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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1She paused. Her wise sweet face grew deeply, reverently tender.
2."If their hair was only long," Jeff would complain, "they would look so much more feminine."
3."But--but--I mean for cooking--for grown people," Terry blundered, while they looked amazed and a shade displeased.
4."Indeed I don't," snapped Terry. "What does a man care for motherhood--when he hasn't a ghost of a chance at fatherhood? And besides--what's the good of talking sentiment when we are just men together? What a man wants of women is a good deal more than all this `motherhood'!"
5.Moreover, they had ceased to kill birds. They were rigorously bred to destroy mice and moles and all such enemies of the food supply; but the birds were numerous and safe.
6."You shouldn't have tried that way," Jeff protested. "They were perfectly friendly; now we've scared them."


1."Most delightful girls, I call them," said Jeff, his blue eyes dreamily contented.
2."In most civilized countries a kind of animal is kept which is no longer useful--"
3."They don't seem to notice our being men," he went on. "They treat us--well--just as they do one another. It's as if our being men was a minor incident."
4.I was thinking of Ellador's eyes when they gave me a certain look, a look she did not at all realize.
5.But Zava begged: "Tell me first, do NO women work, really?"
6.Terry hacked and dug, but said to us under his breath. "Boys, we're in pretty good condition--let's make a life and death dash and get hold of those girls--we've got to."


1.We stopped a moment and looked back. The street behind was closed by another band, marching steadily, shoulder to shoulder. We went on--there seemed no other way to go--and presently found ourselves quite surrounded by this close-massed multitude, women, all of them, but--
2.So we made a long skirting voyage, turned the point of the cape which was close by, ran up one side of the triangle at our best speed, crossed over the base where it left the higher mountains, and so back to our lake by moonlight.
3.It was not a very comfortable place, not at all easy to get at, just a sort of crevice high up along the steep bank, but it was well veiled with foliage and dry. After our exhaustive three- or four- hour scramble and the good breakfast food, we all lay down along that crack--heads and tails, as it were--and slept till the afternoon sun almost toasted our faces.
4.Terry broke in at this. "You must not imagine they are all dangerous--it's not one in a hundred that ever bites anybody. Why, they are the best friends of the children--a boy doesn't have half a chance that hasn't a dog to play with!"
5. "Yes," we said eagerly, "that's it! Please--" We had learned quite a bit of their language, you see. And we just begged for those knives, but they would not give them to us. If we came a step too near they backed off, standing light and eager for flight.
6.They had games, too, a good many of them, but we found them rather uninteresting at first. It was like two people playing solitaire to see who would get it first; more like a race or a--a competitive examination, than a real game with some fight in it.


1.And then and there, willy-nilly, before we had satisfied our appetites, our education began.
2."Have you bred them to be as neat in their habits as cats are?" was the next question. And when Jeff told them of the effect of dogs on sidewalk merchandise and the streets generally, they found it hard to believe.
3.But very early they recognized the need of improvement as well as of mere repetition, and devoted their combined intelligence to that problem--how to make the best kind of people. First this was merely the hope of bearing better ones, and then they recognized that however the children differed at birth, the real growth lay later--through education.
4、"There is no set number, my dear," he explained. "Some have more, some have less."
5、It was really unpleasant sometimes to see the notions he had.




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    "Yes--" Jeff agreed, still slowly. "But they weren't afraid-- they flew up that tree and hid, like schoolboys caught out of bounds-- not like shy girls."

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    Then she made notes of "burglars" and went on: "because of the love which people bear to this animal."

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     Terry blazed up at once.

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    The most conspicuous feature of the whole land was the perfection of its food supply. We had begun to notice from that very first walk in the forest, the first partial view from our 'plane. Now we were taken to see this mighty garden, and shown its methods of culture.

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    {"Oh, yes, of course, a calf, that is."

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    "There's someone outside," Jeff suggested. "Let's knock."}

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    "Yes--" Jeff agreed, still slowly. "But they weren't afraid-- they flew up that tree and hid, like schoolboys caught out of bounds-- not like shy girls."

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     The tradition of men as guardians and protectors had quite died out. These stalwart virgins had no men to fear and therefore no need of protection. As to wild beasts--there were none in their sheltered land.

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    {"This is stark foolishness," I urged. "They are doing it on purpose--come back or you'll be sorry."

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    "Whatever do you do without milk?" Terry demanded incredulously.