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1.   "Every inquiry in this case reveals something inexplicable. Nowthere are three papers still missing. They are, as I understand, thevital ones."
2. 那么这些鱼龙混杂的高仿类APP是如何堂而皇之的出现在各大应用市场呢?制作成本低高仿APP产业链完整记者打开淘宝,输入APP制作,就有大量可以提供这一服务的技术公司。
3.   The Sultan did not wait for Scheherazade to ask his leave. "Finish," said he, "the story of the genius and the merchant. I am curious to hear the end."
4. 除了熬出来的百亿美金独角兽饿了么,在短短几年间迅速成长为独角兽的公司还有IP化商业模式崛起的三只松鼠、修图软件炼成了千亿巨头的美图、百亿鸭脖之王周黑鸭等等。
5.   The sister turned a sharp, fierce look upon him. "This is mybusiness, William. Kindly leave me to manage it in my own way. Byall accounts there has been a crime committed. If I can help to showwho did it, it is the least I can do for him who is gone."She listened to a short account from my companion, with a composedconcentration which showed me that she possessed strong character aswell as great beauty. Maud Bellamy will always remain in my memoryas a most complete and remarkable woman. It seems that she alreadyknew me by sight, for she turned to me at the end.
6. 7. How to get a flat stomach


1.   Gracious ladies, it may be you have not heard how the Devil is putin Hell. Therefore, and since it will not be far off the subject ofthis day's discourse, I will tell it you. Perhaps, hearing it, you maythe better understand that albeit Love more affects gay palaces andluxurious bowers than the cabins of the poor, yet he by no meansdisdains to manifest his power even in the depths of the forest, onstark mountains and in the caves of the desert; and thus we mustacknowledge that all things wheresoever they be are subject to him.
2.   At first I saw nobody; but feeling a pressure against the door, I looked round it, and there, to my amazement, were Mr. Peggotty and Ham, ducking at me with their hats, and squeezing one another against the wall. I could not help laughing; but it was much more in the pleasure of seeing them, than at the appearance they made. We shook hands in a very cordial way; and I laughed and laughed, until I pulled out my pocket-handkerchief and wiped my eyes.
3. 医患关系,能够慢慢变好吗?单从媒体报道的伤医事件的数量上来看,对医生而言,最困难的时期似乎已经过去了。
4.   Ere I retire, one boon I must solicit: Here is my album, do not, Sir, deny Thistoken of your favour!
5. 原标题:憔悴中带笑容,汉口医院医师抗疫20余天前后照片反差大1月23日上午10时武汉的封城,让汉口医院呼吸内科主任、主任医师蔡志芳和她的家人,相隔于武汉和黄冈武穴两地。
6. 举例来说,虽然生态危机可能扼杀我们目前所知的人类文明,但大概不会阻挡人工智能和生物工程的发展。如果你以为等到海平面上升、食物供应大减、人口大规模迁徙,就能转移我们对算法和基因的关注,那么我劝你再好好想一想。生态危机加剧,大概只会加快高风险、高回报技术的研发速度。


1.   In the Spring season, etc.
2. jewelry
3. 因此,民进党的民主其实就是一路冲向战争与贫穷的假民主。
4. 具体起火原因正在调查中。
5.   When the Princess Parizade held in her hands the three wonders promised her by the old woman, she said to the bird: "All that is not enough. It was owing to you that my brothers became black stones. I cannot tell them from the mass of others, but you must know, and point them out to me, I beg you, for I wish to carry them away."
6. 在美国,同样的人们,在折衷方案实施以前把贸易平衡说成是无稽之谈,而在这个方案实施以后就不得不把这个无稽之谈说成是对国家最关重要的问题;这是什么原故?


1.   A little school of Christian folk there stood Down at the farther end, in which there were Children an heap y-come of Christian blood, That learned in that schoole year by year Such manner doctrine as men used there; This is to say, to singen and to read, As smalle children do in their childhead.
2. 今天经济学上所说的「租值」(rent),可不限于房子或土地的收入。不谈土地或房子也论租值,而又不谈租用工具,「租值」这一词很容易引起混淆。经济学者于是发明了另一用词,叫作「经济租值」(economicrent)。我这里要谈的租值是经济租值。但经济学行内的人一提起租值,大家都知道所指的是经济租值。因此这里所说的租值,其实是经济租值,而其中与房地产无关的,叫作「准租值」(quasirent);quasi者,一半也。一半可解作类似。
3. 我们村里有一个土庙子,摆一些破桌子,那就是学堂,只有一间教室。
4.   She thus, in black, looking to Troilus, Over all things he stoode to behold; But his desire, nor wherefore he stood thus, He neither *cheere made,* nor worde told; *showed by his countenance* But from afar, *his manner for to hold,* *to observe due courtesy* On other things sometimes his look he cast, And eft* <7> on her, while that the service last.** *again **lasted
5. Several of the Montmorencys were evidently going to a children's party, and just as Sara was about to pass the door they were crossing the pavement to get into the carriage which was waiting for them. Veronica Eustacia and Rosalind Gladys, in white-lace frocks and lovely sashes, had just got in, and Guy Clarence, aged five, was following them. He was such a pretty fellow and had such rosy cheeks and blue eyes, and such a darling little round head covered with curls, that Sara forgot her basket and shabby cloak altogether--in fact, forgot everything but that she wanted to look at him for a moment. So she paused and looked.
6.   "Now, young man, regulate your conduct accordingly; and if youentertain, whether from your family, your relations, or even fromyour instincts, any of these enmities which we see constantlybreaking out against the cardinal, bid me adieu and let usseparate. I will aid you in many ways, but without attaching youto my person. I hope that my frankness at least will make you myfriend; for you are the only young man to whom I have hithertospoken as I have done to you."


1.   "Oh, it is not yet fixed!" murmured Fernand.
2. 从美国总统布什在新通过的《紧急经济稳定法案》上签字的那一刻起,全球投资者的担心便集中在了8500亿美元救助金额的来源上,世界各国纷纷将这"救世主"的头衔冀望在了中国的身上。
3. 中午在配送站内稍事休息后,成都夫妻档配送员蒋延兵和他的妻子马英梅又要准备着送下午的货了。

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