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1. 作为抖音创业/商业/财经领域的头部MCN机构,乐客旗下有以《商业小纸条》《创业找崔磊》《楠哥有财气》为代表的创业IP,精准地面向想创业的人群,自有粉丝总数超过3000万。
2. 原因就在于,五角大楼是一座相对低矮而不起眼的建筑,但世界贸易中心是纽约的两座高大的标志性建筑,它们倒塌下来会营造出逼人的视听效果,绝对让人永生难忘,挥之不去。由于我们下意识地知道恐怖主义袭击就是一场戏,因此重点不在于它如何影响社会实际,而是如何影响人的情绪。
3. The first, it must be owned, was Becky--just Becky. Throughout all that first night spent in the garret, she had felt a vague comfort in knowing that on the other side of the wall in which the rats scuffled and squeaked there was another young human creature. And during the nights that followed the sense of comfort grew. They had little chance to speak to each other during the day. Each had her own tasks to perform, and any attempt at conversation would have been regarded as a tendency to loiter and lose time. "Don't mind me, miss," Becky whispered during the first morning, "if I don't say nothin' polite. Some un'd be down on us if I did. I MEANS `please' an' `thank you' an' `beg pardon,' but I dassn't to take time to say it."
4. 对于一个在上海生活,但中文不够好的外国人来说,不知道从哪里看真实的新闻。
5. 春运综合征的核心,是其内在的经济机制。说来简单,不难理解,只是很容易忘记。任何商品,因为人们的需求没有止境,所以只要价格过低,就会出现短缺。消除短缺的唯一办法,就是把价格提到足够高。
6. 甘阿姨提过,自己以前也在医院里工作,她因此很爱和医护人员交流自己身体的状况,还会对治疗提出自己的想法。


1. 每卖出一件血橙,他们都会为孩子们捐出0.5元圆梦基金……1月9日,一篇题为《年前最后6天。
2. 4、为什么我不能再添加任何关键字了苹果总的限制还不清楚,但蝉大师通过试验了解,当我们试图一次性导入几百个甚至一千个关键字时,这个时候上传限制是为每批200个关键字。
3. 怎么挑染头发
4. 2016年6月,乌兹别克斯坦中亚第一长隧道贯通。
5. 2019中国消费信贷报告:新消费崛起。
6.   He was a man in dark green velveteens and gaiters...the old style, with a red face and red moustache and distant eyes. He was going quickly downhill.


1.   "Did you see that woman who went by just now?" he said to Carrieon the first day they took a walk together. "Fine stepper, wasn'tshe?"
2. 5.生物医学工程师
3.   The political plans of the cardinal when he undertook thissiege were extensive. Let us unfold them first, and thenpass on to the private plans which perhaps had not lessinfluence upon his Eminence than the others.
4.   Understand worthy Gentlemen, that Guidotto of Cremona, was mycompanion and deare friend, who growing neere to his death, tolde methat when this City was surprized by the Emperour Frederigo, and allthings committed to sacke and spoile; he and certaine of hisconfederates entred into a House, which they found to bee wellfurnished with goods, but utterly forsaken of the dwellers, onely thispoore Mayden excepted, being then aged but two yeeres, orthereabout. As hee mounted up the steps, with intent to depart fromthe House; she called him Father, which word moved him socompassionately, that he went backe againe, brought her away with him,and all things of worth which were in the House: going thenceafterward to Fano, and there deceasing, hee left her and all his goodsto my charge; conditionally, that I should see her married when duetime required, and bestow on her the wealth which he had left her.Now, very true it is, although her yeeres are convenient for marriage,yet I could never finde any one to bestow her on, at least that Ithought fitting for her: howbeit I will listen thereto much morerespectively, before any other such accident shall happen.
5. 检察官提醒,孩子不是商品,也不是父母的私有物品,即使是亲生父母,也不能随意处置孩子。
6. 第一个就是预备立宪的问题。以前否定新政的人,一般都不愿意谈预备立宪的事儿。他们宁愿忽视新政中这个最积极最先进的部分,他们主观上想压低新政的历史地位,因此就不想对预备立宪有太多正面评述。其实,这次预备立宪真的是不错的。在当时,立宪的呼声是从康梁开始的,康梁当时都还在国外,他们对这次变法其实都是保持着一种很矛盾的心情。一方面,他们相信这次变法的方向是正确的,因为这次变法就是接续了戊戌的逻辑,改革者抄袭的就是戊戌维新的旧稿,他们不可能不认同这次变法。但是,戊戌变法失败后,他们在海外骂西太后骂得太厉害了,西太后绝不可能容忍得了他们,所以,他们的通缉令是不可能被撤销的。这个倒不一定是和西太后贪恋权位有关,西太后和康梁之间存在的是一种私人恩怨。当年康梁等人流亡国外,过于意气用事,把西太后骂得太厉害了,比如说她不过就是咸丰帝的一个小妾如何如何的。对于这个话,西太后肯定是无法释怀的。


1. 源于:muscle(n 肌肉)
2. 警方告诉新京报记者,他们到达现场后,突破男子防线,成功控制住男子,解救出被劫持女子。
3. 其他可替代的行为要想发生,必须在足够的动力和环境的配合下才有可能。
4.   And they conclude with grateful honours to the goddess -- rejoicing hat they are hers in heart, and all inflamed with her grace and heavenly fear. Philogenet now entreats the goddess to remove his grief; for he also loves, and hotly, only he does not know where --
5. 西北方面进犯川陕的金军,受到四川宣抚使吴璘军的痛击,吴璘指挥各路军马收复了秦、洮、陇、商、虢、华、陕七州。
6.   "Ah, monsieur," returned Albert, "I would never forgive youthis mistake if you had seen another picture beside this.You do not know my mother; she it is whom you see here. Shehad her portrait painted thus six or eight years ago. Thiscostume is a fancy one, it appears, and the resemblance isso great that I think I still see my mother the same as shewas in 1830. The countess had this portrait painted duringthe count's absence. She doubtless intended giving him anagreeable surprise; but, strange to say, this portraitseemed to displease my father, and the value of the picture,which is, as you see, one of the best works of LeopoldRobert, could not overcome his dislike to it. It is true,between ourselves, that M. de Morcerf is one of the mostassiduous peers at the Luxembourg, a general renowned fortheory, but a most mediocre amateur of art. It is differentwith my mother, who paints exceedingly well, and who,unwilling to part with so valuable a picture, gave it to meto put here, where it would be less likely to displease Morcerf, whose portrait, by Gros, I will also show you.Excuse my talking of family matters, but as I shall have thehonor of introducing you to the count, I tell you this toprevent you making any allusions to this picture. Thepicture seems to have a malign influence, for my motherrarely comes here without looking at it, and still morerarely does she look at it without weeping. Thisdisagreement is the only one that has ever taken placebetween the count and countess, who are still as muchunited, although married more than twenty years, as on thefirst day of their wedding."


1.   `As you say,' madame retorted, correcting him, and deftly knitting an extra something into his name that boded him no good.
2. 还有一种指责由来已久,说没人能真正买卖平均价格指数,而道氏理论并未说明何种股票当买或何种股票当卖。不过现在股票指数期货已顺利上市,交易商确实可以毫不关心个别股票而一心一意地“买卖指数”了;随着股票指数的日益盛行,也许道氏理论将来能为期货技术分析充当更为有力的工具。
3.   Mounted on an excellent horse, which he was to leave at theend of twenty leagues in order to take the post, Planchetset off at a gallop, his spirits a little depressed by thetriple promise made him by the Musketeers, but otherwise aslight-hearted as possible.

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