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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "One evening, shortly after my arrival, we were sitting over a glassof port after dinner, when young Trevor began to talk about thosehabits of observation and inference which I had already formed intoa system, although I had not yet appreciated the part which theywere to play in my life. The old man evidently thought that his sonwas exaggerating in his description of one or two trivial featswhich I had performed.
2.  "Then why did you arrest the mulatto?"
3.  "No, sir," Bennett answered with a flush.
4.  "Undoubtedly."
5.  "He said, 'I'll pay you five pounds a week if I can have it on myown terms.' I'm a poor woman, sir, and Mr. Warren earns little, andthe money meant much to me. He took out a ten-pound note, and heheld it out to me then and there. 'You can have the same everyfortnight for a long time to come if you keep the terms,' he said. 'Ifnot, I'll have no more to do with you.'"
6.  We sat in silence for some minutes, Holmes more depressed andshaken than I had ever seen him.


1.  "I did not understand that you were merely an intermediary. Who isthe principal?"
2.  "Well, Watson," he asked, turning suddenly upon me, "What do youmake of it?"
3.  "I have made inquiries," said the inspector. "William received aletter by the afternoon post yesterday. The envelope was destroyedby him."
4.  "You have heard of Neil Gibson, the Gold King?" he said."You mean the American Senator?"
5.  "What alternative could be conceived?" said I.
6.  "Only attempted murder, so far as I can see," said Holmes. "Butthat's not our job. They take that at the next stage. What we wantedat present was just your sweet self. Please give the Yard a call,Watson. It won't be entirely unexpected."


1.  "He was drowned last month when bathing near Margate. I saw hisdeath in the paper.
2.  "I hardly consider that a conclusive proof. Was the remainder of thecoronet at all injured?"
3.  "I wrote it, to bring you here."
4.  "It must stop here, however," said Bradstreet. "If the police are tohush this thing up, there must be no more of Hugh Boone.""I have sworn it by the most solemn oaths which a man can take.""In that case I think that it is probable that no further stepsmay be taken. But if you are found again, then all must come out. I amsure, Mr. Holmes, that we are very much indebted to you for havingcleared the matter up. I wish I knew how you reach your results.""I reached this one," said my friend, "by sitting upon fivepillows and consuming an ounce of shag. I think, Watson, that if wedrive to Baker Street we shall just be in time for breakfast."-THE END-
5.   "He said, 'I'll pay you five pounds a week if I can have it on myown terms.' I'm a poor woman, sir, and Mr. Warren earns little, andthe money meant much to me. He took out a ten-pound note, and heheld it out to me then and there. 'You can have the same everyfortnight for a long time to come if you keep the terms,' he said. 'Ifnot, I'll have no more to do with you.'"
6.  I can assure you that you are wasting your time in dogging mymovements. I have, as you discovered last night, a window at theback of my brougham, and if you desire a twenty-mile ride which willlead you to the spot from which you started, you have only to followme. Meanwhile, I can inform you that no spying upon me can in anyway help Mr. Godfrey Staunton, and I am convinced that the bestservice you can do to that gentleman is to return at once to Londonand to report to your employer that you are unable to trace him.Your time in Cambridge will certainly be wasted.


1.  "Well, ma'am, I was comin' in to ask if the visitors was stayin' forlunch when this man jumped out at me."
2.  "What is your plan, then?" asked Holmes as he walked down the darktree-lined road.
3.  "Yes, sir, I do, and I am ready enough to tell what I know.""Then, pray, sit down, and let us hear it, for there are severalpoints on which I must confess that I am still in the dark.""I will soon make it clear to you," said she; "and I'd have doneso before now if I could ha' got out from the cellar. If there'spolice-court business over this, you'll remember that I was the onethat stood your friend, and that I was Miss Alice's friend too."She was never happy at home, Miss Alice wasn't, from the timethat her father married again. She was slighted like and had no say inanything, but it never really became bad for her until after she metMr. Fowler at a friend's house. As well as I could learn, Miss Alicehad rights of her own by will, but she was so quiet and patient, shewas, that she never said a word about them, but just left everythingin Mr. Rucastle's hands. He knew he was safe with her; but whenthere was a chance of a husband coming forward, who would ask forall that the law would give him, then her father thought it time toput a stop on it. He wanted her to sign a paper, so that whether shemarried or not, he could use her money. When she wouldn't do it, hekept on worrying her until she got brain-fever, and for six weekswas at death's door. Then she got better at last, all worn to ashadow, and with her beautiful hair cut off; but that didn't make nochange in her young man, and he stuck to her as true as man could be.""Ah," said Holmes, "I think that what you have been good enough totell us makes the matter fairly clear, and that I can deduce allthat remains. Mr. Rucastle then, I presume, took to this system ofimprisonment?"
4、  "It all seems very unchanged, Billy. You don't change, either. Ihope the same can be said of him?"
5、  "Why," said my wife, pulling up her veil, "it is Kate Whitney. Howyou startled me, Kate! I had not an idea who you were when you camein."




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      "Well, that is part of the risk. There is no other possible way ofregaining these letters. The unfortunate lady has not the money, andthere are none of her people in whom she could confide. To-morrow isthe last day of grace, and unless we can get the letters to-night,this villain will be as good as his word and will bring about herruin. I must, therefore, abandon my client to her fate or I mustplay this last card. Between ourselves, Watson, it's a sporting duelbetween this fellow Milverton and me. He had, as you saw, the bestof the first exchanges, but my self-respect and my reputation areconcerned to fight it to a finish."

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       "'What power had he, then?'

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      "And yet, with a little more material, we may prove that they arenot insurmountable," said Holmes. "I fancy that among your extensivearchives, Watson, you may find some which were nearly as obscure.Meanwhile, we shall put the case aside until more accurate data areavailable, and devote the rest of our morning to the pursuit ofneolithic man."

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    {  "G. LESTRADE.

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      "A girl of strong character."}

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      "But his wife--you said that she had ceased to love him.""This hat has not been brushed for weeks. When I see you, mydear Watson, with a week's accumulation of dust upon your hat, andwhen your wife allows you to go out in such a state, I shall fearthat you also have been unfortunate enough to lose your wife'saffection."

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      "I am sure, sir, it was only my practical joke."

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       Holmes raised his hand for silence. Then he strode across theroom, flung open the door, and dragged in a great gaunt woman whomhe had seized by the shoulder. She entered with ungainly struggle likesome huge awkward chicken, torn, squawking, out of its coop."Leave me alone! What are you a-doin' of?" she screeched."Why, Susan, what is this?"

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    {  I returned to the room downstairs, where Ferguson and Holmes stillsat by the fire. Ferguson listened moodily to my account of theinterview.

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      "'Of course we searched the house from cellar to garret, but therewas no trace of him. It is, as I have said, a labyrinth of an oldhouse, especially the original wing, which is now practicallyuninhabited; but we ransacked every room and cellar withoutdiscovering the least sign of the missing man. It was incredible to methat he could have gone away leaving all his property behind him,and yet where could he be? I called in the local police, but withoutsuccess. Rain had fallen on the night before, and we examined the lawnand the paths all round the house, but in vain. Matters were in thisstate, when a new development quite drew our attention away from theoriginal mystery.