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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do you intend opening the door?" said the baroness.
2.  "Not old Cavalcanti?"
3.  "That is the best plan, believe me."
4.  "Because I am he who saved your father's life when he wishedto destroy himself, as you do to-day -- because I am the manwho sent the purse to your young sister, and the Pharaon toold Morrel -- because I am the Edmond Dantes who nursed you,a child, on my knees." Morrel made another step back,staggering, breathless, crushed; then all his strength giveway, and he fell prostrate at the feet of Monte Cristo. Thenhis admirable nature underwent a complete and suddenrevulsion; he arose, rushed out of the room and to thestairs, exclaiming energetically, "Julie, Julie -- Emmanuel,Emmanuel!"
5.  "Do you want me to go away?"
6.  "It has been long enough to inflict on me a great andundeserved misfortune. I would fain fix the source of it onman that I may no longer vent reproaches upon heaven."


1.  "Go this moment to the Allees de Meillan, enter the houseNo. 15, ask the porter for the key of the room on the fifthfloor, enter the apartment, take from the corner of themantelpiece a purse netted in red silk, and give it to yourfather. It is important that he should receive it beforeeleven o'clock. You promised to obey me implicitly. Rememberyour oath.
2.  At this name, no doubt, the young man reflected a little,for he went towards his groom, saying, "This man is right; Idid indeed charge him with a commission, the result of whichhe must tell me; walk to the barrier, there take a cab, thatyou may not be too late." The surprised groom retired. "Letme at least reach a shady spot," said Andrea.
3.  "Well, then, three months," said Penelon.
4.  Chapter 36The Carnival at Rome.
5.  "I am very glad to see that you understand the value ofthese papers."
6.  "Well, listen, Morcerf."


1.  "Here is my passport; examine the visa -- Geneva, Milan,Venice, Trieste, Delvino, Yanina. Will you believe thegovernment of a republic, a kingdom, and an empire?" Albertcast his eyes on the passport, then raised them inastonishment to Beauchamp. "You have been to Yanina?" saidhe.
2.  "Yes; but first give me this letter."
3.  Fernand smiled piteously. "A lover is never terrible," hesaid.
4.  "Why, if you ever make use of the details I am about to giveyou, that you will never let any one know that it was I whosupplied them; for the persons of whom I am about to talkare rich and powerful, and if they only laid the tips oftheir fingers on me, I should break to pieces like glass."
5.   "How much may it amount to?"
6.  This last explanation was wholly lost upon Dantes, who hadalways imagined, from seeing the sun rise from behind themountains and set in the Mediterranean, that it moved, andnot the earth. A double movement of the globe he inhabited,and of which he could feel nothing, appeared to himperfectly impossible. Each word that fell from hiscompanion's lips seemed fraught with the mysteries ofscience, as worthy of digging out as the gold and diamondsin the mines of Guzerat and Golconda, which he could justrecollect having visited during a voyage made in hisearliest youth.


1.  "What, still keeping up this silly jest? My dear fellow, itis perfectly ridiculous -- stupid! You had better tell me atonce that you intend starving me to death."
2.  "Why, he pleases me in spite of Franz d'Epinay, who tries toconvince me that he is a being returned from the otherworld." The countess shuddered. "Albert," she said, in avoice which was altered by emotion, "I have always put youon your guard against new acquaintances. Now you are a man,and are able to give me advice; yet I repeat to you, Albert,be prudent."
3.  "Well, Don Carlos will drink Bordeaux, and in ten years wewill marry his son to the little queen."
4、  "What on earth are you talking of?"
5、  "It is an unheard-of fatality. I draw upon him for 600,000francs, my bills are returned unpaid, and, more than that, Ihold bills of exchange signed by him to the value of 400,000francs, payable at his correspondent's in Paris at the endof this month. To-day is the 30th. I present them; but mycorrespondent has disappeared. This, with my Spanishaffairs, made a pretty end to the month."




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      "I do."

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      "Yes, I need your help: that is I thought like a madman thatyou could lend me your assistance in a case where God alonecan succor me."

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       "Oh, no," replied Caderousse, "that I can answer for, youdid not. I only wish I could see it now as plainly as I sawit lying all crushed and crumpled in a corner of the arbor."

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      "It is, in fact, magnificent," said Andrea.

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    {  "Certainly," he said, "your receipt is money."

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      "No, you will not die; but will you promise me, whateverhappens, that you will not complain, but hope?"}

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      "Do your excellencies still wish for a carriage from now toSunday morning?"

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      "You have not seen all yet," continued Faria, "for I did notthink it wise to trust all my treasures in the samehiding-place. Let us shut this one up." They put the stoneback in its place; the abbe sprinkled a little dust over itto conceal the traces of its having been removed, rubbed hisfoot well on it to make it assume the same appearance as theother, and then, going towards his bed, he removed it fromthe spot it stood in. Behind the head of the bed, andconcealed by a stone fitting in so closely as to defy allsuspicion, was a hollow space, and in this space a ladder ofcords between twenty-five and thirty feet in length. Dantesclosely and eagerly examined it; he found it firm, solid,and compact enough to bear any weight.

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       "A stranger who will not send in his name! What can he wantwith me?"

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    {  "But," said Danglars, whose weak mind was at first quiteoverwhelmed with the weight of this pitiless logic, markingevident premeditation and force of will, "what is yourreason for this refusal, Eugenie? what reason do youassign?"

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      "Well," said Franz to his friend, "what think you of allthis?"