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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How's that?" he thought. "They've had a row."
2.  "They'll take anybody; that I know."
3.  "I don't care to go," he returned. "What does she want to see?"
4.  "I guess he must have forgotten," exclaimed his wife blandly. Inthe past he had always commanded a certain amount of respect,which was a compound of appreciation and awe. The familiaritywhich in part still existed between himself and his daughter hehad courted. As it was, it did not go beyond the lightassumption of words. The TONE was always modest. Whatever hadbeen, however, had lacked affection, and now he saw that he waslosing track of their doings. His knowledge was no longerintimate. He sometimes saw them at table, and sometimes did not.He heard of their doings occasionally, more often not. Some dayshe found that he was all at sea as to what they were talkingabout--things they had arranged to do or that they had done inhis absence. More affecting was the feeling that there werelittle things going on of which he no longer heard. Jessica wasbeginning to feel that her affairs were her own. George, Jr.,flourished about as if he were a man entirely and must needs haveprivate matters. All this Hurstwood could see, and it left atrace of feeling, for he was used to being considered--in hisofficial position, at least--and felt that his importance shouldnot begin to wane here. To darken it all, he saw the sameindifference and independence growing in his wife, while helooked on and paid the bills.
5.  He looked rather foolish at this answer, and then attempted tocorrect himself so as not to appear a dupe.
6.  "Of course," said Carrie, her lip trembling in a strong effort tomaintain her composure. "But what's the matter with you,anyhow?"


1.  "He ought not to think I'm knocking around, since I have justintroduced him out there," thought Drouet.
2.  "Well, sir?" said a middle-aged man, looking up at him from thelong desk.
3.  "Have you done anything about your dress?"
4.  "How is that--what does your text say?"
5.  "I never tried," said Carrie.
6.  Instantly the portly lady's face became exceedingly sober andshrewd. She turned about and fixed on Carrie a very searchingeye.


1.  "Oh, dear," said Carrie.
2.  "I wouldn't ask if I--I wouldn't argue with you if I could helpit. Look at me, Carrie. Put yourself in my place. You don'twant to stay away from me, do you?"
3.  "Well, never mind," she exclaimed. Her lips tightened. Thefeeling of mutual antagonism was increased.
4.  "You'd better see the manager of the company," he returned, "buthe isn't here now."
5.   Accordingly, he headed for the Casino one afternoon, passing itseveral times in an effort to locate the stage entrance. Then hesat in Bryant Park, a block away, waiting. "She can't refuse tohelp me a little," he kept saying to himself.
6.  "Why do you ask?" she said.


1.  It was so with the vast railroad yards, with the crowded array ofvessels she saw at the river, and the huge factories over theway, lining the water's edge. Through the open windows she couldsee the figures of men and women in working aprons, moving busilyabout. The great streets were wall-lined mysteries to her; thevast offices, strange mazes which concerned far-off individualsof importance. She could only think of people connected withthem as counting money, dressing magnificently, and riding incarriages. What they dealt in, how they laboured, to what end itall came, she had only the vaguest conception. It was allwonderful, all vast, all far removed, and she sank in spiritinwardly and fluttered feebly at the heart as she thought ofentering any one of these mighty concerns and asking forsomething to do--something that she could do--anything.
2.  "That's it," she said to herself. "I'm to use my money now."
3.  "Oh, you needn't do that," said Carrie, hurt by the pity of it."But there must be other things."
4、  "Oh, I don't think Sven would want to go to-night," returnedMinnie. "He has to get up so early."
5、  "I will," said a voice.




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      He hurried into his little room, took down his light overcoat andhat, locked his desk, and grabbed the satchel. Then he turnedout all but one light and opened the door. He tried to put onhis old assured air, but it was almost gone. He was repentingrapidly.

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      "I don't know, sir," said Olsen. "We have about all the help weneed. I think I could find something, sir, though, if you like."

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       "Find it easy?"

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      Hurstwood was an interesting character after his kind. He wasshrewd and clever in many little things, and capable of creatinga good impression. His managerial position was fairly important--a kind of stewardship which was imposing, but lacked financialcontrol. He had risen by perseverance and industry, through longyears of service, from the position of barkeeper in a commonplacesaloon to his present altitude. He had a little office in theplace, set off in polished cherry and grill-work, where he kept,in a roll-top desk, the rather simple accounts of the place--supplies ordered and needed. The chief executive and financialfunctions devolved upon the owners--Messrs. Fitzgerald and Moy--and upon a cashier who looked after the money taken in.

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    {  "In twenty minutes," said the man.

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      "Much obliged," said Hurstwood, softly, but the other paid nomore attention to him.}

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      One o'clock came while he was still on the car practising, and hebegan to feel hungry. The day set in snowing, and he was cold.He grew weary of running to and fro on the short track.

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      "That's Jules Wallace, the spiritualist."

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       He sighed.

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    {  "Look around," she said, a thought of the need that hung outsidethis fine restaurant like a hungry dog at her heels passing intoher eyes.

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      "Well?" said Carrie, inquisitively.