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1.   They're in their glory, mark their elevation!
2. 如需获得授权请联系第一财经版权部:021-22002972或021-22002335。
3. 我意识到,在这个房间里的每个人,他们的工作都是可以在家完成的。
4. "Oh," she gasped, "it is true! It is true!"
5.   I was obliged to consider a little before I understood what Mr. Peggotty meant by this figure, expressive of a complete circle of intelligence. I then thanked him heartily; and said, with a consciousness of reddening, that I supposed little Em'ly was altered too, since we used to pick up shells and pebbles on the beach?
6.   There was a gorgeous talk on Sunday evening, when the conversation drifted again to love.


1. 到目前为止,结果仍然对共和党人有利。民主党人为了改善自身处境,必须实施某种策略行动。他们必须将整个局面转为相继出招的博弈,以抢占先机,让共和党人针对他们的策略做出回应。②于是,我们就要考虑什么样的威胁、许诺或者其他行动可以扭转局面,使其有利于民主党人。
2.   With an exclamation of impatience, but with his Un+changeable face, Monseigneur looked out.
3. 在环球时报-环球网赴武汉特派记者与社区医生一同上门排查的过程中,一些小区居民看到身着防护服的社区医生就会下意识的加快脚步躲远。
4. 庭审现场,陈贵平对检方指控无异议,愿认罪认罚。
5. 犹如一枚石子投入平静的水面,越没有预期,舆论的反应越激烈。
6. 因此,扫码女孩的行为对于乘客来说,是一种骚扰。


1. "And when I returned to consciousness poor Crewe was dead--and buried. And I seemed to remember nothing. I did not remember the child for months and months. Even when I began to recall her existence everything seemed in a sort of haze."
2. 三分之一的莆田系已经倒闭律师张新年也开始关注莆田系医院,他为莆田系医院的受害者进行了一系列公益维权活动。
3. 韩林儿、刘福通在安丰驻守抗元,到一三六二年底,已坚持三年有余。这时,北上的各路军已先后丧失,东起淄、沂,西越关、陕,都被元军和地主武装夺去。安丰城中粮饷不继,至于人相食,仍坚持拒守。一三六三年二月,降元的张士诚派部将吕珍向安丰进攻。安丰兵少粮尽,宋帝韩林儿与刘福通派遣使者向朱元璋部求援。吕珍攻破安丰,刘福通力战牺牲。朱元璋领兵来援,救出韩林儿,拥至滁州。小明王韩林儿以宋帝名义,加封朱元璋为大宋中书右丞相。
4. For several days it had rained continuously; the streets were chilly and sloppy and full of dreary, cold mist; there was mud everywhere-- sticky London mud--and over everything the pall of drizzle and fog. Of course there were several long and tiresome errands to be done-- there always were on days like this--and Sara was sent out again and again, until her shabby clothes were damp through. The absurd old feathers on her forlorn hat were more draggled and absurd than ever, and her downtrodden shoes were so wet that they could not hold any more water. Added to this, she had been deprived of her dinner, because Miss Minchin had chosen to punish her. She was so cold and hungry and tired that her face began to have a pinched look, and now and then some kind-hearted person passing her in the street glanced at her with sudden sympathy. But she did not know that. She hurried on, trying to make her mind think of something else. It was really very necessary. Her way of doing it was to "pretend" and "suppose" with all the strength that was left in her. But really this time it was harder than she had ever found it, and once or twice she thought it almost made her more cold and hungry instead of less so. But she persevered obstinately, and as the muddy water squelched through her broken shoes and the wind seemed trying to drag her thin jacket from her, she talked to herself as she walked, though she did not speak aloud or even move her lips.
5. 条例围绕破解市场主体生产经营活动中的痛点难点堵点,着力落实市场主体公平待遇。
6.   In the time of this plague and dreadful visitation, the LordPresident, his Lady, Sonnes, Daughters, Brothers, Nephewes, andKindred dyed, none remaining alive, but one onely Daughtermarriageable, a few of the houshold servants, beside Perotto, whom(after the sickenesse was more mildly asswaged) with counsell andconsent of the Countrey people, the young Lady accepted to be herhusband, because hee was a man so worthy and valiant; and of all theinheritance left by her deceased Father, she made him Lord, and solecommander. Within no long while after, the King of Englandunderstanding that his President of Wales was dead, and Fame liberallyrelating the vertues, valour, and good parts of Perotto the Piccard,hee created him President thereof, and to supply the place of hisdeceased Lord. These faire fortunes, within the compasse of so short atime, fell to the two innocent children of the Count D'Angiers afterthey were left by him as lost and forlorne.


1.   And how must I thy services repay?
2. St. Vincent “Digital Witness” (Loma Vista/Republic)
3. 操作方法:直接使用。
4. 感谢春秋航空的大力协助。
5.   It is even difficult for me to believe that there was a gap of full two months between my return to Salem House and the arrival of that birthday. I can only understand that the fact was so, because I know it must have been so; otherwise I should feel convinced that there was no interval, and that the one occasion trod upon the other's heels.
6. 然而在此之前,“G14”集团的许多计划和要求都已经实现了。1998年,欧洲超级杯比赛在参赛球队和媒体合作公司方面都出现了分散流失的危险。在这种情况下,欧洲足联被迫对欧洲冠军杯赛的参赛名额进行了调整,由原来的16支球队增加到了32支,同时,在比赛和后期电视转播权方面取得的收入中,也明显提高了各俱乐部球队获得的利润份额。此外,欧洲联盟杯赛也向连续入围冠军杯赛三次以上的俱乐部提供了一个资格名额,使他们得到了想要的赚钱机会,并且也使他们可以更多地参与到冠军杯赛中去。上面这一切都在显示着一种趋


1. They found themselves in a big bright lovely world, full of the most interesting and enchanting things to learn about and to do. The people everywhere were friendly and polite. No Herland child ever met the overbearing rudeness we so commonly show to children. They were People, too, from the first; the most precious part of the nation.
2. 当然,劳动力市场的复苏一直是渐进的,并可能保持这种状况。就业增长速度就需要在目前基础上大大提高,才能让失业率真正大为改观。失业率虽然低于三年前的10%,现在仍然高达7.9%。[qh]
3. In geology they were quite ignorant.

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