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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "PARDIEU! In the opposite direction to that which you said I wasgone. Besides, are you not as anxious to learn news of Grimaud,Mousqueton, and Bazin as I am to know what has become of Athos,Porthos, and Aramis?"
2.  The little house was surrounded by a low, quickset hedge, two or threefeet high. Athos sprang over the hedge and went up to the window, whichwas without shutters, but had the half-curtains closely drawn.He mounted the skirting stone that his eyes might look over the curtain.By the light of a lamp he saw a woman, wrapped in a dark mantle, seatedupon a stool near a dying fire. Her elbows were placed upon a meantable, and she leaned her head upon her two hands, which were white asivory.
3.  "This is all very well," murmured the king, "yes, this is justthe account the duke gave me of the affair. Poor cardinal!Seven men in two days, and those of his very best! But that'squite enough, gentlemen; please to understand, that's enough.You have taken your revenge for the Rue Ferou, and even exceededit; you ought to be satisfied."
4.  "Ah, ah! but what's going on in the city yonder?" saidAthos.
5.  As Athos and Porthos had foreseen, at the expiration of a halfhour, D'Artagnan returned. He had again missed his man, who haddisappeared as if by enchantment. D'Artagnan had run, sword inhand, through all the neighboring streets, but had found nobodyresembling the man he sought for. Then he came back to the pointwhere, perhaps, he ought to have begun, and that was to knock atthe door against which the stranger had leaned; but this proveduseless--for though he knocked ten or twelve times in succession,no one answered, and some of the neighbors, who put their nosesout of their windows or were brought to their doors by the noise,had assured him that that house, all the openings of which weretightly closed, had not been inhabited for six months.While D'Artagnan was running through the streets and knocking atdoors, Aramis had joined his companions; so that on returning himD'Artagnan found the reunion complete.
6.  "Be kind enough to pardon me, madame; but in this circumstance Iam but the instrument which the king employs. Has not hisMajesty just left you, and has he not himself asked you toprepare for this visit?"


1.  "Near the Carmes-Deschaux."
2.  "Weak or strong," repeated Milady, "that man has, then, a sparkof pity in his soul; of that spark I will make a flame that shalldevour him. As to the other, he knows me, he fears me, and knowswhat he has to expect of me if ever I escape from his hands. Itis useless, then, to attempt anything with him. But Felton--that's another thing. He is a young, ingenious, pure man whoseems virtuous; him there are means of destroying."And Milady went to bed and fell asleep with a smile upon herlips. Anyone who had seen her sleeping might have said she was ayoung girl dreaming of the crown of flowers she was to wear onher brow at the next festival.
3.  "Her lover."
4.  "No, bring me all four together. I wish to thank them all atonce. Devoted men are so rare, Treville, by the back staircase.It is useless to let the cardinal know."
5.  "You are young," replied Athos; "and your bitter recollections have timeto change themselves into sweet remembrances."
6.  "You have, no doubt, some order from the cardinal about you?""I have my FULL POWER."


1.  It was not difficult to conquer, as she had hitherto done, menprompt to let themselves be seduced, and whom the gallanteducation of a court led quickly into her net. Milady washandsome enough not to find much resistance on the part of theflesh, and she was sufficiently skillful to prevail over all theobstacles of the mind.
2.  "Speak, my child, speak," said D'Artagnan; "I listen.""Here? Impossible! That which I have to say is too long,and above all, too secret."
3.  "Ah, ah!" said Aramis, "the black points and the red pointsare visibly enlarging. I am of D'Artagnan's opinion; wehave no time to lose in regaining our camp."
4.  "Of lofty stature."
5.   "Hold, Madame Bonacieux," said the mercer, "hold! I positivelyrefuse; intrigues terrify me. I have seen the Bastille. My!Whew! That's a frightful place, that Bastille! Only to think ofit makes my flesh crawl. They threatened me with torture. Doyou know what torture is? Wooden points that they stick inbetween your legs till your bones stick out! No, positively Iwill not go. And, MORBLEU, why do you not go yourself? For intruth, I think I have hitherto been deceived in you. I reallybelieve you are a man, and a violent one, too."
6.  "Monsieur shall see that upon occasion I have some left; only Ibeg Monsieur not to be too prodigal of it if he wishes it to lastlong."


1.  The other was a large square epistle, resplendent with theterrible arms of his Eminence the cardinal duke.
2.  "Till then, God preserve your Majesty!"
3.  "What are their names?"
4、  D'Artagnan did not know London; he did not know a word ofEnglish; but he wrote the name of Buckingham on a piece of paper,and everyone pointed out to him the way to the duke's hotel.The duke was at Windsor hunting with the king. D'Artagnaninquired for the confidential valet of the duke, who, havingaccompanied him in all his voyages, spoke French perfectly well;he told him that he came from Paris on an affair of life anddeath, and that he must speak with his master instantly.The confidence with which D'Artagnan spoke convinced Patrick,which was the name of this minister of the minister. He orderedtwo horses to be saddled, and himself went as guide to the youngGuardsman. As for Planchet, he had been lifted from his horse asstiff as a rush; the poor lad's strength was almost exhausted.D'Artagnan seemed iron.
5、  "Indeed?"




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      "My Lord, Madame, I ask a hundred pardons! But I love her, myLord, and was jealous. You know what it is to love, my Lord.Pardon me, and then tell me how I can risk my life to serve yourGrace?"

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      The three friends burst into laughter.

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       "But, my dear love, reflect a little upon what you require of me.London is far from Paris, very far, and perhaps the commissionwith which you charge me is not without dangers?""What matters it, if you avoid them?"

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      "That it is only the Pope who is infallible, and that thisinfallibility does not extend to cardinals."

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    {  "In the first place," said Athos, "let us leave thischamber; the dead are not agreeable company, particularlywhen they have died a violent death."

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      "The devil take the madman!" murmured M. de Treville, "unless,"added he, "this is a cunning mode of escaping, seeing that he hadfailed in his purpose!"}

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      D'Artagnan profited by the circumstance to speak to M. deTreville of the letter with the great red seal and thecardinal's arms. It is well understood that he did notbreathe a word about the other.

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      "Because a mistress is one of the cardinal's favorite means; hehas not one that is more expeditious. A woman will sell you forten pistoles, witness Delilah. You are acquainted with theScriptures?"

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       Then she continued her singing with inexpressible fervor andfeeling. It appeared to her that the sounds spread to a distancebeneath the vaulted roofs, and carried with them a magic charm tosoften the hearts of her jailers. It however likewise appearedthat the soldier on duty--a zealous Catholic, no doubt--shook offthe charm, for through the door he called: "Hold your tongue,madame! Your song is as dismal as a 'De profundis'; and ifbesides the pleasure of being in garrison here, we must hear suchthings as these, no mortal can hold out."

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    {  The poor young woman could not possibly suspect what frightful crueltywas behind the rampart of that pure brow, behind those brilliant eyes inwhich she read nothing but interest and compassion."Then you know what I have suffered," said Mme. Bonacieux, "since hehas told you what he has suffered; but to suffer for him is happiness.Milady replied mechanically, "Yes, that is happiness." She was thinkingof something else.

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      "But where are you going?"