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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "In that case I should be glad to hear the evidence and to examinethe premises without an instant of unnecessary delay."
2.  "Dear me, it is certainly a very interesting case. Then there wasa knife, was there not?"
3.  "A fake, is it? Well, strike me! Madame Tussaud ain't in it. It'sthe living spit of him, gown and all. But them curtains, Count!""Oh, confound the curtains! We are wasting our time, and there isnone too much. He can lag us over this stone."
4.  "My good sir," said Mr. Cunningham, with some impatience, "this issurely very unnecessary. That is my room at the end of the stairs, andmy son's is the one beyond it. I leave it to your judgment whetherit was possible for the thief to have come up here withoutdisturbing us."
5.  affectionately, and thrust it into the depths of his inner pocket.-THE END-
6.  "I assured him that the financial question did not arise. 'No, ofcourse, it is art for art's sake with him,' said he, 'but even onthe artistic side of crime he might have found something here tostudy. And human nature, Dr. Watson- the black ingratitude of itall! When did I ever refuse one of her requests? Was ever a woman sopampered? And that young man- he might have been my own son. He hadthe run of my house. And yet see how they have treated me! Oh, Dr.Watson, it is a dreadful, dreadful world!'


1.  Lestrade looked at his watch. "I'll give you half an hour," said he."I must explain first," said McFarlane, "that I knew nothing ofMr. Jonas Oldacre. His name was familiar to me, for many years agomy parents were acquainted with him, but they drifted apart. I wasvery much surprised therefore, when yesterday, about three o'clockin the afternoon, he walked into my office in the city. But I wasstill more astonished when he told me the object of his visit. Hehad in his hand several sheets of a notebook, covered with scribbledwriting- here they are- and he laid them on my table.
2.  "What did you do?" he asked.
3.  "Highly honoured, sir, I am sure."
4.  "Because it commands so excellent a view of that picturesque pile.Might I trouble you, my dear Watson, to draw a little nearer to thewindow, taking every precaution not to show yourself, and then to lookup at our old rooms- the starting point of so many of your littlefairy-tales? We will see if my three years of absence have entirelytaken away my power to surprise you."
5.  "Breckinridge is his name."
6.  I have not had occasion to mention Shinwell Johnson in these memoirsbecause I have seldom drawn my cases from the latter phases of myfriend's career. During the first years of the century he became avaluable assistant. Johnson, I grieve to say, made his name first as avery dangerous villain and served two terms at Parkhurst. Finally herepented and allied himself to Holmes, acting as his agent in the hugecriminal under-world of London and obtaining information which oftenproved to be of vital importance. Had Johnson been a "nark" of thepolice he would soon have been exposed, but as he dealt with caseswhich never came directly into the courts, his activities were neverrealized by his companions. With the glamour of his two convictionsupon him, he had the entree of every nightclub, doss house, andgambling-den in the town, and his quick observation and active brainmade him an ideal agent for gaining information. It was to him thatSherlock Holmes now proposed to turn.


1.  "Because in five minutes you will say that it is all so absurdlysimple."
2.  "'I was fond of your son Godfrey, sir. Many ties and memories unitedus. Is it not natural that I should wonder at his sudden silence andshould wish to know what has become of him?'
3.  "Yes."
4.  "I have told you everything, sir."
5.   I glared at the intrusive vicar with no very friendly eyes; butHolmes took his pipe from his lips and sat up in his chair like an oldhound who hears the view-halloa. He waved his hand to the sofa, andour palpitating visitor with his agitated companion sat side by sideupon it. Mr. Mortimer Tregennis was more self-contained than theclergyman, but the twitching of his thin hands and the brightness ofhis dark eyes showed that they shared a common emotion."Shall I speak or you?" he asked of the vicar.
6.  Lower Burke Street proved to be a line of fine houses lying in thevague borderland between Notting Hill and Kensington. The particularone at which my cabman pulled up had an air of smug and demurerespectability in its old-fashioned iron railings, its massivefolding-door, and its shining brasswork. All was in keeping with, asolemn butler who appeared framed in the pink radiance of a tintedelectric light behind him.


1.  "By no means."
2.  "Very good, Mr. Holmes. It is only in your client's interests that Iprotested. The matter is so very delicate-"
3.  "I see that you have had some great trouble," responded Holmes."God knows I have!-a trouble which is enough to unseat my reason, sosudden and so terrible is it. Public disgrace I might have faced,although I am a man whose character has never yet borne a stain.Private affliction also is the lot of every man; but the two comingtogether, and in so frightful a form, have been enough to shake myvery soul. Besides, it is not I alone. The very noblest in the landmay suffer unless some way be found out of this horrible affair.""Pray compose yourself, sir," said Holmes, "and let me have aclear account of who you are and what it is that has befallen you.""My name," answered our visitor, "is probably familiar to your ears.I am Alexander Holder, of the banking firm of Holder & Stevenson, ofThreadneedle Street."
4、  "I'll go now. Anything more?"
5、  My experience of camp life in Afghanistan had at least had theeffect of making me a prompt and ready traveller. My wants were fewand simple, so that in less than the time stated I was in a cab withmy valise, rattling away to Paddington Station. Sherlock Holmes waspacing up and down the platform, his tall, gaunt figure made evengaunter and taller by his long gray travelling-cloak and close fittingcloth cap.




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      Our guide's answer was a singular one. He snatched off the darkbeard which had disguised him and threw it on the ground, disclosing along, sallow, clean-shaven face below it. Then he raised hisrevolver and covered the young ruffian, who was advancing upon himwith his dangerous riding crop swinging in his hand.

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      "An idea- an indication, no more. But the case certainly grows ininterest. Unique, perfectly unique, and yet why not? I do not seeany indications of bleeding on the line."

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       The boxer still addressed his remarks to his associate."Is this cove trying to be funny, or what? I'm not in the funny moodmyself."

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      "So they have. And many men have been wrongfully hanged.""What is the young man's own account of the matter?"

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    {  "But that is not enough, Mr. Holmes. We cannot live forever onsuch a volcano. We must have something definite."

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      He took an orange from the cupboard, and tearing it to pieceshe squeezed out the pips upon the table. Of these he took fiveand thrust them into an envelope. On the inside of the flap hewrote "S. H. for J. O." Then he sealed it and addressed it to"Captain James Calhoun, Bark Lone Star, Savannah, Georgia.""That will await him when he enters port," said he, chuckling."It may give him a sleepless night. He will find it as sure aprecursor of his fate as Openshaw did before him."}

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      "I see. You got the young lady into your service, and thereWoodley was to do the courting. She recognized the drunken brutethat he was, and would have nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, yourarrangement was rather upset by the fact that you had yourselffallen in love with the lady. You could no longer bear the idea ofthis ruffian owning her?"

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      "'There is a train to London at 8:30,' said he. 'The trap will be atthe door at eight.'

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       "How was that?"

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    {  "'Then it is undoubtedly from him that the note comes,' said I.'It only remains for us to find out what this secret was which thesailor Hudson seems to have held over the heads of these two wealthyand respected men.'

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      "There is a further point, however, which is subtler and ofgreater interest. There is something in common between these hands.They belong to men who are blood-relatives. It may be most obviousto you in the Greek e's, but to me there are many small points whichindicate the same thing. I have no doubt at all that a familymannerism can be traced in these two specimens of writing. I amonly, of course, giving you the leading results now of myexamination of the paper. There were twenty-three other deductionswhich would be of more interest to experts than to you. They alltend to deepen the impression upon my mind that the Cunninghams,father and son, had written this letter.