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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But your host behaves very well toward you, as it appears, mydear Porthos," said D'Artagnan, directing the sick man'sattention to the full stewpans and the empty bottles."So, so," replied Porthos. "Only three or four days ago theimpertinent jackanapes gave me his bill, and I was forced to turnboth him and his bill out of the door; so that I am heresomething in the fashion of a conqueror, holding my position, asit were, my conquest. So you see, being in constant fear ofbeing forced from that position, I am armed to the teeth.""And yet," said D'Artagnan, laughing, "it appears to me that fromtime to time you must make SORTIES." And he again pointed to thebottles and the stewpans.
2.  "Here we are!" said Athos.
3.  "I believe it."
4.  "Monsieur Boisrenard."
5.  "Yes, but to yield!" said Porthos.
6.  "Well, but can't you speak?"


1.  "Who told you of it?"
2.  "Humph," murmured Athos, "it is certainly she!"
3.  "Oh, I don't doubt that."
4.  "S'blood!" cried he to D'Artagnan, "do not kill him, young man, Ibeg of you. I have an old affair to settle with him when I amcured and sound again. Disarm him only--make sure of his sword.That's it! Very well done!"
5.  On the day after the morrow, by eleven o'clock, the two diamondstuds were finished, and they were so completely imitated, soperfectly alike, that Buckingham could not tell the new ones fromthe old ones, and experts in such matters would have beendeceived as he was. He immediately called D'Artagnan. "Here,"said he to him, "are the diamond studs that you came to bring;and be my witness that I have done all that human power coulddo."
6.  "Your address at Paris?"


1.  "Which you are taking back to him?" said D'Artagnan."Exactly!" replied Mousqueton. "You may well believe that wewill not accept such steeds as these in exchange for thosewhich had been promised to us."
2.  The report of a cannon announced that something new and unexpected hadtaken place.
3.  "Oh, good lord," cried Porthos, "what precautions for the studyof theology!"
4.  At this moment the four Guards appeared at the door of theantechamber, but seeing four Musketeers standing, and theirswords by their sides, they hesitated about going farther."Come in, gentlemen, come in," called D'Artagnan; "you are herein my apartment, and we are all faithful servants of the king andcardinal."
5.   "I am going alone."
6.  Our Gascon promised this without risk, for he knew all thatwas meant.


1.  "Then she is dead?" stammered D'Artagnan.
2.  "May I not drink to your health, and you to mine?" saidD'Artagnan, filling two glasses with the Beaugency wine which hehad obtained from the liberality of M. Bonacieux."That will do me great honor," said the leader of the posse, "andI accept thankfully."
3.  The duke, however, was not dead. He recovered a little, reopened hiseyes, and hope revived in all hearts.
4、  "The man who abducted my wife."
5、  "Still my three brave fellows!" murmured the cardinal. "Andthe Guardsman?"




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      Bonacieux kissed his wife's hand, and set off at a quick pace."Well," said Mme. Bonacieux, when her husband had shut the streetdoor and she found herself alone; "that imbecile lacked but onething to become a cardinalist. And I, who have answered for himto the queen--I, who have promised my poor mistress--ah, my God,my God! She will take me for one of those wretches with whom thepalace swarms and who are placed about her as spies! Ah,Monsieur Bonacieux, I never did love you much, but now it isworse than ever. I hate you, and on my word you shall pay forthis!"

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      The color mounted to the face of Athos, and he made a step towardhis Eminence.

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       Bernajoux was not a man to have such a compliment paid to himtwice. In an instant his sword glittered in his hand, and hesprang upon his adversary, whom, thanks to his greatyouthfulness, he hoped to intimidate.

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      Bonacieux called a long time; but as such cries, on account oftheir frequency, brought nobody in the Rue des Fossoyeurs, and aslately the mercer's house had a bad name, finding that nobodycame, he went out continuing to call, his voice being heardfainter and fainter as he went in the direction of the Rue duBac.

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    {  "That is an important point, do you understand?"

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      "We have asked him for money."}

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      "It's nothing, it's nothing!" said Milady. "I will descend withmy eyes shut."

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      "Till then, God preserve your Majesty!"

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       "It was they!" cried the cardinal, looking at the clock; "and nowit is too late to have them persued. The duchess is at Tours,and the duke at Boulogne. It is in London they must be found.""What are your Eminence's orders?"

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    {  "That's it," said the cardinal, "that's it. You have anexcellent memory, Milady."

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      "I do not retreat, MORDIEU!" cried the citizen, swearing in orderto rouse his courage. "Besides, by the faith of Bonacieux--""You call yourself Bonacieux?" interrupted D'Artagnan."Yes, that is my name."