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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Twenty-nine Ogden Place."
2.  Carrie took the cue, and replied:
3.  "All alone?" she said.
4.  "No, sir," said Carrie.
5.  The end came with a real mob, which met the car on its returntrip a mile or two from the barns. It was an exceedingly poor-looking neighbourhood. He wanted to run fast through it, butagain the track was blocked. He saw men carrying something outto it when he was yet a half-dozen blocks away.
6.  The rehearsal ended for one day, and Carrie went home feelingthat she had acquitted herself satisfactorily. The words of thedirector were ringing in her ears, and she longed for anopportunity to tell Hurstwood. She wanted him to know just howwell she was doing. Drouet, too, was an object for herconfidences. She could hardly wait until he should ask her, andyet she did not have the vanity to bring it up. The drummer,however, had another line of thought to-night, and her littleexperience did not appeal to him as important. He let theconversation drop, save for what she chose to recite withoutsolicitation, and Carrie was not good at that. He took it forgranted that she was doing very well and he was relieved offurther worry. Consequently he threw Carrie into repression,which was irritating. She felt his indifference keenly andlonged to see Hurstwood. It was as if he were now the onlyfriend she had on earth. The next morning Drouet was interestedagain, but the damage had been done.


1.  "You said Charlie was hurt," said Carrie, savagely. "Youdeceived me. You've been deceiving me all the time, and now youwant to force me to run away with you."
2.  There is a more subtle result of such a situation as this, which,though not always taken into account, produces the tragedies ofthe world. The great create an atmosphere which reacts badlyupon the small. This atmosphere is easily and quickly felt.Walk among the magnificent residences, the splendid equipages,the gilded shops, restaurants, resorts of all kinds; scent theflowers, the silks, the wines; drink of the laughter springingfrom the soul of luxurious content, of the glances which gleamlike light from defiant spears; feel the quality of the smileswhich cut like glistening swords and of strides born of place,and you shall know of what is the atmosphere of the high andmighty. Little use to argue that of such is not the kingdom ofgreatness, but so long as the world is attracted by this and thehuman heart views this as the one desirable realm which it mustattain, so long, to that heart, will this remain the realm ofgreatness. So long, also, will the atmosphere of this realm workits desperate results in the soul of man. It is like a chemicalreagent. One day of it, like one drop of the other, will soaffect and discolour the views, the aims, the desire of the mind,that it will thereafter remain forever dyed. A day of it to theuntried mind is like opium to the untried body. A craving is setup which, if gratified, shall eternally result in dreams anddeath. Aye! dreams unfulfilled--gnawing, luring, idle phantomswhich beckon and lead, beckon and lead, until death anddissolution dissolve their power and restore us blind to nature'sheart.
3.  "He ain't so cold."
4.  "Of course. Every hotel depends upon the repute of its patrons.A well-known actress like yourself," and he bowed politely, whileCarrie flushed, "draws attention to the hotel, and--although youmay not believe it--patrons."
5.  The men complained that this system was extending, and that thetime was not far off when but a few out of 7,000 employees wouldhave regular two-dollar-a-day work at all. They demanded thatthe system be abolished, and that ten hours be considered a day'swork, barring unavoidable delays, with .25 pay. They demandedimmediate acceptance of these terms, which the various trolleycompanies refused.
6.  "You have, eh?" she answered. "You've deceived me--that's whatyou've done. You've brought your old friends out here underfalse pretences. You've made me out to be--Oh," and with thisher voice broke and she pressed her two little hands togethertragically.


1.  "Can you always get in another show?"
2.  Drouet followed him with his eyes, much interested.
3.  "So you didn't get it?" said Minnie, referring to Carrie's storyof the Boston Store.
4.  From Partridge's they went to a shoe store, where Carrie wasfitted for shoes. Drouet stood by, and when he saw how nice theylooked, said, "Wear them." Carrie shook her head, however. Shewas thinking of returning to the flat. He bought her a purse forone thing, and a pair of gloves for another, and let her buy thestockings.
5.   "Well, you know what I am here for, don't you?" said the manconfidentially.
6.  Such little arguments were all too frequent, the result of agrowth of natures which were largely independent and selfish.George, Jr., manifested even greater touchiness and exaggerationin the matter of his individual rights, and attempted to make allfeel that he was a man with a man's privileges--an assumptionwhich, of all things, is most groundless and pointless in a youthof nineteen.


1.  Carrie smiled under his irresistible flood of geniality.
2.  "Mercy!" interrupted Carrie. "I couldn't pay any such rate asthat."
3.  She cleaned up the things one morning after he had gone, dressedas neatly as her wardrobe permitted, and set out for Broadway.She did not know that thoroughfare very well. To her it was awonderful conglomeration of everything great and mighty. Thetheatres were there--these agencies must be somewhere about.
4、  Then he went to the door, took a good look around and went out.
5、  "Like to have you both come down and go to the show with meWednesday," concluded Hurstwood at parting.




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      "What's the matter, George?" asked Taintor. "You look a littleglum. Haven't lost at the track, have you?"

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      He felt that the time was up. An explanation might as well comenow as later. Therefore, he shook his head in the most gentlenegative.

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       "I guess papa's gone," said Jessica.

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      He saw some energetic charging by the police and arrests beingmade.

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    {  "Now, go on."

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      "Why?" she questioned.}

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      "No," she answered, "I was just wondering."

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      "Oh, jolly! Have they?" cried Lola, running to her. "That's allright," she said, looking. "You'll get more now, if you do well.I had my picture in the 'World' once."

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       "You'll get that all right," said Drouet. "What's the useworrying right now? Get yourself fixed up. See the city. Iwon't hurt you."

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    {  "Were you at the performance last evening?" she asked of the nextof Hurstwood's friends who greeted her as she sat in her box.

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      "Yes. Sometimes you get a little more. This show doesn't payvery much."