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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Silence!" exclaimed Dantes. "Steps approach -- I go --adieu."
2.  "Come, you do not flatter him."
3.  "Oh, that is very simple; we have not sought to scandalize.This news was brought to us. A man arrived yesterday fromYanina, bringing a formidable array of documents; and whenwe hesitated to publish the accusatory article, he told usit should be inserted in some other paper."
4.  "Had Madame de Saint-Meran any enemies?"
5.  "How long have you been here?"
6.  "You, madame?" "You, dear mamma?" exclaimed M. de Villefortand Valentine at the same time.


1.  "Oh, I do not mean her fortune only; but tell me" --
2.  "So young," said Albert, forgetting at the moment theCount's command that he should ask no questions of the slaveherself, "is it possible that you can have known whatsuffering is except by name?"
3.  The eyes of both were fixed upon the spot indicated by thesailor, and on the blue line separating the sky from theMediterranean Sea, they perceived a large white sail."Gone," said Morrel; "gone! -- adieu, my friend -- adieu, myfather!"
4.  "But when will that be?"
5.  "Middling."
6.  "Why, what good would it do?" asked Caderousse. "If the poorlad were living, and came to me and begged that I wouldcandidly tell which were his true and which his falsefriends, why, perhaps, I should not hesitate. But you tellme he is no more, and therefore can have nothing to do withhatred or revenge, so let all such feeling be buried withhim."


1.  "And what is your opinion?"
2.  Morrel expected Villefort would be dejected; he found him ashe had found him six weeks before, calm, firm, and full ofthat glacial politeness, that most insurmountable barrierwhich separates the well-bred from the vulgar man.
3.  "I know so many men already."
4.  An ironical smile passed over Albert's lips. Mercedes saw itand with the double instinct of woman and mother guessedall; but as she was prudent and strong-minded she concealedboth her sorrows and her fears. Albert was silent; aninstant after, the countess resumed: "You came to inquireafter my health; I will candidly acknowledge that I am notwell. You should install yourself here, and cheer mysolitude. I do not wish to be left alone."
5.   We remember that the Abbe Busoni remained alone withNoirtier in the chamber of death, and that the old man andthe priest were the sole guardians of the young girl's body.Perhaps it was the Christian exhortations of the abbe,perhaps his kind charity, perhaps his persuasive words,which had restored the courage of Noirtier, for ever sincehe had conversed with the priest his violent despair hadyielded to a calm resignation which surprised all who knewhis excessive affection for Valentine. M. de Villefort hadnot seen his father since the morning of the death. Thewhole establishment had been changed; another valet wasengaged for himself, a new servant for Noirtier, two womenhad entered Madame de Villefort's service, -- in fact,everywhere, to the concierge and coachmen, new faces werepresented to the different masters of the house, thuswidening the division which had always existed between themembers of the same family.
6.  "Your excellency, we must live somehow," returned the other,smiling impenetrably.


1.  "What is he going to do?" thought Villefort, whose positiondemanded much reserve, but who was longing to know what hisfather's intentions were. He left the room to give ordersfor another notary to be sent, but Barrois, who had heardall that passed, had guessed his master's wishes, and hadalready gone to fetch one. The procureur then told his wifeto come up. In the course of a quarter of an hour every onehad assembled in the chamber of the paralytic; the secondnotary had also arrived. A few words sufficed for a mutualunderstanding between the two officers of the law. They readto Noirtier the formal copy of a will, in order to give himan idea of the terms in which such documents are generallycouched; then, in order to test the capacity of thetestator, the first notary said, turning towards him, --"When an individual makes his will, it is generally in favoror in prejudice of some person."
2.  "It is the social capital of a theatre on the boulevard, ora railroad from the Jardin des Plantes to La Rapee."
3.  "Certainly, dear Maximilian, for if it is good, I willfollow it; you know my devotion to you."
4、  "He must sell them at whatever price."
5、  "Ah, yes, the hashish is beginning its work. Well, unfurlyour wings, and fly into superhuman regions; fear nothing,there is a watch over you; and if your wings, like those ofIcarus, melt before the sun, we are here to ease your fall."He then said something in Arabic to Ali, who made a sign ofobedience and withdrew, but not to any distance. As to Franza strange transformation had taken place in him. All thebodily fatigue of the day, all the preoccupation of mindwhich the events of the evening had brought on, disappearedas they do at the first approach of sleep, when we are stillsufficiently conscious to be aware of the coming of slumber.His body seemed to acquire an airy lightness, his perceptionbrightened in a remarkable manner, his senses seemed toredouble their power, the horizon continued to expand; butit was not the gloomy horizon of vague alarms, and which hehad seen before he slept, but a blue, transparent, unboundedhorizon, with all the blue of the ocean, all the spangles ofthe sun, all the perfumes of the summer breeze; then, in themidst of the songs of his sailors, -- songs so clear andsonorous, that they would have made a divine harmony hadtheir notes been taken down, -- he saw the Island of MonteCristo, no longer as a threatening rock in the midst of thewaves, but as an oasis in the desert; then, as his boat drewnearer, the songs became louder, for an enchanting andmysterious harmony rose to heaven, as if some Loreley haddecreed to attract a soul thither, or Amphion, theenchanter, intended there to build a city.




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      "Oh, you are beautiful -- always beautiful!" cried Louise."Now, where are you going?"

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      "It is past noon," said she, "and to-day is Saturday; I daresay it is the doctor, grandpapa." Noirtier looked hisconviction that she was right in her supposition. "He willcome in here, and M. Morrel had better go, -- do you notthink so, grandpapa?"

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       "If I took them, and were detected, I should lose my place,which is worth two thousand francs a year; so that I shouldbe a great fool to run such a risk for three hundred."

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      "Something which will surprise you."

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    {  "And yet the murder, if you choose to call it so, would besimply a measure of self-preservation."

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      "Undoubtedly, and so should I prefer it, after the effects Ihave seen produced; but of course it is a secret, and I amnot so indiscreet as to ask it of you."}

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      "Once more," replied the major.

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      "The father's?"

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       "I was."

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    {  Chapter 88The Insult.

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      "Ah, my dear M. Cavalcanti, I trust you will not leavebefore I have had the honor of presenting you to some of myfriends."