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1. 9月30日,中国旅游研究院与途牛旅游网联合发布“2016年暑期旅游盘点及秋季展望”。
2. 即便对于阿里来说,这事还是挺难的,不管现在Teambition或者钉钉的规模再大,还是会有一个问题——这样的软件是「非普惠型」的,中国有3亿白领,要让里面有1亿人每天可以很顺手、很方便的使用这些工具和方法,这个愿望是很不容易的。
3. 1月24日晚出现发热,无其他明显异常症状。
4.   The sweet young innocent!
5. 针对病者的强制隔离,已得到政府强有力统一管理。
6. 美国全国地产经纪商协会(National Association of Realtors)的数据显示,自去年7月份以来美国成屋销量每月都在下滑。这和美国借贷成本上升是同步的。由于美联储暗示将缩减购债计划的规模,整个经济的借贷成本不断上升。


1.   He watched his opportunity of taking Darnay aside into a window, and of speaking to him when no one overheard.
2.   "I am quite comfortable, sir. I have no need to stay. I havesimply looked in to know how your self-appointed task wasprogressing."
3.   "Yes, my dear father," replied Edmond, smiling at hisfather's astonishment at the excessive honor paid to hisson.
4. 在所有的物品中,有一小部分是有胜于无,但却不是多胜于少的。其原因是这种物品供过于求,即使再多一点也没有用,所以多胜于少就说不上了。这样的物品不多,而最常被引用的例子是空气。在空气清新的地区,空气用之不竭,没有人会争取多一点空气。空气虽然是非常重要,但也只能说是有胜于无,不是多胜于少。空气于是就成为一种免费物品而非经济物品。话得说回来,在人烟稠密之区,空气污浊,要多一点新鲜空气就变得很现实了。在这样的情况下,新鲜空气就再也不是一种免费物品,而是一种经济物品。
5.   "Sir Robert Norberton's wife, I presume!"
6.   When the feasting was finished, he caused a Ship to be furnished forthem, graunting them license to depart from Geneway when they pleased;whither they returned most richly and joyfully, being welcomed homewith great honour, especially Madam Genevra, whom every one supposedto be dead; and alwayes after, so long as she lived, shee was mostfamous for her manifold vertues. But as for Ambroginolo, the veriesame day that hee was impaled on the stake, annointed with honey,and fixed in the place appointed, to his no meane torment: he notonely died, but likewise was devoured to the bare bones, by Flies,Waspes, and Hornets, whereof the Countrey notoriously aboundeth. Andhis bones, in full forme and fashion, remained strangely blacke fora long time after, knit together by the sinewes; as a witnesse to manythousands of people, which afterward beheld the Carkasse of hiswickednesse against so good and vertuous a Woman, that had not so muchas a thought of any evill towards him. And thus was the Proverbe trulyverified, that shame succeedeth after ugly sinne, and the deceiveris trampled and trod, by such as himselfe hath deceived.


1.   'Indeed, Miss Dartle, no!'
2. 2.3.1中国特色新型智库“特在哪里”中国特色新型智库最大的特征,就是坚持党管智库。
3.   `Then, I think,' said Mr. Lorry, `that I was very unhandsomely dealt with, and that I ought to have had a voice in the selection of my pattern. Enough! Now, my dear Lucie,' drawing his arm soothingly round her waist, `I hear them moving in the next room, and Miss Pross and I, as two formal folks of business, are anxious not to lose the final opportunity of saying something to you that you wish to hear. You leave your good father, my dear, in hands as earnest and as loving as your own; he shall be taken every conceivable care of; during the next fortnight, while you are in Warwickshire and thereabouts, even Tellson's shall go to the wall (comparatively speaking) before him. And when, at the fortnight's end, he comes to join you and your beloved husband, on your other fortnight's trip in Wales, you shall say that we have sent him to you in the best health and in the happiest frame. Now I hear Somebody's step coming to the door. Let me kiss my dear girl with an old-fashioned bachelor blessing, before Somebody comes to claim his own.'
4.   And [all] about the temple danc'd alway Women enough, of whiche some there were Fair of themselves, and some of them were gay In kirtles* all dishevell'd went they there; *tunics That was their office* ever, from year to year; *duty, occupation And on the temple saw I, white and fair, Of doves sitting many a thousand pair. <13>
5. 六个学生的家长都到医院看望过小丁,并表示愿意赔偿。
6.   "Yes," continued Athos, "four times only; once at the house ofMonsieur Crequy; another time at my own house in the country, inmy chateau at--when I had a chateau; a third time at Monsieur deTreville's where it surprised us all; and the fourth time at acabaret, where it fell to my lot, and where I lost a hundredlouis and a supper on it."


1.   The moment his Highness entered the courtyard, the princess flung herself at his feet, but he bent and raised her, and gazed at her for some time, struck with her grace and beauty, and also with the indefinable air of courts that seemed to hang round this country girl. "They are all worthy one of the other," he said to himself, "and I am not surprised that they think so much of her opinions. I must know more of them."
2. 但在此之前,他的内心早已经有了商业的谋篇布局。
3. 三、穆斯林帝国的辉煌
4. 来源可能就是捕风捉影的一张图,可能是贴吧某个粉丝的帖子或者微博上某个用户的吐槽,然后就根据这张图闭着眼去杜撰想象,瞎编几段文字,比如明星离婚了,怀孕了,出轨了……这些永远是娱乐版块的热词。
5.   Now that he had no work to hold, he laid the knuckles of the right hand in the hollow of the left, and then the knuckles of the left hand in the hollow of the right, and then passed a hand across his bearded chin, and so on in regular changes, without a moment's intermission. The task of recalling him from the vacancy into which he always sank when he had spoken, was like recalling some very weak person from a swoon, or endeavouring, in the hope of some disclosure, to stay the spirit of a fast-dying man.
6.   "It will very much depend upon the results of my first


1. 投资增加而消费可以不变?
2. 西汉时期董仲舒对五行的顺序重新安排,在《春秋繁露》中提出了比相生而间相胜的主张,赋予五行以方位、时节和道德伦常的意义。董仲舒规定的五行分布的位置、相应的时节、职司、德性及例官分别是:木:木居左,木居东方而主春气,东方者木,农之本,司农尚仁,召公是也.火:火居前,火居南方而主夏气,南方者火也,本朝司马尚智,周公是也.土:土居中央,兼及四时.中央者土,君官也,司营尚信,太公是也.金:金居右,金居西方而主秋气,西方者金,大理司徒也,司徒尚义,子胥是也.
3.   Hurstwood was in his best form, as usual. He hadn't heard thatDrouet was out of town. He was but slightly affected by theintelligence, and devoted himself to the more general topicswhich would interest Carrie. It was surprising--the ease withwhich he conducted a conversation. He was like every man who hashad the advantage of practice and knows he has sympathy. He knewthat Carrie listened to him pleasurably, and, without the leasteffort, he fell into a train of observation which absorbed herfancy. He drew up his chair and modulated his voice to such adegree that what he said seemed wholly confidential. He confinedhimself almost exclusively to his observation of men andpleasures. He had been here and there, he had seen this andthat. Somehow he made Carrie wish to see similar things, and allthe while kept her aware of himself. She could not shut out theconsciousness of his individuality and presence for a moment. Hewould raise his eyes slowly in smiling emphasis of something, andshe was fixed by their magnetism. He would draw out, with theeasiest grace, her approval. Once he touched her hand foremphasis and she only smiled. He seemed to radiate an atmospherewhich suffused her being. He was never dull for a minute, andseemed to make her clever. At least, she brightened under hisinfluence until all her best side was exhibited. She felt thatshe was more clever with him than with others. At least, heseemed to find so much in her to applaud. There was not theslightest touch of patronage. Drouet was full of it.

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      The two Musketeers were already there, and were playing together.Athos, who was very expert in all bodily exercises, passed withD'Artagnan to the opposite side and challenged them; but at thefirst effort he made, although he played with his left hand, hefound that his wound was yet too recent to allow of suchexertion. D'Artagnan remained, therefore, alone; and as hedeclared he was too ignorant of the game to play it regularlythey only continued giving balls to one another without counting.But one of these balls, launched by Porthos' herculean hand,passed so close to D'Artagnan's face that he thought that if,instead of passing near, it had hit him, his audience would havebeen probably lost, as it would have been impossible for him topresent himself before the king. Now, as upon this audience, inhis Gascon imagination, depended his future life, he salutedAramis and Porthos politely, declaring that he would not resumethe game until he should be prepared to play with them on moreequal terms, and went and took his place near the cord and in thegallery.

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    He stepped forward, with his brilliant ingratiating smile, and made low obeisance to the women before him. Then he produced another tribute, a broad soft scarf of filmy texture, rich in color and pattern, a lovely thing, even to my eye, and offered it with a deep bow to the tall unsmiling woman who seemed to head the ranks before him. She took it with a gracious nod of acknowledgment, and passed it on to those behind her.

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      Thy sugar droppes sweet of Helicon Distil in me, thou gentle Muse, I pray; And thee, Melpomene, <6> I call anon Of ignorance the mist to chase away; And give me grace so for to write and say, That she, my lady, of her worthiness, Accept *in gree* this little short treatess,* *with favour* *treatise