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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Chapter 37The Catacombs of Saint Sebastian.
2.  "Well?" asked he.
3.  "Luigi Vampa himself searched."
4.  "Well, then, you should go and bring your Count of MonteCristo to us."
5.  The abbe smiled. "Well," said he, "but you had anothersubject for your thoughts; did you not say so just now?"
6.  "Come hither?"


1.  "Did you ever meet him previously to coming hither?"
2.  The first words that Albert uttered to his friend, on thefollowing morning, contained a request that Franz wouldaccompany him on a visit to the count; true, the young manhad warmly and energetically thanked the count on theprevious evening; but services such as he had rendered couldnever be too often acknowledged. Franz, who seemed attractedby some invisible influence towards the count, in whichterror was strangely mingled, felt an extreme reluctance topermit his friend to be exposed alone to the singularfascination that this mysterious personage seemed toexercise over him, and therefore made no objection toAlbert's request, but at once accompanied him to the desiredspot, and, after a short delay, the count joined them in thesalon. "My dear count," said Albert, advancing to meet him,"permit me to repeat the poor thanks I offered last night,and to assure you that the remembrance of all I owe to youwill never be effaced from my memory; believe me, as long asI live, I shall never cease to dwell with gratefulrecollection on the prompt and important service yourendered me; and also to remember that to you I am indebtedeven for my life."
3.  "That I have been singularly assisted."
4.  Constancy and Discretion.
5.  "How have I deviated from those principles, monsieur?" askedMonte Cristo, who could not help looking at Morrel with somuch intensity, that two or three times the young man hadbeen unable to sustain that clear and piercing glance.
6.  "Ah, indeed?"


1.  "Unfortunately," said Monte Cristo, "one's title to amillionaire does not last for life, like that of baron, peerof France, or Academician; for example, the millionairesFranck & Poulmann, of Frankfort, who have just becomebankrupts."
2.  This time Danglars had double reason to understand, for ifthe word and gesture had not explained the speaker'smeaning, it was clearly expressed by the man walking behindhim, who pushed him so rudely that he struck against theguide. This guide was our friend Peppino, who dashed intothe thicket of high weeds, through a path which none butlizards or polecats could have imagined to be an open road.Peppino stopped before a pit overhung by thick hedges; thepit, half open, afforded a passage to the young man, whodisappeared like the evil spirits in the fairy tales. Thevoice and gesture of the man who followed Danglars orderedhim to do the same. There was no longer any doubt, thebankrupt was in the hands of Roman banditti. Danglarsacquitted himself like a man placed between two dangerouspositions, and who is rendered brave by fear.Notwithstanding his large stomach, certainly not intended topenetrate the fissures of the Campagna, he slid down likePeppino, and closing his eyes fell upon his feet. As hetouched the ground, he opened his eyes. The path was wide,but dark. Peppino, who cared little for being recognized nowthat he was in his own territories, struck a light and lit atorch. Two other men descended after Danglars forming therearguard, and pushing Danglars whenever he happened tostop, they came by a gentle declivity to the intersection oftwo corridors. The walls were hollowed out in sepulchres,one above the other, and which seemed in contrast with thewhite stones to open their large dark eyes, like those whichwe see on the faces of the dead. A sentinel struck the ringsof his carbine against his left hand. "Who comes there?" hecried.
3.  "Chance?" replied Villefort; "No, no, madame, there is nosuch thing as chance."
4.  Dantes was at length roused from his revery by the voice ofFaria, who, having also been visited by his jailer, had cometo invite his fellow-sufferer to share his supper. Thereputation of being out of his mind, though harmlessly andeven amusingly so, had procured for the abbe unusualprivileges. He was supplied with bread of a finer, whiterquality than the usual prison fare, and even regaled eachSunday with a small quantity of wine. Now this was a Sunday,and the abbe had come to ask his young companion to sharethe luxuries with him. Dantes followed; his features were nolonger contracted, and now wore their usual expression, butthere was that in his whole appearance that bespoke one whohad come to a fixed and desperate resolve. Faria bent on himhis penetrating eye: "I regret now," said he, "having helpedyou in your late inquiries, or having given you theinformation I did."
5.   "How long?"
6.  "Be it so; I will stay; I must do something to distract mythoughts."


1.  "For five hundred thousand."
2.  "Yes, doubtless; and is it not that he may never do us anyharm?" Mercedes shuddered, and, fixing on her son ascrutinizing gaze, "You speak strangely," said she toAlbert, "and you appear to have some singular prejudices.What has the count done? Three days since you were with himin Normandy; only three days since we looked on him as ourbest friend."
3.  "Ah, indeed?" said Monte Cristo, looking earnestly at theyoung man, and by an imperceptible movement turning hischair, so that he remained in the shade while the light fellfull on Maximilian's face. "Yes," continued Morrel, "deathhad entered that house twice within one month."
4、  "What I require is, that justice be done. I am on the earthto punish, madame," he added, with a flaming glance; "anyother woman, were it the queen herself, I would send to theexecutioner; but to you I shall be merciful. To you I willsay, `Have you not, madame, put aside some of the surest,deadliest, most speedy poison?'"
5、  "Is not death in my house?"




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      "I did."

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      "Oh, no. I am condemned to witness those gentlemen everyday," said Beauchamp; "but he is perfectly unknown to me."

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       "He is merely my father," said Albert -- "M. FernandMondego, Count of Morcerf, an old soldier who has fought intwenty battles and whose honorable scars they would denounceas badges of disgrace."

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      "My dear Count," said Albert, "I will endeavor to returnyour politeness at Rome, and place my coupe at your disposaluntil your own be ready."

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    {  "Listen; this is not a command, but advice I give you."

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      ...the caves of the small}

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      "Stop a moment," said the deputy, as Dantes took his hat andgloves. "To whom is it addressed?"

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      "Ah," said Morcerf, "I see you are a stickler for forms, mydear sir, and you would remind me that the ceremonial ritesshould not be omitted. Ma foi, I beg your pardon, but as Ihave but one son, and it is the first time I have everthought of marrying him, I am still serving myapprenticeship, you know; come, I will reform." And Morcerfwith a forced smile arose, and, making a low bow to M.Danglars, said: "Baron, I have the honor of asking of youthe hand of Mademoiselle Eugenie Danglars for my son, theVicomte Albert de Morcerf."

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       Neither Mercedes nor Edmond observed the strange expressionof his countenance; they were so happy that they wereconscious only of the sunshine and the presence of eachother.

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    {  "It is an unheard-of fatality. I draw upon him for 600,000francs, my bills are returned unpaid, and, more than that, Ihold bills of exchange signed by him to the value of 400,000francs, payable at his correspondent's in Paris at the endof this month. To-day is the 30th. I present them; but mycorrespondent has disappeared. This, with my Spanishaffairs, made a pretty end to the month."

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      "You have opened my eyes," said the Italian gravely; "I willshow the gentlemen the door." Monte Cristo resumed theperusal of the letter: --