpose in our behalf, andorder events in our favor. But what cared I for delays ordifficulties, Valentine, as long as you confessed that youloved me, and took pity on me? If you will only repeat thatavowal now and then, I can endure anything."
4.  "Say on."
5.  "Mr. Inspector," continued the governor, "I can tell you thestory as well as he, for it has been dinned in my ears forthe last four or five years."
6.  "Nothing could be in better taste than my father's demeanor,madame," said Albert; "nay, more, he seemed greatlyflattered at two or three compliments which the count veryskilfully and agreeably paid him with as much ease as if hehad known him these thirty years. Each of these littletickling arrows must have pleased my father," added Albertwith a laugh. "And thus they parted the best possiblefriends, and M. de Morcerf even wished to take him to theChamber to hear the speakers." The countess made no reply.She fell into so deep a revery that her eyes graduallyclosed. The young man, standing up before her, gazed uponher with that filial affection which is so tender andendearing with children whose mothers are still young andhandsome. Then, after seeing her eyes closed, and hearingher breathe gently, he believed she had dropped asleep, andleft the apartment on tiptoe, closing the door after himwith the utmost precaution. "This devil of a fellow," hemuttered, shaking his head; "I said at the time he wouldcreate a sensation here, and I measure his effect by aninfallible thermometer. My mother has noticed him, and hemust therefore, perforce, be remarkable." He went down tothe stables, not without some slight annoyance, when heremembered that the Count of Monte Cristo had laid his handson a "turnout" which sent his bays down to second place inthe opinion of connoisseurs. "Most decidedly," said he, "menare not equal, and I must beg my father to develop thistheorem in the Chamber of Peers."


1.  The island was familiar to the crew of The Young Amelia, --it was one of her regular haunts. As to Dantes, he hadpassed it on his voyage to and from the Levant, but nevertouched at it. He questioned Jacopo. "Where shall we passthe night?" he inquired.
2.  "In his mother's laboratory."
3.  "Did you notice the symptoms of the disease to which Madamede Saint-Meran has fallen a victim?"
4.  At length Tuesday came, the last and most tumultuous day ofthe Carnival. On Tuesday, the theatres open at ten o'clockin the morning, as Lent begins after eight at night. OnTuesday, all those who through want of money, time, orenthusiasm, have not been to see the Carnival before, minglein the gayety, and contribute to the noise and excitement.From two o'clock till five Franz and Albert followed in thefete, exchanging handfuls of confetti with the othercarriages and the pedestrians, who crowded amongst thehorses' feet and the carriage wheels without a singleaccident, a single dispute, or a single fight. The fetes areveritable pleasure days to the Italians. The author of thishistory, who has resided five or six years in Italy, doesnot recollect to have ever seen a ceremony interrupted byone of those events so common in other countries. Albert wastriumphant in his harlequin costume. A knot of rose-coloredribbons fell from his shoulder almost to the ground. Inorder that there might be no confusion, Franz wore hispeasant's costume.
5.   "He is, as you see, a very valuable animal," saidMaximilian. "You know that my means are limited, and that Iam what would be designated a man of moderate pretensions.Well, I went to a horse dealer's, where I saw thismagnificent horse, which I have named Medeah. I asked theprice; they told me it was 4,500 francs. I was, therefore,obliged to give it up, as you may imagine, but I own I wentaway with rather a heavy heart, for the horse had looked atme affectionately, had rubbed his head against me and, whenI mounted him, had pranced in the most delightful wayimaginable, so that I was altogether fascinated with him.The same evening some friends of mine visited me, -- M. deChateau-Renaud, M. Debray, and five or six other choicespirits, whom you do not know, even by name. They proposed agame of bouillotte. I never play, for I am not rich enoughto afford to lose, or sufficiently poor to desire to gain.But I was at my own house, you understand, so there wasnothing to be done but to send for the cards, which I did.
6.  "Did he send you?"


1.  "Here I am," said Vampa, instantly appearing; "what do youwant?"
2.  The old patron did not interfere, for he too had recognizedthe superiority of Dantes over the crew and himself. He sawin the young man his natural successor, and regretted thathe had not a daughter, that he might have bound Edmond tohim by a more secure alliance. At seven o'clock in theevening all was ready, and at ten minutes past seven theydoubled the lighthouse just as the beacon was kindled. Thesea was calm, and, with a fresh breeze from the south-east,they sailed beneath a bright blue sky, in which God alsolighted up in turn his beacon lights, each of which is aworld. Dantes told them that all hands might turn in, and hewould take the helm. When the Maltese (for so they calledDantes) had said this, it was sufficient, and all went totheir bunks contentedly. This frequently happened. Dantes,cast from solitude into the world, frequently experienced animperious desire for solitude; and what solitude is morecomplete, or more poetical, then that of a ship floating inisolation on the sea during the obscurity of the night, inthe silence of immensity, and under the eye of heaven?
3.  "Really, he is by no means a light load!" said the otherbearer, sitting on the edge of the hand-barrow. Dantes'first impulse was to escape, but fortunately he did notattempt it.
4、  "Good-by."
5、  "Say, rather, crime!" replied the doctor.




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      "And that is the very thing that alarms me," returnedDantes. "Man does not appear to me to be intended to enjoyfelicity so unmixed; happiness is like the enchanted palaceswe read of in our childhood, where fierce, fiery dragonsdefend the entrance and approach; and monsters of all shapesand kinds, requiring to be overcome ere victory is ours. Iown that I am lost in wonder to find myself promoted to anhonor of which I feel myself unworthy -- that of being thehusband of Mercedes."

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      "And," said Madame de Villefort, "I need not ask you if youshare that fancy."

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       "Yes; yours -- your own property."

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      "And where is the messenger?"

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    {  "And so he is in Paris?"

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      "Thanks," said the poor abbe, shivering as though his veinswere filled with ice. "I am about to be seized with a fit ofcatalepsy; when it comes to its height I shall probably liestill and motionless as though dead, uttering neither sighnor groan. On the other hand, the symptoms may be much moreviolent, and cause me to fall into fearful convulsions, foamat the mouth, and cry out loudly. Take care my cries are notheard, for if they are it is more than probable I should beremoved to another part of the prison, and we be separatedforever. When I become quite motionless, cold, and rigid asa corpse, then, and not before, -- be careful about this, --force open my teeth with the knife, pour from eight to tendrops of the liquor containted in the phial down my throat,and I may perhaps revive."}

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      "Five or six days hence at the latest."

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      "Yes," replied the count, going to the door, and returning.Franz gave him Albert's letter. "Read that," he said. Thecount read it.

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       "Indeed it is, after so long a separation."

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    {  Chapter 71Bread and Salt.

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