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1.   `If' when I tell you, dearest dear, that your agony is over, and that I have come here to take you from it, and that we go to England to be at peace and at rest, I cause you to think of your useful life laid waste, and of our native France so wicked to you, weep for it, weep for it! And if' when I shall tell you of my name, and of my father who is living, and of my mother who is dead, you learn that I have to kneel to my honoured father, and implore his pardon for having never for his sake striven all day and lain awake and wept all night, because the love of my poor mother hid his torture from me, weep for it, weep for it! Weep for her, then, and for me! Good gentlemen, thank God! I feel his sacred tears upon my face, and his sobs strike against my heart. O, see Thank God for us, thank God!'
2. Intel的品牌是资产,设计是资产,但是Intel的制造是它的包袱。
3. 马杰称,12岁时(应为16岁),他还被拐卖到河南周口扶沟,因为养母总是打他,待了一年他便跑了。
4.   "It is possible."
5. 盖茨答白岩松提问:赚钱难还是花钱难近日,重返全球首富宝座的比尔·盖茨又来到了中国,并在白岩松的《对白》节目中来了次灵魂对话。
6. director


1. 比如后羿,只需要确定他是一个远程射手,他可以射出一个太阳,所以他的大招应该是一个全屏技能,那么自然而然就能想到《英雄联盟》里面的寒冰和他的大招,寒冰的操作难度又不高,所以可以直接拿来用,不需要做什么更改,所以我们在玩后羿的时候,居然毫无违和感,玩着玩着突然就想到了,这不就是《英雄联盟》里面的寒冰射手吗,技能简直一模一样。
2. 第一阶段的终结:12/8/1985星期日
3. 现在看应该会在2021年的早期。
4. 于是,“子弹”开始飞满了屏幕——弹幕来了。
5.   `I ask none, sir. But I have thought it possible that you might have it in your power, if you should deem it right, to give me some.'
6. 中国半导体人,眼看着天空中伸出一只巨大的手,把正准备抬头的半导体行业再次按进冰冷彻骨的寒水里。


1.   What means the knave! For this you'll dearly pay! Us, it appears, you do notknow.
2.   Poore Frederigo, although his necessity was extreame, and his greefegreat, remembring his former inordinate expences, a moity whereofwould now have stood him in some stead; yet he had a heart as free andforward as ever, not a jotte dejected in his minde, though utterlyoverthrowne by Fortune. Alas! how was his good soule afflicted, thathe had nothing wherewith to honour his Lady? Up and downe he runnes,one while this way, then againe another, exclaiming on hisdisastrous Fate, like a man enraged, or bereft of senses: for he hadnot one peny of mony neither pawne or pledge, wherewith to procureany. The time hasted on, and he would gladly (though in meane measure)expresse his honourable respect of the Lady. To begge of any, hisnature denied it, and to borrow he could not, because his neighbourswere all as needie as himselfe.
3. 警方4日上午10点多到林园区工业一路萧家逮人,萧父开门后,原在2楼房内的萧男发现警察登门,立即往3楼逃窜。
4. 展开全文如今三株虽然倒了,但刷遍大江南北的刷墙广告模式却留下来了,后来者史玉柱也照猫画虎,将脑白金广告刷遍广大农村,并赚得盆满钵满。
5. 托管的法定结构不允许像公司,工业互助会一样,由其成员控制组织。托管组织要根据托管书控制。托管人的一举一动都要根据托管文件来判断。托管人就自己执行指示的行为和方式向托管组织的受益人负责。许多使用托管模式的球迷团体都还有某种形式的会员组织与托管机构相联系,由此获取信息参加讨论。
6. 幼猫抵抗力弱,被淋湿了容易生病,看病又贵……不过,小臣说,既然养了它,就要好好养,要像对待家人一样对待它。


1.   `Oh, American!' He laughed a hollow laugh. `No, I've asked my man if he will find me a Turk or something...something nearer to the Oriental.'
2. 谭卓和陈冲的表演也很精彩,两人的那场对手戏成为片中的一大亮点。
3.   9. Gawain was celebrated in mediaeval romance as the most courteous among King Arthur's knights.
4. 自2016年下半年起,北京开始采用限房价、竞地价的供地方式,限竞房地块成为北京土地市场中的主力。
5. 于是男子佯装离开,躲到了走廊的死角。
6. 托管条款将德国和奥斯曼帝国的国外和海外领土分为一级、二级和三级托管地。其类别随有关领土发展水平的不同而不同。在此基础上,前奥斯曼帝国的属地为一级托管地,德国的殖民地属二级和三级托管地。在奥斯曼帝国的领土中,美索不达米亚和巴勒斯坦受托给受托管理国英国,叙利亚和黎巴嫩受托给法国。在德国殖民地中,坦噶尼喀大部分地区划给英国,其余部分划给比利时;多哥兰和喀麦隆由英、法瓜分;西南非洲分给南非联斯至于德国在太平洋上的岛屿,赤道以北的归日本,赤道以南的归澳大利亚和新西兰。


1.   I had no sooner uttered these words than Amina, who instantly understood that I had followed her to the grave-yard, was seized with a passion beyond any that I have ever witnessed. Her face became purple, her eyes looked as if they would start from her head, and she positively foamed with rage.
2. 据报道,成都嘉年华青少年心理辅导中心虽然标榜尊重关爱绝不打骂孩子拒绝暴力,但根据学员的讲述,嘉年华是一个等级森严、异化人性的矫治体系:极限体能、体罚、暴力。
3.   And Ulysses said, "I am no god, why should you take me for one? I amyour father, on whose account you grieve and suffer so much at thehands of lawless men."

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      This was in 1920. They returned, Clifford and Constance, to his home, Wragby Hall, the family `seat'. His father had died, Clifford was now a baronet, Sir Clifford, and Constance was Lady Chatterley. They came to start housekeeping and married life in the rather forlorn home of the Chatterleys on a rather inadequate income. Clifford had a sister, but she had departed. Otherwise there were no near relatives. The elder brother was dead in the war. Crippled for ever, knowing he could never have any children, Clifford came home to the smoky Midlands to keep the Chatterley name alive while he could.

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