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1.   Everybody present, except the one wigged gentleman who looked at the ceiling, stared at him. All the human breath in the place, rolled at him, like a sea, or a wind, or a fire. Eager faces strained round pillars and corners, to get a sight of him; spectators in back rows stood up, not to miss a hair of him; people on the floor of the court, laid their hands on the shoulders of the people before them, to help themselves, at anybody's cost, to a view of him--stood a-tiptoe, got upon ledges, stood upon next to nothing, to see every inch of him. Conspicuous among these latter, like an animated bit of the spiked wall of Newgate, Jerry stood: aiming at the prisoner the beery breath of a whet he had taken as he came along, and discharging it to mingle with the waves of other beer, and gin, and tea, and coffee, and what not, that flowed at him, and already broke upon the great windows behind him in an impure mist and rain.
2.   I HAVE hitherto sometimes spoken as if the variations so common and multiform in organic beings under domestication, and in a lesser degree in those in a state of nature had been due to chance. This, of course, is a wholly incorrect expression, but it serves to acknowledge plainly our ignorance of the cause of each particular variation. Some authors believe it to be as much the function of the reproductive system to produce individual differences, or very slight deviations of structure, as to make the child like its parents. But the much greater variability, as well as the greater frequency of monstrosities, under domestication or cultivation, than under nature, leads me to believe that deviations of structure are in some way due to the nature of the conditions of life, to which the parents and their more remote ancestors have been exposed during several generations. I have remarked in the first chapter but a long catalogue of facts which cannot be here given would be necessary to show the truth of the remark that the reproductive system is eminently susceptible to changes in the conditions of life; and to this system being functionally disturbed in the parents, I chiefly attribute the varying or plastic condition of the offspring. The male and female sexual elements seem to be affected before that union takes place which is to form a new being. In the case of 'sporting' plants, the bud, which in its earliest condition does not apparently differ essentially from an ovule, is alone affected. But why, because the reproductive system is disturbed, this or that part should vary more or less, we are profoundly ignorant. Nevertheless, we can here and there dimly catch a faint ray of light, and we may feel sure that there must be some cause for each deviation of structure, however slight.How much direct effect difference of climate, food, &c., produces on any being is extremely doubtful. My impression is, that the effect is extremely small in the case of animals, but perhaps rather more in that of plants. We may, at least, safely conclude that such influences cannot have produced the many striking and complex co-adaptations of structure between one organic being and another, which we see everywhere throughout nature. Some little influence may be attributed to climate, food, &c.: thus, E. Forbes speaks confidently that shells at their southern limit, and when living in shallow water, are more brightly coloured than those of the same species further north or from greater depths. Gould believes that birds of the same species are more brightly coloured under a clear atmosphere, than when living on islands or near the coast. So with insects, Wollaston is convinced that residence near the sea affects their colours. Moquin-Tandon gives a list of plants which when growing near the sea-shore have their leaves in some degree fleshy, though not elsewhere fleshy. Several other such cases could be given.The fact of varieties of one species, when they range into the zone of habitation of other species, often acquiring in a very slight degree some of the characters of such species, accords with our view that species of all kinds are only well-marked and permanent varieties. Thus the species of shells which are confined to tropical and shallow seas are generally brighter-coloured than those confined to cold and deeper seas. The birds which are confined to continents are, according to Mr Gould, brighter-coloured than those of islands. The insect-species confined to sea-coasts, as every collector knows, are often brassy or lurid. Plants which live exclusively on the sea-side are very apt to have fleshy leaves. He who believes in the creation of each species, will have to say that this shell, for instance, was created with bright colours for a warm sea; but that this other shell became bright-coloured by variation when it ranged into warmer or shallower waters.
3. crime罪行+al表名词,“人,物,状态”→犯罪分子
4.   The ladies, when that they their time sey,* *saw Have taken her, and into chamber gone, And stripped her out of her rude array, And in a cloth of gold that brightly shone, And with a crown of many a riche stone Upon her head, they into hall her brought: And there she was honoured as her ought.
5. 工商资料显示,北京知行合一阳明教育研究院的公司类型为集体所有制(股份合作)。
6. 阿里更加在意人的精神力量,有比较强的形而上和远期的目标,提倡共同愿景和集中力量办大事,真正做到了「使命驱动」。


1. 南召县人民法院一审判决认为,贺立军、贺立香、贺立文以要求处理陈清平等事项为由到南召县纪委监委吵闹、拦截工作人员,致使会议中断。
2.   Moreover, he prosecuted his impious purpose with such alluringperswasions: that being a weake woman, and not willing to endureover many Amorous proofes (onely to acquaint you with his mostsawcie immodestie, and to revenge your selfe uppon him as best youmay; your selfe beeing best able to pronounce him guiltie) I madehim promise, to meete him in our Garden, presently aftermidde-night, and to finde mee sitting under the Pine-Tree; nevermeaning (as I am vertuous) to be there. But, that you may know thedeceite and falshoode of your Servant, I would have you to put on myNight-gowne, my head Attire, and Chinne-cloath, and sitting but ashort while there underneath the Pine-Tree: such is his insatiatedesire, as he will not faile to come, and then you may proceede, asyou finde occasion.
3.   "Are you not married?" asked the countess. "I married?"exclaimed Monte Cristo, shuddering; "who could have told youso?"
4. 东汉建立后,建武十四年(公元38年),莎车王贤和鄯善王安遣使入朝,请重派都护,光武帝刘秀以政权新建,无力派兵为由予以拒绝。后来匈奴势力衰落,莎车日益骄横,攻掠近旁小国。建武二十一年(公元45年),车师前国、鄯善、焉耆等18国再次请求派出都护,仍没有得到刘秀的同意。车师、鄯善、龟兹遂先后投降匈奴。后于阗攻破莎车,称雄南道,但不久也被匈奴控制。南匈奴内附后,北匈奴仍旧控制着西域地区,并时常攻掠东汉河西边郡。一直到汉明帝永平十六年(公元73年),窦固、耿忠击败北匈奴呼衍王部,夺得天山北路的门户伊吾卢城,设置宜禾都尉,进行屯田。并派假司马班超(公元32年~102年)率36名吏士前往南道诸国,使鄯善、于阗、疏勒先后归降,才恢复了中断60余年汉与西域的关系,并开始了重通西域的战争。
5.   "Telemachus, you should not remain so far away from home any longer,nor leave your property with such dangerous people in your house; theywill eat up everything you have among them, and you will have beenon a fool's errand. Ask Menelaus to send you home at once if youwish to find your excellent mother still there when you get back.Her father and brothers are already urging her to marry Eurymachus,who has given her more than any of the others, and has been greatlyincreasing his wedding presents. I hope nothing valuable may have beentaken from the house in spite of you, but you know what women are-they always want to do the best they can for the man who marries them,and never give another thought to the children of their first husband,nor to their father either when he is dead and done with. Go home,therefore, and put everything in charge of the most respectablewoman servant that you have, until it shall please heaven to sendyou a wife of your own. Let me tell you also of another matter whichyou had better attend to. The chief men among the suitors are lying inwait for you in the Strait between Ithaca and Samos, and they meanto kill you before you can reach home. I do not much think they willsucceed; it is more likely that some of those who are now eating upyour property will find a grave themselves. Sail night and day, andkeep your ship well away from the islands; the god who watches overyou and protects you will send you a fair wind. As soon as you getto Ithaca send your ship and men on to the town, but yourself gostraight to the swineherd who has charge your pigs; he is welldisposed towards you, stay with him, therefore, for the night, andthen send him to Penelope to tell her that you have got back safe fromPylos."
6. 在美国监管机构担心交易所交易基金(ETF)市场增速可能太快的同时,他们在亚洲的同行以及资产管理公司和分销商却忙着考虑还有什么办法可以提高投资者的兴趣。


1. 一些英国退欧派人士和共和党人相信绝对自由市场理念,
2. 因为听了马云的演讲打算投身淘宝我是商家,所以我一直会关注马先生和淘宝电商平台的各种订阅号、新闻、千牛资讯等等。
3. 如今,再出现在命案现场,乡亲们对香憬说的最多得是:请早点带给我们真相。
4. 这意味着,尽管今年爱奇艺和腾讯先后宣布付费会员人数破亿,仍难掩盖会员增长遇到天花板的事实。
5. 原标题:广西防城港:利用疫情实施诈骗男子被警方抓获2020年2月5日,广西防城港城警方在摸排有关疫情的违法犯罪线索时,在东兴一小区内抓获涉嫌利用疫情实施诈骗的违法人员一名。
6.   To the child, the genius with imagination, or the whollyuntravelled, the approach to a great city for the first time is awonderful thing. Particularly if it be evening--that mysticperiod between the glare and gloom of the world when life ischanging from one sphere or condition to another. Ah, thepromise of the night. What does it not hold for the weary! Whatold illusion of hope is not here forever repeated! Says the soulof the toiler to itself, "I shall soon be free. I shall be inthe ways and the hosts of the merry. The streets, the lamps, thelighted chamber set for dining, are for me. The theatre, thehalls, the parties, the ways of rest and the paths of song--theseare mine in the night." Though all humanity be still enclosed inthe shops, the thrill runs abroad. It is in the air. Thedullest feel something which they may not always express ordescribe. It is the lifting of the burden of toil.


1.   It came to passe, that having made sale of all his Clothes,whereby hee had great gaines, and the moneyes justly payed him atthe times appointed: Biancafiore got intelligence thereof; yet notby him, but from one of the Brokers. Salabetto comming one night tosup with her, she embraced and kissed him as she was wont to doe,and seemed so wonderfully addicted in love to him, even as if sheewould have dyed with delight in his armes. Instantly, shee would needsbestow two goodly gilt standing Cuppes on him, which Salabetto by nomeanes would receive, because she had formerly bin very bountifullto him, to above the value of an hundred Crowns, and yet she would nottake of him so much as a mite. At length, pressing still more tokensof her love and bounty on him, which he as courteously denied, asshe kindly offered: one of her Women-slaves (as shee had beforecunningly appointed) sodainely calling her, forthwith she departed outof her Chamber. And when she had continued a pretty while absent,she returned againe weeping, and throwing her selfe downe upon herPallet, breathed forth such sighes and wofull lamentations, as noWoman could possibly doe the like.
2. 其他手工业生产,也有些达到了很高的水平。苏州造船业,在十八世纪初期,“每年造船出海贸易者,多至千余”。江西景德镇的瓷器,在清代初期,每年生产达二十万担。广东佛山镇出产的铁锅,在十八世纪三十年代,单是出口,每年可以多到数百万斤。闻名西方的南京布,由海上运输到英美等国,最高年达三百三十六万匹。由陆路运至沙俄,在十八世纪下半期,年达三十万包,在整个十八世纪的对俄出口中,居于首位。这些数字,有的出自官方,可能有夸张失实之处。不过当时能引起官方的注意,也表明生产所达到的水平,是相当突出的。
3. 去年12月17日,交通运输部办公厅发布了《关于进一步规范全国调整公路入口称重检测工作的通知》,其中提到鉴于两轴货车数量多、涉及面广、情况复杂。
4. 00:00/00:00倍速此时,车辆中控屏幕会显示位置信息并且会语音自动播放位置信息,并且提示你可以开始导航,当进行开始导航后,会自动推荐几条最佳路线,并进行导航界面。
5. 该排名的编辑菲尔·巴蒂称:“在近几年取得重大进展之后,中国在全球排名榜上的持续增长似乎已经停滞。这些新数据显示,新兴力量要打入传统的全球名校阶层是多么困难。”
6. 原标题:新生被强制午托家长反映情况遭校长威胁:别出头近日,深圳市华胜实验学校小一年级的家长集体报料称,学校强制要求孩子在校午托,午托每学期收费3300元,家长跟校方沟通后,得到的答复是:不参加午托,就不要在这里上学了。


1.   On this she led the way, while Telemachus followed in her steps.When they got to the ship they found the crew waiting by the waterside, and Telemachus said, "Now my men, help me to get the stores onboard; they are all put together in the cloister, and my mother doesnot know anything about it, nor any of the maid servants except one."
2. 尤其是在建筑艺术上,穆斯林留下了至今仍保持其原有地位的精美作品。那时的建筑风格实际上因地而异,反映了地方传统和附近地区的影响。今天,耸立在开罗的属于这一时期的清真寺礼尖塔就和建在北非西部的清真寺礼尖塔大不相同;前者轮廓优美,而后者则呈方形、较厚实。在印度,莫卧儿人将波斯和印度建筑中的一些成分揉成一种独特的建筑风格,其特点是采用球形穹窿顶(即将其穹隅的顶点支在细长住上的圆屋顶)和高耸的拱门。可代表印度伊斯兰教建筑艺术的杰出纪念物有不少。其中,有阿克巴所建的法塔赫布尔西格里城,城中建有瑰丽壮观的清真寺、陵墓、公共浴室和宫殿;还有沙.贾汗在德里所建的、内庭设有著名的孔雀宝座的宫殿以及这位皇帝在阿格拉郊外所建的更为著名的泰吉·玛哈尔陵。
3. "They can locate that last stopping place easy enough, and I've made a sort of chart of that lake and cliff and waterfall."

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