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1. 据悉,丈夫得知自己中奖后,立即将消息告诉了妻子,夫妻俩甚至还打算将这张彩票存入保险箱中留作纪念
2.   Happy as cannibals are we, Or as five hundred swine.Mephistopheles
3.   Laertes' strength failed him when he heard the convincing proofswhich his son had given him. He threw his arms about him, andUlysses had to support him, or he would have gone off into a swoon;but as soon as he came to, and was beginning to recover his senses, hesaid, "O father Jove, then you gods are still in Olympus after all, ifthe suitors have really been punished for their insolence and folly.Nevertheless, I am much afraid that I shall have all the townspeopleof Ithaca up here directly, and they will be sending messengerseverywhere throughout the cities of the Cephallenians."
4. 首先,在社会领域,物质主义精神冲淡甚至取消了伦理、道德。物质主义哲学将道德、宗教等等约束个体行为的规范还原为物质、利益、特权,从而使之“祛魅”。这样的“祛魅”很早就已开始。50年代形成的物质主义政体结构要求塑造合格的劳动者。既然生产力、生产关系发生了变化,那当然就需要人相应地调整,需要“新人”,需要与新的生产力、生产关系相适应的新的道德、价值、生活方式。由此,新文化运动时代所形成的启蒙思潮,经过一番奇妙的转换,变成了国家改造人的政治社会运动。政府通过各种传播工具和教育体系,对民众进行物质主义哲学教育。另一方面,鉴于传统的思想观念妨碍人们成为“新人”,因而,政府也进行了一轮又一轮批判宗教、信念、伦理、道德、习俗的思想、文化运动,并经常发展成为从实体上进行摧毁的政治、社会运动。经由长期的这种教育,人们的心智结构发生了相当巨大的变化。总体来说,人们,尤其是接受过教育的精英群体,普遍丧失了对道德、宗教的自然亲近感和认同感。这样一来,道德规范的约束力自然趋向薄弱。人们也越来越强烈地把物质享受视为最高人生价值。
5. 陈健毅的妻子林雯怡(译音)、郭英豪(译音)及禤国周(译音)则因涉嫌毁灭凶器,触犯马来西亚《刑事法典》第201条文(协助毁灭证据)。
6. 据中央纪委纪检监察室工作人员顾桧介绍,吕锡文在担任西城区和北京市领导期间,对西城区区属企业金融街集团的发展给予很多的帮助扶持。


1. 30日开馆后几万人涌进故宫看白雪红墙。
2. 在放寒假前,我的猫托给一个在武汉的朋友,但是她在封城前一天回黄石过年了,现在封城了,我的猫已经快要没水没粮了,有能帮忙的朋友吗?我真的好难受啊。
3.   The next day Drouet called, but it was with no especial delightthat Carrie remembered her appointment. However, seeing him,handsome as ever, after his kind, and most genially disposed, herdoubts as to whether the dinner would be disagreeable were sweptaway. He talked as volubly as ever.
4. 可能的解决方案分为三大类:如何避免工作消失;如何创造足够的新工作;就算尽了最大的努力,但消失的工作还是远远多于新创造的就业机会,该怎么办?
5. 经流行病学调查,该患者1月22日至26日的活动轨迹主要在象山石浦地区,包括石浦半岛大酒店、石浦如意面馆、延昌浇头面馆、海天娱乐城、仁心药店、石浦半岛大酒店旁信用社自助银行等。
6.   I must here introduce a short digression. In the case of animals and plants with separated sexes, it is of course obvious that two individuals must always unite for each birth; but in the case of hermaphrodites this is far from obvious. Nevertheless I am strongly inclined to believe that with all hermaphrodites two individuals, either occasionally or habitually, concur for the reproduction of their kind. This view, I may add, was first suggested by Andrew Knight. We shall presently see its importance; but I must here treat the subject with extreme brevity, though I have the materials prepared for an ample discussion. All vertebrate animals, all insects, and some other large groups of animals, pair for each birth. Modern research has much diminished the number of supposed hermaphrodites, and of real hermaphrodites a large number pair; that is, two individuals regularly unite for reproduction, which is all that concerns us. But still there are many hermaphrodite animals which certainly do not habitually pair, and a vast majority of plants are hermaphrodites. What reason, it may be asked, is there for supposing in these cases that two individuals ever concur in reproduction? As it is impossible here to enter on details, I must trust to some general considerations alone.In the first place, I have collected so large a body of facts, showing, in accordance with the almost universal belief of breeders, that with animals and plants a cross between different varieties, or between individuals of the same variety but of another strain, gives vigour and fertility to the offspring; and on the other hand, that close interbreeding diminishes vigour and fertility; that these facts alone incline me to believe that it is a general law of nature (utterly ignorant though we be of the meaning of the law) that no organic being self-fertilises itself for an eternity of generations; but that a cross with another individual is occasionally perhaps at very long intervals -- indispensable.


1. 在RPO方面,木浪云与市场上其他产品差别不大。
2. "Dear me," said Lavinia, "how we can calculate!" In fact, it was not to be denied that sixteen and four made twenty--and twenty was an age the most daring were scarcely bold enough to dream of.
3. 小满茶田天津店开业正如上文所说,餐饮行业门槛低但运营难度大,现存的700万商户中可能有60%挣扎在生死线上,为什么新火林具有整合这些商户的能力?刘子正表示,要做好这件事,产品、品牌、营销、互联网能力和资本能力缺一不可,而这直接体现在团队上——刘子正本人曾在美国华平投资集团中国团队负责消费领域的投资,COO楼灵远历任阿里中供和美团点评,曾任美团酒旅华东、华南大区经理,而品牌负责人曾就职于喜茶、瑞幸等一线快消企业,拥有丰富的战略及品牌建设经验。
4.   I must away.
5. 王泽霖教授的一生充满传奇色彩,在没有申请经费的情况下,能够自行研究出如此多的发明专利成果,转化率高达100%且实现了规模化生产,殊其不易。
6. 星闪世图成立于2014年10月,是一家起源于澳大利亚的三维空间智能与大数据技术公司。


1. 因为工作忙,有几次家里人喊他索性一个人住两个人的小家,有天晚上杨糧宇差点同意了。
2.   Illustrations of the action of Natural Selection
3. (作者:梦悦)融资披露:「宇树科技」获红杉中国种子基金数千万元融资,CES上刚发布新品四足机器人「UnitreeA1」36氪获悉,高运动性能机器人制造商「宇树科技(UnitreeRobotics)」于2019年12月完成了数千万元Pre-A轮融资,红杉中国种子基金投资,上一轮投资方德迅投资进一步追加投资。
4. Sell目标是优秀管理者的必备能力所以定好目标以后一定要学会去贩卖梦想。
5. 我曾经生病45年,而现在已经是我第23个健康的冬天……冰洞就是我的疫苗。
6. 我走进房间巡视了一圈,病情一直还算稳定的20床五伯伯,今天也用上了无创呼吸机,一脸严肃地靠在床上紧张地呼吸。


1.   2. These foure: that is, the four elements, of which man was believed to be composed.
2. 中国的法律也很少非常严谨地下定义,所以执行起来很不容易,对于胆大妄为者往往是一纸空文。第7条规定,凡违反该法律的规定而雇用儿童、少年工人和妇女者,得处以罚款,这一条不仅适用于工场主(不管是不是尊亲之一),而且也适用于
3.   'Let her stand half an hour longer on that stool, and let no onespeak to her during the remainder of the day.'

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