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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Your advice, then?"
2.  "Athos, you make me shudder."
3.  "It is impossible it can be she," said be. "How could thisring come into the hands of Milady Clarik? And yet it isdifficult to suppose such a resemblance should exist betweentwo jewels."
4.  The baron drew out his watch. "It wants ten minutes to nine," said he.Milady had hastened her departure by an hour and a half. As soon as sheheard the cannon which announced the fatal event, she had ordered theanchor to be weighed. The vessel was making way under a blue sky, atgreat distance from the coast.
5.  One day, when he arrived with his head in the air, and aslight at heart as a man who awaits a shower of gold, hefound the SOUBRETTE under the gateway of the hotel; but thistime the pretty Kitty was not contented with touching him ashe passed, she took him gently by the hand.
6.  "No, madame; but they who so assiduously try to buy thingscheap ought to permit others to seek more generous friends."And Porthos, turning on his heel, made a step to retire."Monsieur Porthos! Monsieur Porthos!" cried the


1.  One of the two Guardsmen was engaged that evening, andanother the next, so the meeting was fixed for the day afterthat.
2.  "To arms!" cried Grimaud.
3.  On their arrival at the castle they learned that Buckingham andthe king were hawking in the marshes two or three leagues away.In twenty minutes they were on the spot named. Patrick sooncaught the sound of his master's voice calling his falcon."Whom must I announce to my Lord Duke?" asked Patrick."The young man who one evening sought a quarrel with him on thePont Neuf, opposite the Samaritaine."
4.  He then thought, with a touch of vexation, that perhaps the youngwoman had fallen asleep while waiting for him. He approached thewall, and tried to climb it; but the wall had been recentlypointed, and D'Artagnan could get no hold.
5.  The cardinal seemed furious.
6.  Felton continued to descend. Near the bottom of the ladder, whenhe found no more support for his feet, he clung with his hands;at length, arrived at the last step, he let himself hang by thestrength of his wrists, and touched the ground. He stooped down,picked up the bag of money, and placed it between his teeth.Then he took Milady in his arms, and set off briskly in thedirection opposite to that which the patrol had taken. He soonleft the pathway of the patrol, descended across the rocks, andwhen arrived on the edge of the sea, whistled.


1.  They passed in silence through the little village of Festubert, wherethe wounded servant was, and then skirted the wood of Richebourg. AtHerlier, Planchet, who led the column, turned to the left.Several times Lord de Winter, Porthos, or Aramis, tried to talk with theman in the red cloak; but to every interrogation which they put to himhe bowed, without response. The travelers then comprehended that theremust be some reason why the unknown preserved such a silence, and ceasedto address themselves to him.
2.  "You have promised to be secret, my good monsieur?" said the oldman.
3.  "Oh, my God, my God! how I have suffered!" said Milady, in thatharmonious voice which, like that of the ancient enchantresses,charmed all whom she wished to destroy.
4.  Milady read in his eyes LOVE! LOVE!
5.   "I could not find them; they did not come."
6.  "It is a thing of the highest interest, and upon which our futurefortune perhaps depends."


1.  "I have not that honor, monseigneur," replied the latter, hiseyes dazzled by the brilliant style in which D'Artagnan traveled."What, you don't know me?"
2.  "Oh, that's nothing! Let us attend to what is more pressingfirst, and then we will attend to my wound; besides, it does notseem very dangerous."
3.  "The devil!" said D'Artagnan, becoming angry again."I won back your harness, then your horse, then my harness, thenmy horse, and then I lost again. In brief, I regained yourharness and then mine. That's where we are. That was a superbthrow, so I left off there."
4、  Unfortunately Porthos knew nothing of the life of his silentcompanion but what revealed itself. It was said Athos had metwith great crosses in love, and that a frightful treachery hadforever poisoned the life of this gallant man. What could thistreachery be? All the world was ignorant of it.
5、  "I do not enter the Church; I re-enter it. I deserted the Churchfor the world, for you know that I forced myself when I became aMusketeer."




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      Grimaud entered.

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      This sleep, provincial as it was, brought him to nine o'clock inthe morning; at which hour he rose, in order to repair to theresidence of M. de Treville, the third personage in the kingdompaternal estimation.

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       "One last favor, my Lord!" said he to the baron.

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    {  "That is it, monsieur. It has so chanced that I met with aSpaniard in my peregrinations who had seen many countries, andamong them the New World."

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      He then went straight to the door and knocked, murmuring, "I willgo myself and be caught in the mousetrap, but woe be to the catsthat shall pounce upon such a mouse!"}

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      "Oh, no, never," said Planchet, "I will never leave Monsieurd'Artagnan."

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      "Then you love me?" said she.

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       "Well, we shall find their muskets, their cartridges, andtheir flasks; and instead of four musketoons and twelveballs, we shall have fifteen guns and a hundred charges tofire."

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    {  The conversation naturally fell upon the incarceration of thepoor man. M. Bonacieux, who was ignorant that D'Artagnan hadoverheard his conversation with the stranger of Meung, related tohis young tenant the persecutions of that monster, M. deLaffemas, whom he never ceased to designate, during his account,by the title of the "cardinal's executioner," and expatiated atgreat length upon the Bastille, the bolts, the wickets, thedungeons, the gratings, the instruments of torture.D'Artagnan listened to him with exemplary complaisance, and whenhe had finished said, "And Madame Bonacieux, do you know whocarried her off?--For I do not forget that I owe to thatunpleasant circumstance the good fortune of having made youracquaintance."

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      As to Porthos, except his real name (as was the case with thoseof his two comrades), his life was very easily known. Vain andindiscreet, it was as easy to see through him as through acrystal. The only thing to mislead the investigator would havebeen belief in all the good things he said of himself.With respect to Aramis, though having the air of having nothingsecret about him, he was a young fellow made up of mysteries,answering little to questions put to him about others, and havinglearned from him the report which prevailed concerning thesuccess of the Musketeer with a princess, wished to gain a littleinsight into the amorous adventures of his interlocutor. "Andyou, my dear companion," said he, "you speak of the baronesses,countesses, and princesses of others?"