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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And not more than justice, either, you ass! Could you notperceive by our appearance that we were people of quality, andnot coiners-say?"
2.  D'Artagnan began to be tired, and so did the curate."See what an exordium!" cried the Jesuit.
3.  The first and the most natural was that it might be anambuscade of the Rochellais, who might not be sorry to killone of his Majesty's Guards, because it would be an enemythe less, and this enemy might have a well-furnished pursein his pocket.
4.  Louis XIII felt instinctively that he ought not to reply to thisquestion, the queen having put it in an almost dying voice."Oh, very shortly, madame," said he; "but I do not preciselyrecollect the date of the day. I will ask the cardinal.""It was the cardinal, then, who informed you of this fete?""Yes, madame," replied the astonished king; "but why do you askthat?"
5.  "In the hands of the devil, you mean!" cried Buckingham, raising hisvoice so as to attract the notice of his people, without absolutelyshouting.
6.  Let us leave him to follow the road to the camp protected byhis esquire and the two Musketeers, and return to Athos.For a hundred paces he maintained the speed at which hestarted; but when out of sight he turned his horse to theright, made a circuit, and came back within twenty paces ofa high hedge to watch the passage of the little troop.Having recognized the laced hats of his companions and thegolden fringe of the cardinal's cloak, he waited till thehorsemen had turned the angle of the road, and having lostsight of them, he returned at a gallop to the inn, which wasopened to him without hesitation.


1.  And Milady stretched out her arms to Mme. Bonacieux, who, convinced bywhat she had just said, saw nothing in this woman whom an instant beforeshe had believed her rival but a sincere and devoted friend."Oh, pardon me, pardon me!" cried she, sinking upon the shoulders ofMilady. "Pardon me, I love him so much!"
3.  D'Artagnan threw himself on his neck and embraced him tenderly.He then tried to draw him from his moist abode, but to hissurprise he perceived that Athos staggered.
4.  "If he persists?" said the cardinal. "That is notprobable."
5.  "To be sure we will," replied Aramis and Porthos, withadmirable promptness and decision, as if that were thesimplest thing in the world, "to be sure we will get youout; but meantime, as we are to set off the day aftertomorrow, you would do much better not to risk thisBastille."
6.  "Impossible, madame, impossible," murmured Felton, who felt tothe bottom of his heart the justness of this argument. "Aprisoner, you will not recover your liberty through me; living,you will not lose your life through me."


1.  "Oh, sire!" cried the four companions, with one voice, "we wouldallow ourselves to be cut to pieces in your Majesty's service.""Well, well, but keep whole; that will be better, and you will bemore useful to me. Treville," added the king, in a low voice, asthe others were retiring, "as you have no room in the Musketeers,and as we have besides decided that a novitiate is necessarybefore entering that corps, place this young man in the companyof the Guards of Monsieur Dessessart, your brother-in-law. Ah,PARDIEU, Treville! I enjoy beforehand the face the cardinal willmake. He will be furious; but I don't care. I am doing what isright."
2.  "Go to the riverside, ask for the brig SUND, and give this letterto the captain; he will convey you to a little port, wherecertainly you are not expected, and which is ordinarily onlyfrequented by fishermen."
3.  Mme. Coquenard drew the dish toward her, skillfully detachedthe two great black feet, which she placed upon herhusband's plate, cut off the neck, which with the head sheput on one side for herself, raised the wing for Porthos,and then returned the bird otherwise intact to the servantwho had brought it in, who disappeared with it before theMusketeer had time to examine the variations whichdisappointment produces upon faces, according to thecharacters and temperaments of those who experience it.In the place of the fowl a dish of haricot beans made itsappearance--an enormous dish in which some bones of muttonthat at first sight one might have believed to have somemeat on them pretended to show themselves.
4.  "But you, madame, prudent as you are, think, if you were to bearrested with that handkerchief, and that handkerchief were to beseized, would you not be compromised?"
5.   "And not a man to instruct them. Falconers are declining. Iknow no one but myself who is acquainted with the noble art ofvenery. After me it will all be over, and people will hunt withgins, snares, and traps. If I had but the time to train pupils!But there is the cardinal always at hand, who does not leave me amoment's repose; who talks to me about Spain, who talks to meabout Austria, who talks to me about England! Ah! A PROPOS ofthe cardinal, Monsieur de Treville, I am vexed with you!"This was the chance at which M. de Treville waited for the king.He knew the king of old, and he knew that all these complaintswere but a preface--a sort of excitation to encourage himself--and that he had now come to his point at last.
6.  "I have as much. With a thousand pistoles one may face everything.Empty your pockets."


1.  Athos had passed through all the examinations we have seenBonacieux undergo.
2.  "You cannot take me with you?"
3.  D'Artagnan followed Milady without being perceived by her.He saw her get into her carriage, and heard her order thecoachman to drive to St. Germain.
4、  "Monseigneur," said Athos, with a calmness the more terriblebecause he risked his head in making this reply, "the letter is awoman's letter, but it is neither signed Marion de Lorme, norMadame d'Aiguillon."
5、  "Not to be found!" cried Athos. "I know it well, so takeGrimaud."




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      "How can I tell?" said D'Artagnan.

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      And Athos went out of the Parpaillot, followed byD'Artagnan. Aramis came behind, giving his arm to Porthos.Aramis mumbled verses to himself, and Porthos from time totime pulled a hair or two from his mustache, in sign ofdespair.

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       "Well, madame," said Porthos, "if he owed you more than fivecrowns, your horsedealer is a thief."

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    {  "You see," said she, when the lackey had gone out, "everything is ready.The abbess suspects nothing, and believes that I am taken by order ofthe cardinal. This man goes to give his last orders; take the leastthing, drink a finger of wine, and let us be gone.""Yes," said Mme. Bonacieux, mechanically, "yes, let us be gone."Milady made her a sign to sit down opposite, poured her a small glass ofSpanish wine, and helped her to the wing of a chicken."See," said she, "if everything does not second us! Here is nightcoming on; by daybreak we shall have reached our retreat, and nobody canguess where we are. Come, courage! take something."Mme. Bonacieux ate a few mouthfuls mechanically, and just touched theglass with her lips.

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      "Monsieur d'Artagnan," said Athos, "what is the penalty you demandagainst this woman?"}

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      "Reckoning still further, that as long as you do me the honor toremain in my house I shall never speak to you about rent--""Very kind!"

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      "Hum! I would not go at all," said Aramis. "A gallantknight cannot decline a rendezvous with a lady; but aprudent gentleman may excuse himself from not waiting on hisEminence, particularly when he has reason to believe he isnot invited to make his compliments."

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       Rochefort and D'Artagnan coolly greeted each other with their lips; butthe cardinal was there, observing them with his vigilant eye.They left the chamber at the same time.

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    {  "Oh, yes," said Kitty, clapping her hands, "very willing.""Well, then, come here, my dear," said D'Artagnan,establishing himself in an easy chair; "come, and let metell you that you are the prettiest SOUBRETTE I ever saw!"And he did tell her so much, and so well, that the poorgirl, who asked nothing better than to believe him, didbelieve him. Nevertheless, to D'Artagnan's great

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      "Well, now that will do wonderfully well," said Athos. "Mydear Aramis, you have the pen of a secretary of state. Lordde Winter will now be upon his guard if the letter shouldreach him; and even if it should fall into the hands of thecardinal, we shall not be compromised. But as the lackeywho goes may make us believe he has been to London and maystop at Chatellerault, let us give him only half the sumpromised him, with the letter, with an agreement that heshall have the other half in exchange for the reply. Haveyou the diamond?" continued Athos.