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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Exactly."
2.  As soon as the bridal party came in sight of La Reserve, M.Morrel descended and came forth to meet it, followed by thesoldiers and sailors there assembled, to whom he hadrepeated the promise already given, that Dantes should bethe successor to the late Captain Leclere. Edmond, at theapproach of his patron, respectfully placed the arm of hisaffianced bride within that of M. Morrel, who, forthwithconducting her up the flight of wooden steps leading to thechamber in which the feast was prepared, was gayly followedby the guests, beneath whose heavy tread the slightstructure creaked and groaned for the space of severalminutes.
3.  "Remember," answered the abbe calmly, as he replaced thejewel and its case in the pocket of his cassock, "it is yourfault, not mine, that I do so. You will have the goodness tofurnish me with the address of both Fernand and Danglars, inorder that I may execute Edmond's last wishes." Theagitation of Caderousse became extreme, and large drops ofperspiration rolled from his heated brow. As he saw the abberise from his seat and go towards the door, as though toascertain if his horse were sufficiently refreshed tocontinue his journey, Caderousse and his wife exchangedlooks of deep meaning.
4.  "In that case," replied the abbe, "he should be rich,happy."
5.  "My first sentiment was horror, the second indifference, thethird curiosity."
6.  "Yes; but your father was not allowed to fall. A being wascommissioned to arrest the fatal hand of death about todescend on him."


1.  "But who are you, then?" asked Caderousse, fixing his dyingeyes on the count. "Look well at me!" said Monte Cristo,putting the light near his face. "Well, the abbe -- the AbbeBusoni." Monte Cristo took off the wig which disfigured him,and let fall his black hair, which added so much to thebeauty of his pallid features. "Oh?" said Caderousse,thunderstruck, "but for that black hair, I should say youwere the Englishman, Lord Wilmore."
2.  "Yes, and I take your brother with me."
3.  "None at all. I will tell you the real facts. I swear by myhonor as a sailor, by my love for Mercedes, by the life ofmy father" --
4.  "Willingly. M. Danglars dined with me."
5.  "The owner of the Pharaon and patron of Dantes."
6.  "Yes."


1.  "Yes!" said Dantes, and without relinquishing Mercedes handclasped in one of his own, he extended the other to theCatalan with a cordial air. But Fernand, instead ofresponding to this amiable gesture, remained mute andtrembling. Edmond then cast his eyes scrutinizingly at theagitated and embarrassed Mercedes, and then again on thegloomy and menacing Fernand. This look told him all, and hisanger waxed hot.
2.  "What have I to fear, except from you?"
3.  "Did you bring it to your master directly it was made?"
4.  "And of whom you have no more knowledge than I of the AbbeBusoni?"
5.   "Yes; stop up your excavation carefully, do not work anymore, and wait until you hear from me."
6.  "Yes," said Noirtier.


1.  "Well, then, I should say, for instance," resumed Danglars,"that if after a voyage such as Dantes has just made, inwhich he touched at the Island of Elba, some one were todenounce him to the king's procureur as a Bonapartist agent"--
2.  "It really was I whom your excellency expected at seveno'clock this evening?"
3.  "What?"
4、  "Then," said the count, "your feeble spirit will not evengrant me the trial I request? Come -- do you know of whatthe Count of Monte Cristo is capable? do you know that heholds terrestrial beings under his control? nay, that he canalmost work a miracle? Well, wait for the miracle I hope toaccomplish, or" --
5、  "Very good, father-in-law," said Cavalcanti, yielding to hislow-born nature, which would escape sometimes through thearistocratic gloss with which he sought to conceal it.Correcting himself immediately, he said, "Excuse me, sir;hope alone makes me almost mad, -- what will not realitydo?"




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      "You are the inspector of prisons?"

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      "The affair in the Rue Saint-Jacques!" exclaimed Villefort,unable to repress an exclamation. Then, suddenly pausing, headded, "Your pardon, sire, but my devotion to your majestyhas made me forget, not the respect I have, for that is toodeeply engraved in my heart, but the rules of etiquette."

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       "Yes; must I not be prepared for everything, dear friend?But what did you do yesterday after you left me?"

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      The abbe did not know the Island of Monte Cristo; but Dantesknew it, and had often passed it, situated twenty-five milesfrom Pianosa, between Corsica and the Island of Elba, andhad once touched there. This island was, always had been,and still is, completely deserted. It is a rock of almostconical form, which looks as though it had been thrust up byvolcanic force from the depth to the surface of the ocean.Dantes drew a plan of the island for Faria, and Faria gaveDantes advice as to the means he should employ to recoverthe treasure. But Dantes was far from being as enthusiasticand confident as the old man. It was past a question nowthat Faria was not a lunatic, and the way in which he hadachieved the discovery, which had given rise to thesuspicion of his madness, increased Edmond's admiration ofhim; but at the same time Dantes could not believe that thedeposit, supposing it had ever existed, still existed; andthough he considered the treasure as by no means chimerical,he yet believed it was no longer there.

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    {  "Tell your coachman to stop at the door."

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      "But the contract?" The same smile returned. "Will youassure me it shall not be signed?"}

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      "Bad weather!" observed one of the bearers; "not a pleasantnight for a dip in the sea."

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      "Then you suffer a great deal?"

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       "How unfortunate that you were masked, Albert," said Franz;"here was an opportunity of making up for pastdisappointments."

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    {  "`Then,' remarked the president, `the Count of Monte Cristoknows nothing of your present proceedings?' -- `He is quiteunaware of them, and I have but one fear, which is that heshould disapprove of what I have done. But it is a gloriousday for me,' continued the young girl, raising her ardentgaze to heaven, `that on which I find at last an opportunityof avenging my father!'

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      "What do you think of it, my little fellow?" saidCaderousse. "Ay, that smells good! You know I used to be afamous cook; do you recollect how you used to lick yourfingers? You were among the first who tasted any of mydishes, and I think you relished them tolerably." Whilespeaking, Caderousse went on peeling a fresh supply ofonions.