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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What?"
2.  "But I repeat it again to you," replied Felton, in great emotion,"no danger threatens you; I will answer for Lord de Winter as formyself."
3.  The king turned upon his heel without reply, and almost at thesame instant the captain of the Guards, M. de Guitant, announcedthe visit of the chancellor.
4.  "And I about ten pistoles," said Aramis.
5.  Porthos pretended to be confused. "Ah," said he, "you haveremarked--"
6.  "Yes, sire."


1.  "No, madame, on the honor of a soldier, on the faith of aChristian."
3.  "Monseigneur, I feared I had incurred disgrace with yourEminence."
4.  "We have asked him for money."
5.  "Indeed!"
6.  "But," continued Aramis, "the details escape me.""And me also," said Porthos.


1.  Every one drew back, and the man in the red cloak remained standingalone in the middle of the room.
2.  The officer saw that the baggage was fastened carefully behindthe carriage; and this operation ended, he took his place besideMilady, and shut the door.
3.  "Here I am."
4.  "To be sure he does. He causes a disturbance in your hostelry,which respectable people cannot put up with. Go; make out mybill and notify my servant."
5.   "That will be useless."
6.  "He and she."


1.  "Why," replied Milady, embarrassed, "why, by the title of friend.""You deceive me, madame," said the novice; "you have been his mistress!""It is you who have been his mistress, madame!" cried Milady, in herturn.
2.  "Rich? Richest, my dear fellow!"
3.  "Generous girl!" cried Anne of Austria.
4、  "Gentlemen," continued the stranger, "since you do not recognize a manwho probably owes his life to you twice, I must name myself. I am Lordde Winter, brother-in-law of THAT WOMAN."
5、  D'Artagnan already fancied himself, so rapid is the flight of ourdreams upon the wings of imagination, accosted by a messengerfrom the young woman, who brought him some billet appointing ameeting, a gold chain, or a diamond. We have observed that youngcavaliers received presents from their king without shame. Letus add that in these times of lax morality they had no moredelicacy with respect to the mistresses; and that the latteralmost always left them valuable and durable remembrances, as ifthey essayed to conquer the fragility of their sentiments by thesolidity of their gifts.




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      "I recollect you were saying," said D'Artagnan, "that afterhaving demanded my head of the cardinal, Milady had quit theshores of France. Whither goes she?" added he, stronglyinterested in the route Milady followed.

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      When D'Artagnan was out of the Louvre, and consulted his friendsupon the use he had best make of his share of the forty pistoles,Athos advised him to order a good repast at the Pomme-de-Pin,Porthos to engage a lackey, and Aramis to provide himself with asuitable mistress.

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       The wounded man sank upon his knees, to again kiss the feetof his preserver; but D'Artagnan, who had no longer a motivefor staying so near the enemy, abridged the testimonials ofhis gratitude.

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      The wonder was increased, though the doubt continued to exist."Is it not true, Aramis?" said Porthos, turning toward anotherMusketeer.

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    {  "Yes; a woman whom I love, whom I adore, has just been torn fromme by force. I do not know where she is or whither they haveconducted her. She is perhaps a prisoner; she is perhaps dead!""Yes, but you have at least this consolation, that you can say toyourself she has not quit you voluntarily, that if you learn nonews of her, it is because all communication with you ininterdicted; while I-"

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      "Name a few of those whom you know, and you will see if they are myfriends."}

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      Athos had invented the phrase, family affair. A familyaffair was not subject to the investigation of the cardinal;a family affair concerned nobody. People might employthemselves in a family affair before all the world.Therefore Athos had invented the phrase, family affair.Aramis had discovered the idea, the lackeys.

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      "Let us see," said D'Artagnan. "Are you SURE that the OTHERis dead?"

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       "Have you not taken a bastion?" said a Swiss, who wasdrinking rum out of beer glass.

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    {  "For my misfortune."

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      "You are wounded?" asked Buckingham, as he opened the letter."Oh, nothing but a scratch," said D'Artagnan.