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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, sir."
2.  "I am at my wit's end."
3.  "'Only that at the beginning; but you are to have an over-ridingcommission of one per cent on all business done by your agents, andyou may take my word for it that this will come to more than yoursalary.'
4.  "It means that it is all over," Holmes answered. "And perhaps, afterall, it is for the best. Take your pistol, and we will enter Dr.Roylott's room."
5.  "I will make no allowance. I am very angry indeed, and I have beenshamefully used."
6.  "Well, then, tell me who is behind you on this job."


1.  "Yes, I bicycle a good deal, Mr. Holmes, and that has something todo with my visit to you to-day."
2.  The woman rose and took from a drawer the photograph of a man. Hewas clearly a professional acrobat, a man of magnificent physique,taken with his huge arms folded across his swollen chest and a smilebreaking from under his heavy moustache- the self-satisfied smile ofthe man of many conquests.
3.  "The trains which traverse the lines of rail beside which the bodywas found are those which run from west to east, some being purelyMetropolitan, and some from Willesden and outlying junctions. It canbe stated for certain that this young man, when he met his death,was travelling in this direction at some late hour of the night, butat what point he entered the train it is impossible to state.""His ticket, of course, would show that."
4.  "It was a long document, written in the French language, andcontaining twenty six separate articles. I copied as quickly as Icould, but at nine o'clock I had only done nine articles, and itseemed hopeless for me to attempt to catch my train. I was feelingdrowsy and stupid, partly from my dinner and also from the effectsof a long day's work. A cup of coffee would clear my brain. Acommissionaire remains all night in a little lodge at the foot ofthe stairs and is in the habit of making coffee at his spirit-lamp forany of the officials who may be working overtime. I rang the bell,therefore, to summon him.
5.  She had risen, but she fell back again with a little cry of pain."I must finish," she said. "When my term was over I set myself toget the diary and letters which, if sent to the Russian government,would procure my friend's release. I knew that my husband had cometo England. After months of searching I discovered where he was. Iknew that he still had the diary, for when I was in Siberia I had aletter from him once, reproaching me and quoting some passages fromits pages. Yet I was sure that, with his revengeful nature, he wouldnever give it to me of his own free-will. I must get it for myself.With this object I engaged an agent from a private detective firm, whoentered my husband's house as a secretary- it was your secondsecretary, Sergius, the one who left you so hurriedly. He found thatpapers were kept in the cupboard, and he got an impression of the key.He would not go farther. He furnished me with a plan of the house, andhe told me that in the forenoon the study was always empty, as thesecretary was employed up here. So at last I took my courage in bothhands, and I came down to get the papers for myself. I succeeded;but at what a cost!
6.  "'A robbery has been committed,' I gasped. 'A document of immensevalue has been stolen from the Foreign Office. Has anyone passedthis way?'


1.  "Well, apart from this cigarette-end, was it not suggestive that theonly time the lodger went out was immediately after his taking therooms? He came back- or someone came back- when all witnesses were outof the way. We have no proof that the person who came back was theperson who went out. Then, again, the man who took the rooms spokeEnglish well. This other, however, prints 'match' when it shouldhave been 'matches.' I can imagine that the word was taken out of adictionary, which would give the noun but not the plural. Thelaconic style may be to conceal the absence of knowledge of English.Yes, Watson, there are good reasons to suspect that there has been asubstitution of lodgers."
2.  He tore off a strip of the blotting-paper and turned towards usthe following hieroglyphic:
3.  "Perhaps not with your tongue, my dear Watson, but certainly withyour eyebrows. So when I saw you throw down your paper and enterupon a train of thought, I was very happy to have the opportunity ofreading it off, and eventually of breaking into it, as a proof thatI had been in rapport with you."
4.  "But what is that compared with the number of your successes?""It is true that I have been generally successful."
5.   "I was staggered, sir. I did not know what to do. Then Icalled at the offices round, but none of them seemed to knowanything about it. Finally, I went to the landlord, who is anaccountant living on the ground-floor, and I asked him if he couldtell me what had become of the Red-headed League. He said that hehad never heard of any such body. Then I asked him who Mr. DuncanRoss was. He answered that the name was new to him.
6.  We learn with regret that Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the well-knownprivate detective, was the victim this morning of a murderousassault which has left him in a precarious position. There are noexact details to hand, but the event seems to have occurred abouttwelve o'clock in Regent Street, outside the Cafe Royal. The attackwas made by two men armed with sticks, and Mr. Holmes was beaten aboutthe head and body, receiving injuries which the doctors describe asmost serious. He was carried to Charing Cross Hospital andafterwards insisted upon being taken to his rooms in Baker Street. Themiscreants who attacked him appear to have been respectably dressedmen, who escaped from the bystanders by passing through the Cafe Royaland out into Glasshouse Street behind it. No doubt they belonged tothat criminal fraternity which has so often had occasion to bewail theactivity and ingenuity of the injured man.


1.  We ascended the stairs and viewed the body. Miss Brenda Tregennishad been a very beautiful girl, though now verging upon middle age.Her dark, clear-cut face was handsome, even in death, but therestill lingered upon it something of that convulsion of horror whichhad been her last human emotion. From her bedroom we descended tothe sitting-room, where this strange tragedy had actually occurred.The charred ashes of the overnight fire lay in the grate. On the tablewere the four guttered and burned-out candles, with the cardsscattered over its surface. The chairs had been moved back against thewalls, but all else was as it had been the night before. Holmespaced with light, swift steps about the room; he sat in the variouschairs, drawing them up and reconstructing their positions. Hetested how much of the garden was visible; he examined the floor,the ceiling, and the fireplace; but never once did I see that suddenbrightening of his eyes and tightening of his lips which would havetold me that he saw some gleam of light in this utter darkness."Why a fire?" he asked once. "Had they always a fire in this smallroom on a spring evening?"
2.  "Excellent. You had best go with him, Watson. He may need help oradvice. Clearly we have come to a crisis in this affair."But our client seemed by no means eager to start.
3.  1904
4、  "But the money, Mr. Holmes, the money!"
5、  "How did the burglar know no one would hear it? How dared he pull ata bellrope in that reckless fashion?"




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      "Exactly. That's what I said. But then, when the man commitsburglary in order to break images which are not his own, that bringsit away from the doctor and on to the policeman."

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      "So that was the end of my adventure, Mr. Holmes. I do not knowwhere I was, nor whom I spoke with, nor anything save what I have toldyou. But I know that there is foul play going on, and I want to helpthat unhappy man if I can. I told the whole story to Mr. MycroftHolmes next morning, and subsequently to the police."

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       Our client shone with pleasure and his eyes gleamed from behindhis big glasses.

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      "Because of your knowledge of Eastern diseases."

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      "Do not ring, Lady Hilda. If you do, then all my earnest effortsto avoid a scandal will be frustrated. Give up the letter and all willbe set right. If you will work with me I can arrange everything. Ifyou work against me I must expose you."}

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      "Well, then," said Holmes with a mischievous twinkle, "I supposethat you have no objection to helping me?"

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      "Did you ever hear of a dog running up a curtain? I found distincttraces that this creature had done so."

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       "Certainly not."

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    {  "Then we had a talk as to what we should do, and Frank was all foropenness, but I was so ashamed of it all that I felt as if I shouldlike to vanish away and never see any of them again-just sending aline to pa, perhaps, to show him that I was alive. It was awful tome to think of all those lords and ladies sitting round thatbreakfast-table and waiting for me to come back. So Frank took mywedding clothes and things and made a bundle of them, so that I shouldnot be traced, and dropped them away somewhere where no one could findthem. It is likely that we should have gone on to Paris to-morrow,only that this good gentleman, Mr. Holmes, came round to us thisevening, though how he found us is more than I can think, and heshowed us very clearly and kindly that I was wrong and that Frankwas right, and that we should be putting ourselves in the wrong ifwe were so secret. Then he offered to give us a chance of talking toLord St. Simon alone, and so we came right away round to his roomsat once. Now, Robert, you have heard it all, and I am very sorry ifI have given you pain, and I hope that you do not think very meanly ofme."

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      "Of course you must. But I have reasons to suppose that this opinionwould be very much more frank and valuable if he imagines that weare alone. There is just room behind the head of my bed, Watson.""My dear Holmes!"